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Imp Line to Line Explanation Briars are thorny bushes or difficulties .

Burrs are prickly seed cases of plants which are thrown at people in fun and are not to be taken seriously because they do not hurt and are just holiday foolery. Working day world means the everyday world .Rosalind complains that there are many troubles in ones day to day life but Celia makes light of it by saying that theses are only burrs which should not be taken seriously .She means that Rosalinds feelings for Orlando are merely a passing fancy and should not be taken so seriously by Rosalind. In Greek and Roman mythology, Venus or Juno was the goddess of love and her chariot was drawn by a pair of doves. Celia compares Rosalind and herself to Junos doves which were always together because they were yoked to Junos chariot and so went everywhere together,just as Rosalind and Celia spend every moment together. The wintry weather and its inclemency give the duke a good deal of trouble but he soothes the bitterness of his feelings with the thought that the cold wind is not his flatterer but advisor , a stern teacher of stark truth that duke too is a n ordinary mortal .The change of seasons brings in its train variations of weather as the biting blustering icy blasts of winter which blow bitingly upon their body ,yet even when its stinging attack causes them to wince and shiver with cold , he is able to smile and say these agents of winters are stern truthful advisors who teach him he has his own infirmities .Adversity has its own advantages .It has a rough and ugly exterior like that of the toad and a sting also But the ugliness of the toad is redeemed by the rare and precious jewel which adorns its head. Adversity has something valuable in it as the toadstone is known to have great medicinal properties and brings its own compensations with it to atone for its pain.The streams, stones , rivers and trees teach us and fill us with joy and wisdom. Jacques moralises over the spectacle of the wounded deer who is weeping into the already full stream.The stream is called needless because it is already full and flowing swiftly. He compares the deer weeping to wealthy men ,who in their wills,leave their wealth to those who already have too much and do not need any more.The wounded deer has been isolated from its herd as per the law of the jungle .Jacques compares this to the world of men where misery or misfortune soon isolates an individual from the stream of people who now avoid him.The conduct of the deserting deer is typical of the ways of the false friends in the society of men ,where hypocrisy and insincerity prevail and shows it is the way with the people of the world to show neglect to those who are down and out. Oliver goes on to paint a very negative picture of Orlando .He has painted him in the blackest possible colours ,describing him as a mean plotter ,down right villain and what not.According to Oliver,Orlandos ambition is boundless ,he is jealous of the gifts and graces of others and tries to surpass them on all occasions .He warns Charles to be on his guard as if he brings the smallest amount of harm or discredit on Orlando ,Orlando will

endeavour to poison Charles or will strive at him by some deceitful plot till he has succeeded in murdering him. The task of a motley fool or jester is to hold up the follies of humans to ridicule so that they may be reformed .Jacques says that if he is given his jesters uniform and invested with full liberty of speech,he will highlight the foolish and immoral behaviour of people.His satire would act as medicine to reform the evils of the society. Jacques says that no ones feelings would be hurt by his bantering because like all men who undertake the task of being a social reformer ,he will be careful not to be personal in his references.He says he will attack pride or luxurious living and will not be attacking any particular individual.Jacquessatire will be general as he will be targeting universal follies so no one can complain that it is aimed at him or her.No woman can say that Jacques is accusing her of extravagance and spending a princely fortune on decking herself in ostentatious finery when her neighbour is as bad as herself.If , however ,any one still feels pained by his remarks ,he is self convicted of the fault referred to and cannot blame him.If he is innocent of the offence , his censure will find no appropriate victim and take a flight like that of the wild goose. His criticism of society will be general in nature. Lines 123-152 Celia enters reading one of Orlandos poems. In it Orlando says that he sees no reason why the forest, even though no human beings live here, should be a desert. He will fill the forest with his verses inscribed on every tree which will speak out maxims of civilized life with an eloquent tongue. Some of the verses will describe how short mans life on earth is in which his lifes vagrant journey and that mans whole life is but a handbreadth of years. Others will relate the treachery of most intimate friends who have broken their promises .In the next lines,Orlano pays a very high tribute to Rosalind .God has created her in order to show in miniature the pure essential qualities of every kind of womanly grace in the single person of his mistress.In his love poem,Orlano wrote that as God ordained hat the purest essence of every spirit should be shown in miniature in Rosalind,he commanded Nature to combine in one body all the womanly attributes spread all over the world.Nature obeyed the order and formed a quintessence of the best womanly attributes of Helen,Cleopatra,Atlanta and Lucretia.For this purpose ,Nature took the captivating beauty of Helens face leaving out her faithlessness ,and united to it the majestic mien or queenly bearing of Cleopatra ,elegant motion and grace of Atlanta and modest of virtuous and unhappy Lucretia.Thus,by an assembly of the Gods Rosalind was designed to be gifted with the highly valued traits of physical beauty and moral excellence extracted from the very best eyes,faces and hearts.Thus it was desired that Rosalind should be possessed of those gifts and that Orlando should devote himself to her service as long as he lived. Rosalind confesses to Celia that beneath her male exterior she remains the woman ,full of boundless curiosity.She quotes that a single moments delay will make her ask a lot of

questions in answering which Celia will be put to as much trouble as the long voyage over a wide and unknown ocean ,like the South sea Celia continues to tease Rosalind .She has told Rosalind the name of the author of the verses.But instantly Roslaind puts her as many as nine questions and asks her to answer them at once in one word.Celia pleads her inability to utter such a word which will answer all her nine questions.A word of such magnitude ,she says, would be too big for any human mouth.Only a gargantuan mouth could utter it.Gargantuan is the name given to the monster in one of the romances of Rabelais ,the 16th century French writer who had an enormous mouth and a huge appetite. The misanthrope Jaques rallies Orlando on being in love and marring the forest trees with writing love songs on their barks .Orlando beats him hollow with his own weapons and drives him from his presence with retorts and repartee.Jaques acknowledges that Orlando has a good sock of pretty answers ,and enquires if it is a fact that Orlanodo has been making friends with goldsmithswives and learning the pretty answers by heart by picking them up from the mottoes engraved on rings .Orlando replies in the negative and assures him that he gives exactly such trite answers as are found in the devices on cheap wall tapestry .He ends by saying that he thinks that Jaques too has the same source for picking up his questions. Jaques tells Orlando that latter has very quick and dexterous wit in him and compares it with fast, fleeting movement of Atlantas feet. Rosalind gives a description of the disconsolate lover if a true lover neglects his personal appearance. A general untidiness in dress betrays the unhappy state of the wearers mind. The lovers hose should be without garters; the hat should not have a and about it; the sleeves of the shirt should be unfastened and the shoe untied. But none of these characterized Orlando who was precise and faultless both in dress and appearance . Love is only a mania and deserves the same treatment as that given to insane .It does not get it because the malady is so widespread that the very keepers or the whippers who happen to cure are also themselves suffering from it and so it remains incurred.

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