Kenyon Stanley Comm 602 Dr. Zachary White December 14, 2010 Discussion Leader Questions Summary J.D. Duckworth & P.M.

Buzzanell conducted semi-structured interviews of 18 fathers in hopes of finding how they construct work-life balance. The goal of the study was to see if there were any reoccurring themes among the fathers. The researchers found that the fathers in the study viewed their roles at work as central to their role as fathers. Additionally, fathers viewed fatherhood as problem solving amidst a a network of responsibilities. Lastly, while the fathers indicated that their families come first, across the board the fathers negotiated family needs around work needs. I. Purpose of study A. The purpose of the study was simply to identify reoccurring themes regarding fatherhood and work life balance from a small cohort of fathers.


The article was very easy to read and understand. Conversational in tone, the authors used a conversational voice and limited the jargon to areas where only necessary²in this case, the literature review and methodology section. A. The participants were from a broad sample of everyday Americans. Differing in socioeconomic and age, the results were bound in some instances across socioeconomic and generational lines. a. Fathers who didn¶t have status at work also had little flexibility in their schedules²therefore these fathers stated that they had no alternative but to navigate family needs around work needs.

III. Data was collected by transcribing answers to four basic research questions designed to examine how fathers negotiate work life balance. What an ideal situation would look like? What changes could be made to work and life and finally what would the interviewee like the interviewer to know about the interviewee? A. Answers were recorded and transcribed by students. Afterword, the transcriptions were examined by researchers and the aforementioned reoccurring themes emerged.

Conclusions I found this article both insightful as a father and helpful in designing my own research proposal. As a father, I endeavor to dedicate myself to my family over work. However, I can understand that if I didn¶t have the workplace status I currently do have, the situation could be very different. While I am thankful for the blessings I have, I grieve for others who (for the sake of work), cannot be the fathers they want to be. The semantics of the article were extremely helpful to me as I drafted my research proposal. Both of our works are qualitative in nature and the Buzzanell interviews highlight the conversational voice of the researchers as well as the voices of the fathers. When my research is completed (as I know it will be someday), I hope readers will understand my results as easily as I understood the results in the Buzzanell interviews.

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