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Birth date: August 17, 1967 Marital status: Married on September 19, 1992 (Maria Guadalupe Yazmin San Juan O rozco) Children: Three children (14, 11 and 8 years) Address: Via Borguesse # 2006, Fracc. Real del Mar, CP 22290 Tijuana, BCN Hobby: Horses Practiced sports: -American Football (Pumitas, A.C. - child / Lion Cubs, A.C. Master) & -Charreria (Asociacion Nacional de Charros, A.C.) Availability: Total for change of residence. Travel in national or foreign terri tory SCHOOL HISTORY. Elementary: Instituto Mexico, A.C. / 1973-1979 M. school: Instituto Mexico, A.C. / 1979-1982 High school: Centro Universitario Mexico, A.C. (C.U.M.) / 1982-1985 University: Salle La, A.C. (Industrial Engineer- untitled) / 1985-1988 & Iberoa mericana, A.C. (LAE with specialty in MKT - entitled) / 1989-1995 OTHER STUDIES. * Sequodia Bussines Game - Danone_Bonafont / 2010 * CODE Ambassador and culture Challenge - Danone_Bonafont / 2010 * Route To Market - Danone_Bonafont / 2010 * Development of human thought (NLP) - FEMSA beer / 2009-2010 * Generic Executive skills - FEMSA beer / 2006 * SAP r/3 - IB Business Warehouse - FEMSA beer / 2005-2006 * SAP Work Business - Nestle (Mexico) / 2004 * Visibility Work Shop - Nestle (Argentina) / 2003 * Advance Marketing & Sales Seminar - Nestle (Switzerland) / 2002 * P4 Consumer Communication Forum - Nestle (USA) / 2002 * Distribution Marketing & Sales Work Shop - Nestle (France, Pakistan and Thaila nd) / 2001 * Complete Trade Spend - Nestle (Mexico) / 2001 * Value Creation - Nestle (Mexico) / 2001 * Key Account Manager Strategy - Nestle (Mexico) / 2000 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY. 2010-2011 BONAFONT (Regional Sales & Distribution Manager) * Responsible for the development of business in the Northwest area (Nayarit, Si naloa, Sonora, BCS and BC) * Processes definition for business management with Distributors network (SC) * Development of operational and commercial discipline model for own distributio n (DOC) * Definition of management agenda for trade partners and Score Card implementati on (50% of the volume dealer network) * RTM redefinition through own sales force "Territorial structure" Achievements and recognitions: (a) Concrete negotiations with new 2 distributors in less than 15 days to avoid losing distribution and take advantage of the seasonality (Mexicali, San Luis Ri o Colorado, Los Mochis, lower South); sales increase + 20% in these regions vs Y AGO (b) Improve KPI performance for horizontal growth (Efficiency 100% & Effectivene ss 60%) (c) Improvement Numeric Distribution through 5,117 new clients vs YAGO (creatio n of special blitz) (d) Weighted Distribution in DTT Natural 65% + 11 pp (mobile year) (e) Weighted Distribution in DTT Flavored Water: Lev 26% + 15 pp (mobile year) a nd Bonafont con Jugo 33% + 24 pp (mobile year)

(f) 199 (g) (h) (i)

NCC/CAN 14.4% being the BP's) Decreased - 7 pp in the SOM DTT Natural 31.8% + SOM DTT Flavored Water

second region in provide utilities for the company ( HC rotation 4.6 pp (mobile year) 30.9% + 18.5 pp (mobile year)

2006 2009 (November) FEMSA_Cervezas (Sales Manager traditional channel) * Responsible for the development of business in the State of Guanajuato (4 Dist ribution Centers) * Definition of business strategy to outflank the principal competitor GM (proje ct spine) * Legal rep in the State of Guanajuato * Administration of the main KPI for DSD (efficiency, effectiveness, CCC, portfo lio) * Locally negotiation with key accounts and volume customers (AFH / HORECA clien ts and POS) * Implementation project of specialization GVC - GEC (sales force specialization by channel) * Selected to be part of team MIRC (Incident Management and Crisis Solution) * Close relationship and lobbying with authorities, intense enclosure with Gover nor (related to the turn of the company) * Strategy definition for assets (fairs, massive events and sponsorships) 2005 - 2006 FEMSA_Cerveza (Manager Business Development - Guanajuato and Queretaro) * Strategic definition for horizontal growth through MIXTEO commercial practice (DSD) * Definition promotion and advertising efforts through traditional and alternati ve media (media & non media) * Portfolio strategy by channel based on "consumer insight" * Draft CATMAN for OXXO (based on shopper TDC) * Development of merchandising strategy in for main SSS (merchandising). Achievements and recognitions: a) Implementation of the new business operating model (discipline in execution DOC) b) Three consecutive years with amazing growth "customers and volume" c) DSD Distribution Centers operation with highest performing in the region: - Recognition by the cost-effective attainment of CCC and volume goals 2007 - Recognition for excellence in implementing comprehensive 2007 (execution arrow ) - 2nd. Place in the national competition of sales volume 2007 - Recognition by CCC 2 x 1 PVT results 2008 - Recognition by volume results 2008 - Recognition by CCC PVT results 2009 d) Field Coaching to change the culture of the sales team e) Implementation of score card grill by route to build up the sales team perfor mance and training for other regional teams f) Conquest the key account "on premise" clients of the main competitor (buildin g the palate) g) Higher levels of SOM in self-service in the last 3 years (+28%) and 47% of PC T +20 pp of DSD growth h) Uptake of 2 of the 3 assets of Leon city (Rally Corona Internacional and Inte rnational Balloon Festival) 2003 - 2005 Nestle Waters (National Sales Manager) * Implementation of the horizontal distribution for the traditional channel and Horeca model through distributors

* Business plan by channel (channel pharmacist, distributors, wholesalers and Ho reca) * Redefinition of the incentive system for key performance indicators (KPI's) sa les force * Budget Responsible for investment in trade (TTS) * Coach for traditional channel team (3 regional managers, 1 Category Sales, 1 T rade Marketing, 1 KAM, 4 supervisors to 10 advisers IN PLAN with dealers and dis tributors) 2000- 2003 Nestle Waters (Product Manager Mr - NPL / Grouper Marketing NW) * Launch of the brand and adapting communication materials (Nestle Pure Life) * Production of the video launch presentation for sales force and clients * Training and induction to the sales force (direct and indirect) * Development of creative strategy to build up the brand awareness for NPL (medi a & non media) * Supervise spots production for TV and radio * Monitoring Jr Product Manager (Sta. Maria, Perrier, Aqua Panna & San Pellegrin o) * Analysis of feasibility and bases for the HOD project in Mexico * Top Line report - Nestle Waters France (Mrs. Christiane Kune, Latin America VP ) Achievements and recognitions: a) Re-entry for 6 months of voluntary separation (reemployment by Nestle Waters Worldwide) b) Commercial restructuring (business evaluation and proposal of approach by sal es channels) c) Member of SYNERTEAM (health meals at point of sale - convenience stores) d) First cross promotion via scanning for Gigante SSS (+ 25% of sales increase) e) Trade activities for the traditional channel (+ 47% of sales increase) f) RTM redefinition for distributors outside of Mexico City: - Territorial strategy 450 km from CAF (cost distribution) - Reduction of 60% in the network of specialized distributors - Implementation of Score Card distributor (daily report) - Recovery of collection (85% to less than 43 days) - TTS without increase over the previous year (same price conditions) - 39% Real Internal Growth vs YAGO g) Satisfactory result on international audit NESTEC (Vevey, Switzerland). Prior to my management 2 international audits had been conducted and the results were not satisfactory. h) Performance bonus (evaluation: developed) i) Strategic alliance with Papalote children Museum for product launch j) Team member MULTIFUNCTIONAL alternate channels (stores Oxxo) k) Consolidation of horizontal distribution through Group Lala (launch NPL) l) 2 consecutive years with maximum performance bonus 1996- 2000 Casa Marzam (Corporate Marketing Manager) * Strategy segmentation by customers and territories to define the RTM proposal * Estimate of the demand, market growth and establish the annual budget for sale s force * Development and implementation of the annual plan for marketing efforts (busin ess strategy) * Development of the website Marzam and implementation of e-business strategy * Development of market studies (quantitative and qualitative) * Analysis and strategic report of SOM for regional sales managers (zoom in by t erritory) 1994-1996

Comercial America Insurance (Sales Force Communication Manager) * Development of creative strategy for print media to the sales force and insure d * Design the annual campaign of sales force communication and distribution logis tics * Collaboration for sales force conventions (national and international) SKILLS AND ABILITIES. - Ability to interact with other people - English (advanced / Bertlitz) - Empowerment Generator - Coaching / Mentoring with collaborators - Situational leadership management - Public presentations - Negotiation & Persuasion - Microsoft Office packages - Adapt to any environment and good management of frustration - Development of human thought (NLP) - Professor for 4 and half years: La Salle University - Pedregal & Simon Bolivar University in Mexico