Attached is the most recent product produced by the NWM ERM Team with NRMP involvement; Bulletin 2010

-XX -- Guidance on Managing Records in Cloud Computing Environments. NWM requests that NPOL sends this out for a limited internal review to these units; NR, NW, NH, NL, NGC, NPOL, NAA. Below is text that should be used to convey the product to these NARA units. The review period will end on July 19. Please be advised that Paul Wester has determined that this should not be shared with the FRC or OMB at this time. Please let me know if you have any questions and bc us when you transmit it to the offices. We would also appreciate it if you could forward responses to me as you receive them. Thanks, Denise

Attached to this e-mail, you will find Bulletin 2010-XX -- Guidance on Managing Records in Cloud Computing Environments. In addition, there is a Document Review Form (DRF) for the Bulletin which will help us consolidate and manage the comments. We welcome comments on this Bulletin, and strongly encourage that they send all comments via the DRF. It is most helpful if you suggest alternative replacement text for each of your comments. Please send only one DRF for the guidance product from your unit. Please arrange to send the completed DRF to Laura McCarthy in NPOL no later than COB Monday, July 19, 2009. Once we receive the comments, the NWM team will review the comments and further edit the product for subsequent external review.

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