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Direct to Home (DTH)
The DTH service market in India has emerged as one of the most lucrative markets which have successfully resisted the impacts of the current economic slowdown. The slowdown has certainly proved a boon for the Indian DTH industry as people have now started to cut on their entertainment expenditure and instead of viewing movies at theatres, they are preferring to stay at home with their television sets. India has about 130 million TV homes of which, Cable & Satellite (C&S) services are present in 97 million (74%) of the homes ( ).The DTH market in India comprises 11% of the total market with almost 15 million homes. The DTH industry growth lagged to 10.3% in 2008 from 16.7% a year earlier. But industry players agree that the digitization drive is expanding by 35-40% annually. However, industry estimates DTH to touch 35-40 million subscribers by 2012, and thats the number that every DTH brand has set its sights on. By 2015, DTH will enjoy a market share of 40%, digital cable 40% and analog cable will follow with only 20% market share. The industry is anticipated to add nearly 5 Lakh subscribers per month during 2010 and the numbers are forecasted to surge further at around 30% through 2012.So apart from Tata Sky, Dish TV, Airtel Digital and Reliance BIG, southern heavyweight Sun TV has entered the fray with Direct, while Videocon has entered the market in June 2009. Still, as DTH is still a relatively new category and most people were hesitant to experiment with it. While Indian consumers were not completely satisfied with their cable services, they did not feel the need to switch over to any other means of entertainment. It was therefore imperative for companies such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Reliance BIG TV to educate the consumers about the advantages of the service and in turn create an urge to invest in it.

The major players in DTH industry are: 1. Dish TV - Zee group

Dish TV is a venture by the Essel Group and was launched in 2004. Dish TV is Indias first private player in DTH industry with a presence in 19 states. It has a subscriber base of 5.07 million (March2009). ( subscription at Rs. 99 per month with the largest offering of 110 channels ).It has a bouquet of over 240 channels to choose from. Recently Dish TV has launched an entry-level

2. TATA Sky Joint venture between Tata Group and UK-based British Sky

Tata Sky was incorporated in 2004. TATA is one of India's largest and most respected business conglomerates and the SKY brand, owned by the UK-based British Sky Broadcasting Group has over 20 years of experience in satellite broadcasting. It launched its services pan-India in August 2006.Within a short span of time it garnered a subscriber base of nearly 4 million (Aug 2010) ( ).It has over 168 channels to choose from. Tata Sky has launched an entry-level subscription plan called Super Hit Pack at Rs. 99 per month with a bouquet of 53 channels. Tata Sky recently launched Tata Sky Plus which uses the personal video recording (PVR) technology that allows consumers to record live.

3. DD-Direct + -Owned by parent company Doordarshan

DD Direct Plus was launched in December 2004 by Doordarshan. It was Indias first DTH service offering about 59 TV channels and 21 radio stations. DD DTH is a free service and has acquired a subscriber base of 7080 lakh connections (July 2010).

4. Sun Direct - Rs 1000-crore Indian DTH television network based in Chennai from Sun group.

Sun Direct is a DTH service in India headquartered in Chennai, Tamil. Sun Direct is an 80:20 joint venture between the Maran family and Astro Group of Malaysia. With 170+ TV channels and 31 Radio channels, Sun Direct has a subscriber base of 4 million (April 2010) ( ). Sun Direct has a basic pack of Rs 75 monthly subscription which is the lowest price-point compared to the other service providers.

5. Reliance BIG TV Limited a part of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

Reliance Communication a more recent entrant in the DTH space has the brand name Big TV. It has aggressively priced packages as low as Rs. 1490 with an offering of 64

channels and a three month free subscription in addition to 20 video-on-demand movie channels. Within a short span of time it garnered a subscriber base of nearly 1.8 million (Aug2010) ( ). Big TV currently offers 202 channels. BIG TV focuses on VAS and claims to have a next generation user guide which is indexed. 5. Airtel DTH - Bharti Airtel Limited

The recent and much talked about player in the market is Bharti- Airtel. A teaser campaign See you at home was followed up by a multi-starrer campaign with celebrities like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena, Vidya Balan and Madhavan and Indian cricketers Gautam Gambhir etc.It has a subscriber base of 1 million (June 2009) ( ) and has a bouquet of over 138 channels and world space satellite radio to choose from. Airtel Digital has a basic pack of Rs 99 monthly for South and Rs 125 monthly for north.

7. Videocon D2H

Videocon the big Indian consumer durable player launched itself in the DTH market in June 2009 through its media arm Bharat Business Channel (BBCL). Right now it has offered services in Punjab, J&K, Chandigarh, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh with packages as low as 150 per month. Advantage over other players is that Videocon already makes analog set top box hence they are likely to manufacture Set Top Box for their DTH service as well.


Market segmentation in DTH industry mainly concentrates on women who dont like missing their daily soap and news more ever women are able to learn English speaking which is a very special feature of DTH. DTH also concentrates on children also by providing them games, dictionary, some discovery videos specially inbuilt, maths, science and social knowledge. It also focuses on old people as it has updated videos of various holy and religious places. MARKETING STRATEGIES DTH uses different marketing strategies for promotion and sales of its product. It gives advertisements with their brand ambassadors which attract customers, door to door selling, on the phone selling, discount and offer sales, packages, etc MARKETING PRACTICES Marketing practices is a continuous process as the competition keeps increasing among the players in the industry. Each player is investing lots of money in promoting there brands. Many players are making advertisement with movie actor and actress as brand ambassadors for their products because DTH is mainly considered with entertainment. Some of the companies like Tata sky is having Super Star Amir khan as brand ambassador and Airtel is having many film stars like kareena kapoor, A.R.Rehaman, saif ali khan, etc. Dish TV is also having Super Star Sharuk khan as the brand ambassador. Sun direct also uses southern actress for their brand promotion. Marketing practices are the decisions taken by the manufacturing company to increase sales, expand themselves into many areas etc. Successful marketing practices bring sale up, while unsuccessful marketing practices have no impact on sale or negatively impact sale.Marketing concepts specific to the industry is primarily targeted at a niche segment who buy the TV sets from the electronic retail chains.

Market share till 2010
Dish TV 27% Tata Sky 24% Sun Direct 23% Big TV 11% Airtel Digital TV 12% Others-3%


Dish TV is Indias first direct to home entertainment service started in 2004. It is an Essel Group initiative using MPEG-2 digital compression technology. Dish TV provides 240 digital channels and 40 services

Urban and Rural: Dish TV has equal distribution of subscribers in urban and rural markets. The cable-dry rural markets had been their strength when they launched their services first in these markets. In rural areas, Dish TV runs fleet of vans for demos, installation as well as selling hardware and pre-paid vouchers. Region and States: It has come up with special offers for the southern region where regional and sports channels are viewed the most. Like Ultimate sports bonanza offer - Rs 1890 with 3 Months of South Silver subscription available in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Pondicherry only. Ultimate sports bonanza offer - Rs 2490 with 12 Months of Silver subscription available in Andhra Pradesh only. Dish TV has structured a basic bouquet of customized package of channels which are in demand in a particular state at a very affordable price pack like North diamond pack and South diamond pack. Dishtv also

added two more Marathi channels namely Star Pravah and Star Majha on its platform for its Marathi speaking customers. Besides these Dish TV has also launched Rest of India and South pack in scheme of new packages, targeting north and south India consumers separately.

AGE and GENDER: As the market gets fragmented, niche channels will become more and more desirable. The increased interest in unique content channels is in line with the international trend, where once the market matures, consumer needs come into focus. Thus channels on Education, Women, Gardening, a variety of Sports, Wellness and Religion, etc. make their appearance, dishtv will be launching several of these niche channels to create a unique and exciting offering for its viewers of every age and gender segment. Dish TV recently launched Children Films Festival with a bouquet of over 25 super-hit films across various categories priced at Rs. 25/- per movie thus targeting the children segment. Besides this value added services like Games Active, Bhakti active services etc carters to needs of customers from various age groups and gender .

Recognizing the vast differences in tastes and pocket sizes of different consumer segments, content has been aggregated and classified into 4 different packages namely MAXI, WELCOME, FREEDOM PLUS and FREEDOM packages .While the Maxi and Welcome packs are price drivers and target high ARPU consumers, the value pack offerings in Freedom and Freedom Plus packages are volume drivers that inspire new subscribers to

come on board through a low price point and basic channel offering. The strategy is to gradually upgrade the low ARPU subscriber too, through tailor made add on packs on a-lacarte like movies, business, etc. basis for specific entertainment needs. Keeping income levels of consumers in mind, Dishtv apprises the consumer of its three-tier pricing. It gives a choice to the consumer to select from a three level flexi plan that bundle three, six or 12 months of subscription along with the initial box.

Dish TV came out with the HAPPY HOME pack offering Dish TV with 12 months for Rs 1990 aimed at families where the number of viewers is less and watch only niche channels. Happy Home pack caters to entertainment needs of all the members of the family in all age groups.

OCCASIONS: Dish TV comes out with new offers of channels or new buyer schemes at relatively cheaper rates on occasions of festivals or major sports events. In the past Dish TV has come with schemes like Pay for Welcome and Watch Maxi (October 2007), Diwali Double Dhamaka (November 2008), the IPL Pack (April 2008), 'Summer Sports Bonanza' (June 2009), Special Onam Offer for Kerela (August 2009), World cup offer (March 2007). BENEFITS: Dish TV offers benefits to customers like: In a cricket match choosing the language of the commentary, camera angles, know player statistics and watch match highlights at our will. Surf through hundreds of channels using a mosaic screen showcasing all channels of a single genre.

Subscribers can order and watch Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional blockbusters whenever they want, with no ad breaks and the subscriber can watch it multiple times within 24 hours.

Using EPG, one gets an easy and friendly display of the program schedule on all channels and is loaded with amazing features such as programme alert, parental lock, channel sorting, creating lists of favorites and so on.

Unique feature where subscribers can choose from multiple languages on select channels.

Every product has its non users, ex-users, potential users, first time users and regular users. In order to attract the non users and potential users Dishtv with a finger on the consumer pulse has time and again brought innovative and exciting consumer promotion offers into the market. Schemes like World Cup Free Offer, Free bhi Zyaada bhi, Ab Sab Sikandar, and the landmark Set Top Box Free Offer, have not only added to the pace of acquisitions but attracted specific consumer audiences like sports lovers and kids into its fold.

Dish TV has successfully segmented the market through an expanded product range at appropriate price points. By offering packages like cinema active, khel active, movie active, music active is targeting people with specific lifestyles. Premiering new movies within weeks of their releases is targeted at people who want to see latest movies at affordable prices. Dish TV premiered movies like Delhi-6 and Aa Dekhen Zara within weeks of their release. Dish TV has also targeted the youth segment with offers like Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest tour for just Rs 25, Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade.

Dish Karo, Wish Karo Thoda aur wish karo Dish karo
With this Dishtv made a very confident entry into the psyche of every Indian viewer by asserting itself as the clear DTH champion. Moreover it positioned itself as a far better and a smarter option to cable TV which apparently is enjoying a relatively a larger viewership. The brand ambassador of Dish TV, Shah Rukh Khan urges the viewers not to be complacent with the smudgy and faulty cable service. A simple line, Santusht with your cable TV? Thoda aur wish karo, dish kar inspired millions of Indians to shed their inhibitions and move up in life. The entire nation wished with dishtv, through a breakthrough campaign that not only amplified dishtv's image, but revamped the entire DTH category as a whole. It questioned the attitude of our countrymen who are ever satisfied with sub optimal services. It further encouraged them to switch from poor service of cable TV and start wishing for much better quality entertainment with dishtv. But Dish TV has repositioned itself with a new tag line which says Sabse Zyaada means: Dishtv Offers Sabse Zyaada Entertainment Sabse Zyaada - Number of Channels Sabse Zyaada Regional Channels Sabse Zyaada Genre Sabse Zyaada - Value at Every Price Point The reason for this being that two years back, when Dishtv launched the Wish karo campaign, they were competing with cable operators and the poor quality of delivered content but now with rising competition among DTH players, there was a need to re-establish their brand as the largest content provider. Sabse Zyaada is a positioning that clearly brings together the differentiation of Maximum Entertainment and Maximum no. of Channels and Maximum Value offered by Dishtv in a powerful way.

At the start when Dish TV was making an entry into the Indian market, it targeted DD Direct+ customers. But now being an established player in DTH market reigning at no.1 slot, Dish TV has revamped its targeting strategy. Dishtv has become a brand to reckon with. The name dishtv is highly salient and almost generic to the category. Due to aggressive advertising and media presence, today the brand enjoys top-of-mind recall and recognition by consumers across markets. Dishtv has the king of entertainment- Shah Rukh Khan, as the ambassador to endorse its brand. An iconic figure and a mass drawer, SRK signifies all that dishtv stands for - entertainment personified tech savvy, family appeal and leadership status. This association has resulted in an enhanced brand recall and brand image, which is also reflected in the incessantly growing sales figures. Besides this, giving new connections at a reasonable price, Dish TV also offers hosts of active services for their value-added channels which air things other than the usual television programmes, such as, gaming, education, virtual pilgrimage, and so on. But Dish, in addition to the others, has ICICI Active. It is a co-branded channel that tells you all about ICICI Bank, the countrys secondlargest lender after State Bank of India, and its services, including an EMI. From time to time Dish TV comes up with various promotional offers in form of coupons or set top box free to encourage customers to make mental commitment to buy their product which increases the brand purchase intention of the customer.

Dish has set aggressive targets from 2009-10. It aims to add another 2.5 million subscribers, to take the gross subscriber base to over 7.5 million subscribers. The company is also looking at additional revenue through carriage fees and advertising generated on the clean-feed of select foreign channels. ( )

Since its launch, Dish TV has leveraged the first mover advantage be it with dish-har-chhat-par" in April 2005 and Dish Freedom Package plan in January 2006. The aim was quite clear - the slashed pricing will lure more customers to the Dish TV service, while increasing the penetration and aimed at making DTH entertainment affordable to everybody. At the Start, Dish TV did not worry about profitability. Their main concern was to allow the market to expand, acquire customers, keep them locked over a longer period, and then make them pay more for various services. The strategy was to mobilize the cable dark and rural subscribers. Now that Dish TV is the ruling player in the DTH market, the strategy has changed because before Dish TV was competing with cable operators and trying to acquiring a foothold in the DTH market but now with rising competition among DTH players, there was a need to re-establish their brand as the largest content provider from other new players. Some of the Dish TVs current strategies are: Dish TV has not only used its existing substantial transponder capacity to its advantage, but also planned to augment it in the mid to long run. In a market of 400 plus channels that is rapidly getting further crowded, coupled with dearth of carriage capacity, this strategy will definitely pay off in the future. Teleport services for up linking the channels. The company is also in the business of providing teleport services (up linking and space segments) to the broadcasters of various channels.

For acquiring advertisers: 1. SMS campaign to entire Dish TV sub-base. 2. Providing advertising options - Sponsorship opportunities on Movie on Demand (6 break free movie channels), Branding opportunities on Active Services, Promo options on Interactive channel 999, Interactive targeted contests. 3. EPG Branding on Dish TV Information bar. 4. E-mailers to Dish TV sub-base. 5. Presence on the Dish TV website. 6. Sponsored Product / Brand Catalogue on News Active. Customer Acquisition strategy: 1. Focused marketing leading to creation of a BRAND SRK campaign. 2. Largest content offering and digital viewing experience. 3. Aligned dealer incentive structure-Higher incentives for subscriber at higher packs. 4. Competitive pricing, A-la carte offerings and ease of making payments. 5. Distribution and after sales service. Pan-India presence through 800 distributors & 48,000 dealers across 6600 towns as of Jun 09. 6. Dish TV's attractive pricing strategy Customer retention strategy: 1. Promotions and dealer incentives offered on an ongoing basis to retain customers through innovative packages. 2. Packages to suit every palate. 3. Niche Content. 4. Providing Value-Added Services (VAS) foray into e-banking, ticketing, job search, matrimony services, sharing infrastructure with other service providers. 5. Over 350 Dish Care Centers (DCCs) & service franchisees providing installation and after sale-service as of Mar-09. 6. In-house call centre, operating 24*7 with capacity of up to 800 operators.


TATA SKY is a DTH Satellite Television provider in India, using MPEG-2 digital compression technology. It is a joint venture between Tata Group that owns 80% and Star TV that owns a 20% stake. TATASKY was incorporated in 2004 but was launched only in August 2006.

Urban and Rural:
Tata Sky Primarily targeted urban audience but later Tata Sky has seen demands from smaller cities grow after the introduction of its electronic programming guide (EPG) in hindi. Tata Sky has been focusing on tapping various avenues to further its network, particularly in the rural markets. Tata Sky, with presence across 35,000 outlets in 5,000 towns and cities, had earlier tied up with ITC e-choupal to. To expand its distribution network and penetrate the rural market, the company has tied-up with ITC's e-Chaupal. Further Tata Sky had introduced a Rs 99-a-month low-value pack for 53 channels to increase penetration in smaller towns of the country. It also has B2B tie-ups with Infiniti Retail's Croma, Tata Indicom and Pantaloon Retail in urban India. Tata Sky also offers a Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) solution for multi-storied buildings (common in urban areas), with the option of using a single mini dish for the entire building.

Region and States:

Tata Sky has a pan-India presence. The company has climbed mountains and crossed the oceans in its first few months it has installed services in Ladakh, Leh, and Kargil; and also a first 'at sea' installation on an oil rig. It has come up with separate packs for north like super hit or super value packs and south offering packs like south jumbo or south value packs. Keeping in mind their diverse audiences, Tata Sky have several regional channels covering Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and many more languages. SUN channels are also available on Tata Sky as a part of the South Starter Pack, the South Value Pack and the South Jumbo Pack. Also making cartoon network available in telgu.

AGE and GENDER: Tata Sky has offered host of services for its customers from every age and gender. Like: Active Stories: For 2 - 7 year olds A TV based story book that children can read and listen to at their own pace. Enjoy new stories from the likes of Panchatantra, Jataka Tales and Indian mythology everyday on your TV, at the press of a button. Active Wiz kids: For 3 - 6 year olds Designed specifically for preschoolers, Active Wiz kids is a television based service that aims to continue a childs learning process at home through a host of fun learning games, rhymes and art & craft activities. Active Learning: For 7 - 12 year olds A quiz based education service with 50 new questions daily on Maths, GK and Science. Active Games: Interactive games for all ages on the TV. Active Darshan: Essentially focused on customers belonging to older age groups. 24x7 darshan of the following temples: Shirdi Sai Baba, Mumbais SiddhiVinayak & ISKCON and Kashi Vishwanath.

Besides this, active services like Active Matrimony, Active Cooking, Active Sports etc carters to needs of customers from various age groups and gender.

In its constant endeavor to offer its subscribers with maximum choice and value, Tata Sky offers multiple channel packages giving subscribers the freedom of genuine choice at affordable prices. Recognizing the vast differences in tastes and pocket sizes of different consumer segments. Tata sky has also brought out a new scheme called "MAKE MY PACK"(Jan 2011) where the users could select specific channel which consists on the a specific price,so which means they would only pay for what they have selected.content has been aggregated and classified into following packages namely:

Hindi Entertainment

Colors 19

Imagine TV 18

SAB 13

Sahara One 18

Sony 19

STAR One 20

STAR Plus 17

STAR Utsav 5 UTV Bindass 9

Zee TV 13

Hindi News

Aaj Tak 7

CNBC Awaaz 5

IBN7 5

India TV 5

NDTV India 5

STAR News 5

Zee Business 5

Zee News 8

Hindi Movies


MAX 16

STAR Gold 16 UTV Movies 14 Zee Cinema 13

UTV Action 9 Zee Classic 10


9XM 7

Channel V 5

E24 14


VH1 5

Zoom 8


Animal Planet Discovery Science Discovery 22 7 17


Fox History 6

National Geographic 8

Animax 5 Cartoon Network 18 Disney Channel 13 Disney XD 13 Hungama 11

Nick 9

Pogo 18

English Entertainment

AXN 14

BBC Entertainment Discovery Turbo 9 6

Fox Crime 14

FX 14

NDTV Good Times 9

STAR World 5


Zee Cafe 8

English News

BBC World 5

CNBC TV 18 8



ET Now 8

Headlines Today 5 NDTV 24x7 8 Bloomberg UTV 8 NDTV Profit 6 NEWSX 8

Times Now 8

English Movies

HBO 23

Lumire Movies 21


PIX 17

STAR Movies 24

TCM 14

WB 9

UTV World Movies 14 Zee Studio 10



STAR Sports 29

STAR Cricket 25

NEO Sports 24 NEO Cricket 32

Ten Sports 20 Ten Cricket 30

Tata Sky has something for everyone in a typical Indian family. Like Active Wiz kids for the children, Active Darshan for grandparents, Showcase for the younger people, Active Cooking for mother, Active Sports for father. Tata Sky has just started The Friends & Family programme which is a reward based referral programme for eligible Tata Sky subscribers where huge discounts are given to the refereed person and referring person.

Tata Sky has offered new schemes at discounted rates on occasions of festivals or major sports events. In the past Tata TV has come with schemes like watch the cricket world cup final with Hrithik Roshan, round-the-clock service guarantee, match highlights available on-demand after the match, commentary in regional languages (2007), sale of digicomp set top boxes at discounted rates (diwali offer 2007), launch of Digital Video Recorder (diwali 2010).

Tata Sky offers benefits to customers like: DVD Quality Picture & Sound: Enjoy over 170 TV channels and services in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. Customer support: 24x7 call centres & over 3000 engineers support in 11 languages. With Guide you can: Find out whats playing on any channel up to 4 days in advance. Programme details of all channels can be viewed in English and Hindi. Set reminders for up to 50 programmes you wish to watch. Get synopsis of programmes.

Parental Control: Regulate what your children watch on your television by locking movies based on the ratings provided by the channel or by locking the entire channel.

Search & Scan Banner: Find out whats playing on another channel without changing the channel you are watching

In order to attract the non users and potential users Tata Sky has time and again brought innovative and exciting consumer promotion offers into the market like Tata Sky+, attractive active services, 99 a month value pack, 5 months of free viewing, Tata Sky hardware for Rs 1,499, family and friends offer, 50% off on installation, 0% EMI schemes.

Tata Sky has successfully segmented the market through an expanded product range at appropriate price points. By offering active services and by launching Tata Sky+, Tata Sky is targeting people with specific lifestyles. Tata Sky offered movies like Slumdog millionaire and 1920 in its showcase channel for people who want a private multiplex at home. Tata Sky targeted the youth segment with by showing concerts like Beyonce Live at Wembley, AC/DC No Bull concerts in their showcase channel. Active cooking targets women where they can get nine new easy-to-cook recipes daily, from master chefs across the country along with handy kitchen tips at the press of a button. Similarly Active Mall is targeted at people

who would like to shop for electronic appliances, household goods and even mobile ringtones and wallpapers at attractive prices - from the comfort of their home at any time most convenient to them.

With an aim to connect to all television viewers and create interactivity amongst its audience, and dispel the fear that technological fuss creates in the mind of the layman, Tata Sky redefined the language of technology. To this end, Tata Sky adopted its current tagline "Isko laga daala, toh life jingalala!" (If you use this, life will be great!). The brand's positioning is based on three aspects better picture quality, the interactive offering and customer service which can be seen in the advertisements like elderly Khan virtually condemning Tata Sky for being so addictive (with a superior quality viewing experience) that his son has started neglecting him, a dual role of a bickering Punjabi husband and wife where Khan tells us about the pedigree of Tata Sky and inform potential customers about Sky-the leading British Broadcasting along with the benefits of Tata Sky and how it makes our life Jingalala or the Tata Sky plus advertisement where Khan playing a mischievous husband to Gul Panag tells us about the benefits of plus, Asins campaign down south tells us about the 24x7 customer service.

Be it for a family or students Tata Sky has something for everybody. One can view the schedule for the next 4 days for most of the channels, scroll down the list and put alerts for the favorite programs, while watching one channel, we can get to know in a box at the bottom whats going on in other channels, we can watch channels like Pogo, Jetix in regional languages (Telugu, Tamil) and we can select any language out of English, Hindi, Telugu or Tamil. Tata Sky with its wide bouquet of services and unique offering has indeed made life jingalala for many Indian families.

As Aamir Khan, and rightly so, points it in the advertisement that Tata Sky has the trust of brand TATA and the technology of Sky has made Tata Sky a brand to reckon with. The name Tata is a well known brand which commands respect and trust among its Indian consumers which gives an identity to the brand of Tata Sky and an edge in the market. Also, due to its creative advertising, the brand enjoys top-of-mind recall and recognition by consumers across markets. Tata Sky has Aamir Khan and Asin, as the ambassador to endorse its brand. An iconic figure and a mass drawer, Aamir Khan makes a perfect fit with the Tata Sky brand values of trust, high-quality entertainment and innovation. While Asin, campaigning down south, is a young, energetic achiever and enjoys a high degree of credibility with consumers down south. This association has resulted in an enhanced brand recall and brand image. Tata Sky also offers hosts of active services for their value-added channels which air things other than the usual television programmes, such as, gaming, education, flower delivery, virtual pilgrimage, and so on. From time to time Tata Sky has come up with various promotional offers like Family and Friends referral scheme and new products like Tata Sky plus to encourage customers to make mental commitment to buy their product which increases the brand purchase intention of the customer. Tata Sky is targeting 8-million subscriber base by the year 2012. ( )

Tata Skys strategy is to capture the market by offering superior value. Consumer insight shows that television is the only affordable family entertainment option available for middle-class Indians today and they would appreciate any enhancement in their viewing experience.
Tata Sky gives people a new dimension in TV viewing, thanks to its 3Cs strategy:

Choice: It offers more than 170 channels, with DVD picture quality and CD sound quality. Control: Viewers can control the content; watch four news channels simultaneously, find out what's playing on all channels without changing channels and, most important, parents can regulate what their children watch.

Convenience: The viewer gets 4-day listing of all programmes on TV.

The X factor the excitement of interactive services. Tata Sky offers a bouquet of interactive news, sports and games to subscribers all easily accessible with some simple hardware. Using the DTH platform and its large subscriber base for generating revenue through advertising like coca cola used the Tata Sky platform to promote its new product Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

Tata Sky has adopted a 360-degree communication approach for its customers through television, print, web, radio, outdoor media, call centres and direct mailers, both in urban and rural areas. It has also made it a point to demonstrate the service at high-traffic sites like airports, malls and exhibitions. Only TV service in this country which not only provides entertainment to kids through toon channels but also educates them through its interactive channels.

It undertook the most interactive step by walking into schools directly and convincing teachers that children could learn multiplications and divisions directly from TV.

Customer Acquisition strategy: Focused marketing campaign. Launch of Tata Sky Plus. Distribution and after sales service. Interactive services for all family members. Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) solution.

Customer retention strategy: Upgrade to Tatasky + by exchanging regular Tatasky. Active services. Alliance with Walt Disney Company India to bring Disney characters on its interactive platform. Cartoon network in telgu for its subscribers down south. Tata Sky subscribers can suspend their viewing services temporarily on account of vacation, travel, exams etc. 24x7 call centres and over 3000 engineers.

Indias largest integrated and the first private telecom services provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles. Broadband & telephone services in 94 cities About 79,988,675 customers Bharti Infratel owns 42% of Indus Towers Limited. These two top providers of passive infrastructure services in India Approx. revenue (for the financial year 2007-08) Rs 270,000 million

AirtelDTHAirtelDTH134 channels , customized packagesPrices : Rs 2000 to Rs 3,500 as initial installation charges. Packages differ from Rs 150 to Rs 350, per month.USP: Interactive services, eg. iMatinee, iCity, iTravel, World Space Radio etc.

The new service provides new exclusive applications such as iMatinee(to book cinema tickets), iLearn:is being powered by Edurite, and developed by Infosys (screencap) iTravel(to browse and book travel packages), iShop(to shop on TV for your favorite brands), iCity(to get your citys information) iAstro:daily predictions Widgets (to update yourself on latest stock news). World Space Radio

GAMESBEAT GamesBeat the stress with exhaustive range of games.All kinds of games-for teenagers to all ages games.


Rest your eyes and relax with good music from the various Radio stations Wide range of Radio channels from WorldSpaceradio

No. of channels in the packages and value added services. Competitors prices in the market. Technology used in the digitalTVservice. As per the current policy, the total foreign equity including FDI/NRI/OCB/FII cannot exceed 49% and within this FDI component not more than 20%,so price has to be kept high for overcoming cost of expansion and thus price. Usage based. ARPU is increasing unlike the telecom sectors.

For Airtel-digital TV Airtel has collaborated with companies like world space radio and Infosys.


See You At Home Soon -with a dozen celebrities, the ad has been reported to be amongst the most watched ads on, recently. Teasers : Animated characters , viz. Masai(infotainment), Cowboy (movies), Band (music) and Meercats(kids). DTH Services costliest product category, these days. Estimated expenditure : Rs 8 10 croreper month, with a total of over Rs 40 crorespent on DTH advertising by the prominent players in the market. The three biggest players claims that they are not competing with each other. Marketing penetration is only 3 %, with a total of 7.5 million DTH users.



Browse n Buy Compare nn Buy Package Wizard



Growing number of player and competitive advantage. Supply creates its own demand. Brand name Service and flexibility.

Skilled labor Satellite technology Signals Viewer migration. Uncertainty in viewer ship.

OPPORTUNITY THREAT Economic downturn. Climate Radio Cinema halls Broad casting of channels New entrants Technology Distribution Innovation Value adding

References 0.htm %2F123456789%2F467%2F1%2FInternationalisation%2Bof%2BEssel %2BPropack %2BLtd.pdf+market+share+of+propack+in+packaging+industry&hl=en&gl =in&pli=1 ( ( hp