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wkÿv_©x I AwffveK‡`i Rb¨ GKwU wb‡`©wkKv

Whether you are thinking of pursuing
higher studies or planning for your
future career, it is likely that you will
be competing in a global market. This
intense competition means universities
and employers expect candidates to
have a solid educational foundation,
demonstrated by recognisable and
renowned qualifications.

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Edexcel International and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to promote school level UK qualifications in Bangladesh. †h gv‡b †cŠuQ‡Z Ab¨vb¨ cÖwZôvb wngwkg Lvq| Avgiv cÖwZeQi wek¦e¨vcx cÖvq 10 jvL cixÿv_©x‡K BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb AR©‡bi gva¨‡g Zv‡`i Rxe‡bi jÿ¨ c~i‡Y mnvqZv K‡i _vwK| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 2 . It is always our aim to exceed the standard that other organisations strive to match. mb` cÖ`vbKvix ms¯’v I BD‡K G·vg †ev‡W©i cÿ †_‡K Avgiv wewfbœ ai‡bi cixÿvi Av‡qvRb K‡i _vwK| cÖ‡dkbvj G·vwg‡bkb mvwf©m cª`v‡bi †h mybvg Zvi Rb¨ weªwUk KvDwÝj Mwe©Z Ges Gme cixÿvi Av‡qvRb †_‡K ïiæ K‡i cwiPvjbvi Rb¨ h‡_ó D‡`¨vM Avgiv wb‡q _vwK| We ensure that we maintain the highest level of security and confidentiality of examinations materials at all times and provide the best examination conditions to make your child feel comfortable at the venue. Gme cixÿvi †ÿ‡Î Avgiv memgq m‡e©v”P ch©v‡qi wbivcËv I †MvcbxqZv eRvq ivwL Ges cixÿv †K‡›`ª Avcbvi mšÍvb †hb ¯^w¯Í Abyfe K‡i Zvi Rb¨ m‡e©vËg cwi‡ek wbwðZ Kwi| Av`k© gvb AwZµ‡gi †Póv Avgv‡`i memgq _v‡K. We also administer a wide range of examinations on behalf of UK examination boards. We help nearly a million people every year worldwide to achieve their life goals by obtaining a UK qualification. British Council works in partnership with UK exam boards. universities and other awarding bodies. evsjv‡`‡k ¯‹yj ch©v‡q BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb cÖmv‡ii Rb¨ weªwUk KvDwÝj G‡W‡·j B›Uvib¨vkbvj Ges †KgweªR B›Uvib¨vkbvj G·vwg‡bk‡Ýi mv‡_ GK‡hv‡M KvR Ki‡Q| GQvov wewfbœ wek¦we`¨vjq.With more than 50 years of experience in administering exams worldwide. British Council is proud of its reputation for offering a professional examinations service and a great deal of effort goes into the setting up and administering these examinations. cixÿv cwiPvjbvq 50 eQ‡iiI †ewk AwfÁZv wb‡q.

Professional Bodies and Employers around the world. wek¦we`¨vjq. BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb wek¦e¨vcx miKvi. Universities. †ckvRxex ms¯’v Ges PvKwi`vZv‡`i Kv‡Q ¯^xK…Z This booklet addresses some of the concerns that you as parents may have for your child sitting exams with us. iscyi I bvivqYM‡Ä Avgv‡`i Kvh©µg m¤cÖmvwiZ K‡iwQ Ges Ab¨vb¨ kn‡iI m¤cÖmvi‡Yi Avkv ivwL| UK qualifications are recognised by Governments. Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi cixÿv msµvšÍ wRÁvmvi Reve Avgiv GB eyK‡j‡Ui gva¨‡g †`qvi †Póv K‡iwQ| GQvov. Avgiv evsjv‡`‡k ZiæY‡`i wkÿv I K¨vwiqvi m¤¢vebv Dbœq‡bi gva¨‡g Zv‡`i jÿ¨ AR©‡bi my‡hvM ˆZwi K‡i w`w”Q| XvKv. We offer our services in Dhaka. In addition. ivRkvnx. we are always happy to answer any queries that may not be covered here through our hotlines. PÆMÖvg I wm‡j‡U Avgiv †mev cÖ`vb K‡i _vwK Ges Lyjbv. e-mail and website. The contact details are given at the back of this booklet. Rangpur and Narayanganj and hope to expand further.We create opportunities for young people in Bangladesh to achieve their goals by improving their education and career prospects. w`bvRcyi. GB eB‡q D‡jøL †bB Ggb me mgm¨vi mgvavb †c‡Z Avcwb Avgv‡`i nUjvBb wKsev B-†gB‡j †hvMv‡hvM Ki‡Z cv‡ib| †hvMv‡hv‡Mi wVKvbv GB eyK‡jU †k‡l †`qv Av‡Q| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 3 . Dinajpur. Chittagong and Sylhet and we have also expanded our services to cities such as Khulna. Rajshahi.

It is split into two levels: The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE or O Level) is usually taken at around the age of 16 and the Advanced (A) Level taken at 18. multilingual audience. They are aligned to the standards of the UK GCSE and recognised by the University College Admission Service (UCAS) and universities in the UK and overseas as equivalent grade for grade with UK GCSE qualifications.The General Certificate of Education (GCE) is one of the most internationally recognised qualifications system in the world. †Rbv‡ij mvwU©wd‡KU Ad GWz‡Kkb (wRwmB) we‡k¦ AvšÍR©vwZKfv‡e ¯^xK…wZ Ab¨Zg GKwU cixÿv| GUv `ywU ¯Í‡i wef³| 16 eQi eqmxiv †Rbv‡ij mvwU©wd‡KU Ae †m‡KÛvwi GWz‡Kkb (wRwmGmB ev I †j‡fj)-G Ask wb‡Z cv‡i Ges 18 eQi eqmxiv D”PZi ¯Í‡i (G †j‡fj) Ask wb‡Z cv‡i| What is the difference between GCSE and IGCSE? wRwmGmB I AvBwRwmGmB-Gi cv_©K¨ Kx? IGCSE was created as a GCSE examination for international use and is tailored for a multi-cultural. SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 4 AvšÍR©vwZK ch©v‡qi Rb¨ wRwmGmB cixÿv wn‡m‡e AvBwRwmGmB cÖYqb Kiv n‡qwQj Ges GUv wewfbœ fvlv I ms¯‹…wZi wkÿv_©x‡`i cÖ‡qvRb Abyhvqx mvRv‡bv n‡q‡Q| BD‡K wRwmGmB-Gi mv‡_ GUv m½wZc~Y© Ges BDwbfvwm©wU K‡jR A¨vWwgkb mvwf©m (DKvm) KZ…©K ¯^xK…Z| cvkvcvwk hy³ivR¨ I we‡`‡ki wewfbœ wek¦we`¨vj‡q GUv BD‡K wRwmGmB-i mggv‡bi †MÖW wn‡m‡e we‡ePbv Kiv nq| .

evsjv‡`‡ki wkÿv_©xiv I-†j‡fj ev AvBRwmGm (A_ev G `yBwUi mgš^q) cixÿvq AskMÖnY Ki‡Z cv‡i| 2011 mv‡ji Ryb †_‡K I †j‡fj cixÿv †bqv eÜ Ki‡e G‡W‡·j Ges Zvi cwie‡Z© AvBwRwmGmB Pvjy n‡e| I †j‡fj Ges AvBwRwmGmB `y‡UvB Pvwj‡q hv‡e †KgweªR| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 5 . From June 2011 Edexcel will stop offering O levels and replace them with IGCSE. Most students in Bangladesh schools take up to nine O level/IGCSE exams after studying for two to three years in their chosen subjects. Commerce or Humanities.What is an O Level/IGCSE? I-†j‡fj/ AvBwRwmGmB Kx? An O level/IGCSE is a standard qualification in the UK. wkÿv_©xiv mvaviYZ 15 ev 16 eQi eq‡m G cixÿvq Ask †bq| Avcbvi cQ‡›`i wkÿv cÖwZôv‡bi Pvwn`vi Dci wfwË K‡i Avcwb GKvwaK I-†j‡fj/ AvBwRwmGmB cixÿv w`‡Z cv‡ib| evsjv‡`‡ki AwaKvsk wkÿv_©xiv mvaviYZ Zv‡`i wbe©vwPZ welq¸‡jv‡Z `yB †_‡K wZb eQi covi ci m‡e©v”P 9wU wel‡q I †j‡fj/AvBRwmGmB cixÿvq Ask wb‡q _v‡K| Students in Bangladesh can sit for O levels or IGCSE (or a combination of both). depending on the qualifications that your chosen institution asks for. I-†j‡fj/AvBwRwmGmB hy³iv‡R¨ GKwU gvbm¤úbœ †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb. You can take any number of O level/IGCSE exams. Cambridge will continue to offer both O level and IGCSE. such as in the fields of Science. usually taken at the age of 15 or 16.

They also consider that the style of learning and testing of UK qualifications provides a better foundation for future success. Z‡e hy³iv‡R¨ AwaKvsk K‡jR wkÿv_©x Zv‡`i †kl `yB eQ‡ii cov‡kvbvi Rb¨ mvaviYZ wZb ev PviwU welq MÖnY K‡i| Avcwb KqwU G †j‡fj †b‡eb Zv wbf©i Ki‡e †h wek¦we`¨vj‡q Avcwb fwZ© n‡Z B”QzK †mB wek¦we`¨vj‡qi cÖ‡qvRbxqZvi Ici| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 6 . This exam is normally taken after two years of A level study. Many parents and guardians are aware that UK qualifications have a much wider recognition and acceptance outside Bangladesh. following the O level/IGCSE exams. most college students take three or four A level exams for their final two years of study. You can take any number of A level exams. in the UK.Why should I take an O Level/ IGCSE? †Kb Avwg I †j‡fj/AvBRwmGmB cixÿvq AskMÖnY Kie? O levels/IGCSE have exactly the same recognition in Bangladesh as the Secondary School Certificate (SSC). The number of A levels you take will often depend on the qualifications that the university you have chosen requires. evsjv‡`‡ki GmGmwm cixÿvi mgch©v‡qi Ges mggv‡bi cixÿv n‡”Q I †j‡fj/AvBwRwmGmB| A‡bK AwffveK AeMZ Av‡Qb †h. G †j‡fj n‡”Q wRwmB †Kvqvwjwd‡Kk‡bi D”PZi ev A¨vWfvÝW †j‡fj| I †j‡fj/ AvBRwmGmB cixÿvq AskMÖnY Kivi ci G †j‡fj-G `yB eQi covi ci mvaviYZ GB cixÿv †`qv hvq| Avcwb GKvwaK wel‡q cixÿv w`‡Z cv‡ib. BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb evsjv‡`‡ki evB‡i A‡bK †ewk ¯^xK…wZ I MÖnY‡hvM¨| cvkvcvwk Zviv wek¦vm K‡ib BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kk‡bi wkÿv`vb I cixÿv c×wZ fwel¨r mvd‡j¨i Rb¨ GKwU `„p wfwË cÖ`vb K‡i _v‡K| What is an A Level? G †j‡fj wK? An A level is an Advanced level GCE qualification.

G †j‡fj-Gi djvdj Avcbv‡K we‡k¦i Ab¨Zg †kªô D”Pwkÿv cÖwZôvb¸‡jv‡Z mœvZK ch©v‡q fwZ©i my‡hvM K‡i †`‡e. Avgiv Gme cixÿvi Rb¨ ccyjvi me welq¸‡jvB Advi K‡i _vwK| eZ©gv‡b †h welq¸‡jvi cixÿv Avgiv wbw”Q Zvi wj÷ ev ZvwjKvi Rb¨ AbyMÖn K‡i Avgv‡`i mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| Avcwb hw` Ggb †Kv‡bv we‡klvwqZ welq †bqvi K_v we‡ePbv K‡i _v‡Kb hvi Rb¨ we‡kl e¨e¯’v ev ¯^xK…Z cwi`k©‡Ki cÖ‡qvRb n‡Z cv‡i. †hUv GKwU PgKcÖ` I m¤§vbRbK K¨vwiqv‡ii Rb¨ cÖ‡qvRbxq `ÿZv ˆZwi‡Z mnvqZv Ki‡Z cv‡i| A level qualifications are also accepted at nearly all national and private universities in Bangladesh. and to a wide range of professional and vocational courses that can help build your skills for an exciting and rewarding career. You can also check out our website for admission criteria: www. which may require special facilities or accredited examiners. please contact us in advance to find out whether you are able to sit for that exam in Bangladesh. However.org/bangladesh/ admissioncriteria evsjv‡`‡ki cÖvq me miKvwi I †emiKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡q G-†j‡fj †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb ¯^xK…Z| Z‡_¨i Rb¨ mivmwi wek¦we`¨vjq¸‡jvi m‡½ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| fwZ©i †hvM¨Zv mswkøó Z‡_¨i Rb¨ Avcwb Avgv‡`i I‡qemvB‡U †`L‡Z cv‡ib| What subjects can I take? Avwg †Kvb welq¸‡jv wb‡Z cvwi? We offer all popular subjects for these exams. cvkvcvwk AmsL¨ †ckvMZ I †fv‡Kkbvj †Kv‡m© fwZ©i my‡hvM cv‡eb Avcwb.britishcouncil. Please contact the universities directly for information. if you are considering taking up any specialist subject.Why should I take A Level? †Kb Avwg G †j‡fj-G AskMÖnY Kie? A level results can open doors for you to undergraduate studies at some of the best higher educational institutions in the world. Zvn‡j evsjv‡`‡k †mB wel‡q cixÿvq AskMÖnY Kiv m¤¢e n‡e wK bv Zv Rvb‡Z AbyMÖn K‡i Avgv‡`i m‡½ Av‡Mfv‡MB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| www.britishcouncil. Please contact us for an updated list of the subjects we currently offer.org/bangladesh/ admissioncriteria SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 7 .

†m‡nZz Avgiv Rvwb gvby‡li m‡½ GKm‡½ wKfv‡e KvR Ki‡Z nq| GUv Avgv‡`i Rb¨ we‡kl myweav. as we have dealt with analytical questions in our GCE courses. SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 8 G‡W‡·j I wmAvBB Kx? hy³iv‡R¨ ¯‹zj ch©v‡qi †hvM¨Zvi †ÿ‡Î cuvPwU cixÿv †evW© i‡q‡Q| ¯‹zj I K‡jR¸‡jv wel‡qi wfwˇZ †m¸‡jv †_‡K ¯^vaxbfv‡e wb‡R‡`i †evW© wbe©vPb Ki‡Z cv‡i| A‡bK ¯‹zj GKvwaK †evW© †e‡Q †bq| G‡W‡·j I wmAvBB evsjv‡`‡k I. A and IGCSE qualifications in Bangladesh. G Kvi‡Y Avgiv mn‡RB A¨vbvwjwU K¨vj mgm¨vi mgvavb Ki‡Z mÿg| Avgiv mvgvwRKfv‡e †ewk m‡PZb| Avgiv BwZc~‡e© wewfbœ K¬v‡ei m`m¨ wQjvg. the contents of the syllabus and the ways in which they set their exams. BUET) What is the difference between Edexcel and CIE? The UK has five exam boards offering school level qualifications. G Ges AvBwRwmGmB †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb Advi K‡i| Zv‡`i cixÿv¸‡jv BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb Ges KvwiKzjvg A_wiwU (wKDwmG) wba©vwiZ gvb`Ê I eva¨evaKZv Abyhvqx cwiPvwjZ nq Ges wek¦e¨vcx wek¦we`¨vjq I wb‡qvMKvix‡`i gva¨‡g ¯^xK…wZ| cÖ¯ÍveK…Z welq¸‡jvi msL¨v. We have been part of clubs before so we know how to work together with people. Also.” – Sreedav Das (undergraduate. Edexcel and CIE offer O. The examining boards differ in the number of subjects that they offer. wm‡jev‡mi welqe¯‘ Ges cixÿv MÖn‡Yi c×wZ‡Z Gme cixÿv †ev‡W©i g‡a¨ cv_©K¨ i‡q‡Q| . †h‡nZz Avgiv wRwmB †Kv‡m© A¨vbvwjwUK¨vj cÖ‡kœi gy‡LvgywL n‡qwQ. †hUv evsjv gva¨‡gi wkÿv_©x‡`i bvI _vK‡Z cv‡i|Õ -kªx‡`e `vm (&ey‡q‡Ui QvÎ) We are also more socially aware. which students from Bangla Medium may not have. Many schools use a mixture of examining boards. This is a huge plus point for us.‘An English medium background means that they do well in the public university classes. Their school exams follow the standards and criteria set by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and are recognised by employers and universities across the world.’ ÔBs‡iwR gva¨‡g wkÿv jv‡fi AwfÁZv gv‡bB n‡”Q miKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi K¬vk¸‡jv‡Z fv‡jv KivÕ “I think anyone with an English Medium background will do well in their graduate courses because all the books are in English and the lectures are in English. we are able to solve analytical problems with more ease. Schools and colleges are able to freely choose between them on a subject-by-subject basis. ÔAvgvi g‡b nq Bs‡iwR gva¨‡gi wkÿv_©xiv mœvZK †Kv‡m© fvj Ki‡e KviY me eB Bs‡iwR‡Z †jLv Ges †jKPviI cÖ`vb Kiv nq Bs‡iwR‡Z| GQvov.

wi‡mvm© ev DcKi‡Yi mnRjf¨Zv Ges ¯‹zj cwiPvjbv †evW©. bv| hw` †Kv‡bv wek¦we`¨vjq/PvKzwi`vZv/miKvi I. employer or government accepts O. trained and monitored by the boards. wRwmGB Ges G †j‡fj‡K ¯^xK…wZ †`q Zvn‡j †Kvb †evW© mvwU©wd‡KU cÖ`vb K‡i‡Q †mUv Zviv wbw`©ó K‡i Rvb‡Z PvB‡e bv| Your school will choose which board you will sit under after considering a number of factors such as the subjects on offer. †Kvb †ev‡W©i Aax‡b Avcwb cixÿvq Ask wb‡”Qb Zv wbe©vPb Ki‡e Avcbvi ¯‹zj| †ek K‡qKwU welq GLv‡b we‡ePbv Kiv nq| G¸‡jv n‡”Q welqmg~n. G Ges AvBwRwmB cixÿvi LvZv g~j¨vqb Kiv nq| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 9 . wm‡jevm. †evW©mg~n wbhy³. the style of the exams. wkÿK I AwffveK‡`i AMÖvwaKvi| Where are my exams marked? Avgvi cixÿvi LvZv †Kv_vq g~j¨vqb Kiv nq? All O. AvBwRwmGmB. IGCSE. the availability of resources.Does it make any difference which board I sit my exams under? †Kvb †ev‡W©i Aax‡b Avwg cixÿvq AeZxY© nw”Q †mUv wK ¸iæZ¡c~Y© welq? No. GCSE and A levels they will not specify which board awarded the certificate. cixÿvi aiY. cÖwkwÿZ I ZË¡veavqbK…Z cixÿK‡`i gva¨‡g mvivwe‡k¦i me I. the syllabus. teachers and parents. If a university. the preferences of the school governing board. A and IGCSE exam papers for the whole world are marked in the UK by examiners appointed.

Can examiners be biased towards certain countries? cixÿKiv wK †Kv‡bv wbw`©ó †`‡ki cÖwZ cÿcvwZZ¡ Ki‡Z cv‡ib? No. bv. They have no way of knowing where the script came from. Just because you want to register independently does not mean that things will become harder for you. As candidates are only identified by a number. You can register online as an individual candidate. and as long as the required accredited documents are provided to our offices (please remember to check our website for the list of required documents). cixÿKiv mviv c„w_ex †_‡K AvMZ LvZv g~j¨vqb K‡ib| Zv‡`i Rvbvi Dcvq †bB †KvbwU †Kvb †`k n‡Z Avm‡Q| me cixÿv_©xiv †Kej GKwU †KwÛ‡WU b¤^‡ii gva¨‡g kbv³ nq. the examiner also has no way of knowing the identity of the candidate. Applying as an independent candidate does not make the process of getting the results more difficult. you will be allowed to take the exam. SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 10 cy‡iv cÖwµqvq cÖvB‡fU cixÿv_©x‡`i †h †mev Avgiv cÖ`vb K‡i _vwK †mUv ¯^xK…Z †Kv‡bv ¯‹z‡ji cixÿv_©x‡`i Abyiƒc| Avcwb ¯^vaxbfv‡e wbeÜb Ki‡Z Pvb e‡j Avcbvi Rb¨ welq¸‡jv KwVb n‡e Ggb wKQz fvevi †Kv‡bv KviY †bB| . Aby‡gvw`Z KvMRcÎ Avgv‡`i Awd‡m hw` Rgv _v‡K (cÖ‡qvRbxq KvMRc‡Îi ZvwjKv †`L‡Z Avgv‡`i I‡qemvBU †`Lyb) Zvn‡j Avcwb cixÿv w`‡Z cvi‡eb| e¨w³MZfv‡e wbewÜZ n‡j cixÿvi djvdj †c‡ZI †Kv‡bv mgm¨v nq bv| The services provided by us to independent candidates throughout the entire process are exactly the same as a candidate from a recognised school would get. examiners mark scripts from all over the world. m¤¢ve¨ †Kv‡bv cixÿv_©x‡K ¯‹z‡ji gva¨‡g wbeÜb Ki‡Z n‡e bv| Avcwb AbjvB‡b cÖvB‡fU cixÿv_©x wn‡m‡e wbewÜZ n‡Z cv‡ib. wkÿv_©xi cwiPq Rvbvi †Kv‡bv Dcvq cixÿK‡`i †bB| Do I have to register through a school? Avgv‡K wK †Kv‡bv ¯‹z‡ji gva¨‡g wbewÜZ n‡Z n‡e? A prospective candidate does not have to register through a school.

G‡ÿ‡Î GKgvÎ e¨wZµg n‡”Q Avcwb hw` weÁvb wel‡q cÖ¨vKwUKvj cixÿv w`‡Z Pvb wKsev cÖ¨vKwUKvj wel‡qi weKí hw` wKQy _v‡K| ïaygvÎ ZLbB Avcbv‡K IB wel‡q GKwU ¯‹z‡ji gva¨‡g wbeÜb Ki‡Z n‡e †h ¯‹zjwU IB welqwU cov‡bvi Rb¨ Aby‡gv`bcÖvß| Gi KviY n‡”Q wkÿv †evW© wbwðZ Ki‡Z Pvq †h IB wel‡q cixÿvq AskMÖn‡Yi c~‡e© Avcbvi †m msµvšÍ h‡_ó cÖ¨vKwUKvj Ávb Av‡Q| Will having foreign qualifications make it harder for me to find a job in Bangladesh? we‡`wk †Kvqvwjwd‡Kkb _vK‡j evsjv‡`‡k PvKwi cvIqv wK KwVb n‡e? No. This is because the board needs you to have had sufficient practical experience before sitting for an exam. You will only be allowed to register for that subject through a school which has been authorised to teach that subject. the majority of employers accept O/IGCSE and A Levels.The only exception to this is if you are sitting a science subject with a practical exam or alternative to practical paper. This is especially true for international organisations. KviY Zviv we‡kølYag©x I mgm¨v mgvav‡bi `ÿZv‡K ¸iæZ¡ †`q. †h †hvM¨Zv I `ÿZv BD‡K †Kvqvwjwd‡Kk‡bi Ab¨Zg Ask| AvšÍR©vwZK ms¯’v¸‡jvi †ÿ‡Î GUv we‡klfv‡e mwZ¨| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 11 . bv| AwaKvsk wb‡qvM cÖwZôvb I/AvBwRwmB Ges G †j‡fj Aby‡gv`b K‡i| A‡bK cÖwZôvb G †j‡fj co–qv‡`i AMÖvwaKvi †`q. Many prefer staff from an A level background as they appreciate the analytical and problem solving skills which are a key part of success in UK qualifications.

wm Aa¨vqbiZ AwaKvsk wkÿv_©x Zv‡`i welq¸‡jv bv ey‡S gyL¯Í K‡i| †gwW‡Kj K‡jR fwZ© cixÿv (GgwmGwU)Õi Rb¨ A‡bKwelq gyL¯Í KivUv `iKvwi| eB eyS covi †_‡K gyL¯Í Kivq Af¨šÍ n‡Z Avgvi †ek mgm¨vq co‡Z n‡qwQ| GgwmGwUÕi cÖ¯‘wZi mgq A‡bKeviB Avwg nZvkv‡eva K‡iwQ wKš‘ Avwg ïay G wb‡q c‡o _vK‡j XvKv †gwW‡Kj K‡j‡R fwZ© n‡Z cviZvg bv| †`‡ki †m K‡jR¸‡jv‡Z fwZ© n‡Z n‡j wb‡R‡K †cÖiYv w`‡Z n‡e Ges Qqgvm cwikªg Kivi Rb¨ cÖ¯‘Z _vK‡Z n‡e|Ó Ñ†gv. Many times I felt frustrated during my MCAT preparations but I wouldn’t have been admitted into Dhaka Medical College if I had just moaned about it.S.‘English Medium students can still compete even if they are not used to the straight memorisation’ ÔgyL¯Í Kivi Af¨vm bv _vK‡jI Bswjk wgwWqv‡gi QvÎ/QvÎxiv Ab¨‡`i mv‡_ cÖwZ‡hvwMZv Ki‡Z mÿgÕ “Most of the students studying the H.” – Md. Walid Akram Hussain (Undergraduate at Dhaka Medical College.Gm. For the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) it is essential to memorise loads of facts and hence I had a hard time switching from understanding to virtually memorising the whole book. under the University of Dhaka) ÔGBP.C. So it’s absolutely necessary to pick yourself up and motivate yourself to do six months of hard work so that you can study at the best colleges in this country. syllabus just memorise the facts without understanding the concepts. Iqvwj` AvKivg û‡mBb (XvKv †gwW‡Kj K‡j‡Ri QvÎ) SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 12 .

wKš‘ G †j‡f‡j Avcwb Avcbvi ¯‹z‡j cÖ¨vKwUKvj cvV¨µg m¤úbœ K‡i‡Qb wKbv Zv wbY©‡qi Rb¨ Avcbv‡K ÔcÖ¨vKwUKv‡ji weKíÕ ev Ô†Kvm©Iqv‡K©i weKíÕ wel‡q cixÿv w`‡Z n‡e| GQvov.Do I need to sit practical examinations? Avgv‡K wK cÖ¨vKwUKvj cixÿvq Ask wb‡Z n‡e? If you are following the CIE curriculum for science subjects such as Chemistry. Avcwb hw` wmAvBB cvV¨µ‡gi Aax‡b weÁv‡bi welq †hgb imvqb. but you will be required to sit practical exams for A Level exams. Zvn‡j Avcbv‡K I †j‡fj/ AvBwRwmGmB-Gi Rb¨ nq cÖ¨vKwUKvj cixÿv A_ev ÔcÖ¨vKwUKv‡ji weKíÕ Ab¨ †Kv‡bv welq wb‡Z n‡e. c`v_©weÁv‡bi QvÎ nb. wKš‘ G †j‡fj cixÿvi Rb¨ Avcbv‡K Aek¨B cÖ¨vKwUKvj cixÿvq AeZxY© n‡Z n‡e| If you are studying the Edexcel curriculum. Biology and Physics. Avcwb hw` G‡W‡·j cvV¨µ‡gi Aax‡b cov‡jLv K‡ib Zvn‡j Avcbv‡K cÖ¨vKwUKvj cixÿvq Ask †bqvi ev †Kvm©Iqv‡K©i cÖ‡qvRb n‡e bv. you will have an option to take either practical exams or ‘alternative to practical’ papers for O Level/IGCSE. RxeweÁvb. you will not be required to take practical exams or do coursework but will need to take ‘alternate to practical’ or ‘alternate to coursework’ units for your A Level exams to demonstrate that you have completed practical syllabus during your course of study in school. You will need to attest your exam registration form at your respective school or approved institute. Avcbv‡K mswkøó ¯‹zj wKsev ¯^xK…Z cÖwZôvb †_‡K cixÿv wbeÜb dig mZ¨vwqZ Kiv‡Z n‡e| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 13 .

air conditioning. location. †hgb AvqZb. It reduces opportunities for malpractice and security breaches and ensures that the same fair chance is given to all candidates.SOME FACTS ABOUT OUR EXAM ADMINISTRATION Avgv‡`i cixÿv cÖkvmb m¤úwK©Z wKQz Z_¨ How do we choose the venues? Avgiv wKfv‡e †fby¨ wba©viY Kwi? We go to great lengths to identify suitable premises which meet the UK boards’ and British Council regulations before contracting them as exam venues. me cixÿv‡K›`ªB kxZvZc wbqwš¿Z| Avcbvi VvÛvi mgm¨v _vK‡j AbyMÖn K‡i GKwU Rv¤úvi/kx‡Zi Kvco wb‡q Avm‡Z fzj‡eb bv| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 14 . We prefer to use larger venues as this helps us to control the security and administration of the exams. Avgiv weªwUk KvDwÝj I BD‡K †ev‡W©i bxwZgvjv †g‡b cixÿvi Rb¨ cQ›`bxq ¯’vb LuyR‡Z m‡e©v”P cÖ‡Póv PvjvB| cixÿv e‡l©i GK eQi Av‡M †_‡KB GB cÖwµqv ïiæ nq| We choose our venues on a number of factors including size. kxZvZc e¨e¯’v. †Rbv‡iUi e¨e¯’v Ges Ab¨vb¨ myweav| Avgiv mvaviYZ eo AvqZ‡bi ¯’vb¸‡jv cQ›` K‡i _vwK. lighting. generator support and other facilities. Avgiv A‡bK¸‡jv welq we‡ePbv K‡i †fby¨ wbe©vPb Kwi. please bring a jumper with you. If you are worried about being too cold. ch©vß Av‡jv. This process starts about one year before the exam session. Ae¯’vb. KviY G‡Z K‡i Avgv‡`i wbivcËv wbqš¿Y I cixÿv cwiPvjbvq myweav nq| GUv Amv`ycvq Aej¤^‡bi Ges wbivcËv wewNœZ nIqvi my‡hvM n«vm K‡i Ges me cixÿv_©xi Rb¨ mgvb my‡hvM cÖ`vb wbwðZ K‡i| All venues are air-conditioned.

Items that are strictly prohibited inside the exams hall: Mobile phones Any digital devices (iPods. dictionaries or writing materials (unless otherwise instructed) Non-transparent pencil cases Programmable calculators Calculator cases Food/drinks/sweets etc cixÿv‡K‡›`ªi Rb¨ †h mKj e¯‘ enb Kiv wbwl× †gvevBj †dvb †Kvb ai‡bi wWwRUvj wWfvBm (AvBcW. MP3 players. †cRvi BZ¨vw`) wK¬c †evW© eB. A_ev LvZv A¯^”Q ‡cwÝj †KBm †cÖvMvgej K¨vjKz‡jUi K¨vjKz‡jUi †KBm Lv`¨/wgóvbœ/ cvbxq `ªe¨| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 15 . pagers. Ggwcw_ª †cøqvi. etc. notes. wWKkbvwi. †bvU.) Clip boards Books.

this examination does truly cater for all regions. Lyjbv. ÔAvgv‡`i †`‡k Bs‡iwR gva¨‡gi cov‡kvbv †h‡nZz XvKv †Kw›`ªK. my greatest concern was her chance of getting into a University in Chittagong. Avgiv XvKvi cvkvcvwk weªwUk KvDwÝj Awd‡mi gva¨‡g PÆMÖvg I wm‡j‡UI cixÿv wbqš¿Y K‡i _vwK| GQvov. AmsL¨ QvÎ/QvÎx Avgv‡`i Aax‡b bvivqMÄ. we administer exams from our British Council offices in Chittagong and Sylhet. Khulna. My daughter is now studying at a university here with a full scholarship and doing very well. we try to make all arrangements for candidates to sit exams without having to travel to another city whilst maintaining the same standards and security.in Chittagong or Khulna.” . As we always have the candidates interest and well being in mind.A parent from Chittagong. After passing her A levels in Chittagong. w`bvRcyi Ges iscy‡i BD‡K KvwiKzjv‡g cov‡kvbv Ki‡Qb| QvÎ/ QvÎx‡`i myweavi K_v †f‡e Avgiv †Póv Kwi †hb Zviv wbR wbR kn‡i GKB ÷¨vÛvW© I wbivcËv e¨e¯’vi g‡a¨ cixÿv w`‡Z cv‡i| ‘Opportunities for those living outside Dhaka’ ÔXvKvi evB‡ii cixÿv_©x‡`i Rb¨ my‡hvMÕ “My biggest concern was whether it was a good decision on our part to enroll our daughter in an English medium school given that we live outside Dhaka the central hub for the English medium crowd and opportunities. Also. Dinajpur and Rangpur. But.be it Dhaka or outside. as it turned out.Can I sit for exams outside Dhaka? Avwg wK XvKvi evB‡i †_‡K cixÿvq AskMÖnY Ki‡Z cvwi? Besides Dhaka. ivRkvnx. we have a large population of students studying the UK school curriculum in cities such as Narayanganj. Rajshahi. †m Kvi‡Y Avwg Avgvi †g‡q‡K Bs‡iwR gva¨‡gi ¯‹z‡j fwZ©i e¨vcv‡i wKQzUv wPwšÍZ wQjvg| PÆMÖvg †_‡K G †j‡fj cvk Kivi ci eo `ywðšÍv wQj †m PÆMÖv‡gi †Kv‡bv wek¦we`¨vj‡q my‡hvM cv‡e wKbv| wKš‘ c‡i eyS‡Z cvijvg me A‡jB GB cixÿv mgvbÑ Zv †mUv XvKv wKsev XvKvi evB‡iÑ Lyjbv ev PÆMÖv‡g| Avgvi †g‡q GLb c~Y©v½ e„wË wb‡q GLvbKvi GKwU wek¦we`¨vj‡q co‡Q Ges AZ¨šÍ fv‡jv djvdj Ki‡Q|Õ ÑPÆMÖv‡gi GKRb AwffveK SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 16 .

Zviv cixÿvi Rb¨ wkÿv_©x‡`i cÖ¯‘ZKi‡Yi Kv‡R hy³ wQ‡jb bv| We ensure that all our support staff including security are fully trained. i‡q‡Q PvikÕiI †ewk AwfÁ Ges †ckvMZ cwi`k©K| cÖwZeQiB Zviv K‡Vvi wb‡qvM cÖwµqvi gy‡LvgywL nb Ges cixÿv cwiPvjbvi †ckvMZ cÖwkÿY jvf K‡ib| Avgv‡`i cwi`k©K‡`i g‡a¨ A‡b‡K Zv‡`i †ckvMZ Rxe‡b Wv³vi. hLb cwi`k©K‡`i g‡a¨ ¯‹zj wkÿK _v‡Kb ZLb Avgiv wbwðZ Kwi †h. cÖwZwU cixÿv‡K‡›`ª Kgc‡ÿ GKRb Kg©x _v‡Kb whwb GKRb cªwkÿYcÖvß cÖv_wgK wPwKrmv †mev cÖ`vbKvix ev dv÷-GBWvi| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 17 . They all go through vigorous recruitment and professional training on exams administration every year. wkÿK Ges cÖ‡KŠkjx| We ensure that all of our invigilators are neutral and are not connected in any way with the students sitting for the exam. wek¦we`¨vj‡qi Aa¨vcK. hviv cÖ‡Z¨KwU cixÿvi gvb eRvi ivLvi Rb¨ me cixÿv‡K‡›`ª Dcw¯’Z _v‡Kb. Avgiv wbwðZ Kwi †h. For example.How are the exams conducted? cixÿv¸‡jv wKfv‡e †bqv nq? In addition to our dedicated staff who are present at all venues to assure standards at every exams session. where we use school teachers we ensure that they have not been involved preparing any of the students for their exams. Avgiv wbwðZ Kwi †h. Some of our invigilators are doctors. Avgv‡`i cwi`k©K‡`i mevB wbi‡cÿ Ges AskMÖnYKvix cixÿv_©x‡`i m‡½ †Kv‡bvfv‡eB m¤ú„³ bq| D`vniY wn‡m‡e. Avgv‡`i wb‡ew`Z ÷v‡di cvkvcvwk. teachers and engineers in their professional lives. wbivcËvi `vwqZ¡cÖvß e¨w³mn Avgv‡`i me Kg©x cÖwkÿYcÖvß. we have more than 400 experienced and professional invigilators. university professors. every venue has at least one member of staff who is a trained First –Aider.

so the most important thing you can tell them is that you are more concerned about their welfare. this will mean that the timing will be slightly different. Give them the space they need to study. Your child may have two exams scheduled at the same time (clash). Make sure you know the date. rather than their results. 8. Chances are your child understands how important his/her exams are. and avoid excessive sugar and junk food. so make sure you do not stress them out too much.QUICK TIPS FOR PARENTS 1. Make sure you know what arangements have been made for this. Breaks are important! Give your child at least one evening away from the books every week. Special considerations can SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 18 be made if we are given sufficient notice. 6. If your child has a chronic medical condition. 2. Source: Edexcel International website . and make sure they take frequent short breaks while studying. so they do not bother their siblings during study times. Make sure you know where your child’s venue will be and plan to be there at least 45 minutes before the scheduled start time. like diabetes or asthma or if there is a family emergency. and so we are more than happy to help you any way we can. 4. time and location of your child’s exams so that you can help him or her develop an effective study schedule. but make sure you do not put them under too much pressure . and help them if they ask for it.it can seriously affect their performance! Your child can only do his/her best. make sure the Examinations staff know about it.make sure they eat healthy foods. Your child needs a dedicated quiet study area with enough lighting to help them study. Your child’s success is our top priority. please make sure they understand how important the exams are. 3. You would be amazed how important diet is for an examinee . 5. If you have younger children as well. 7.

Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi GKB w`‡b wfbœ mg‡q `ywU cixÿv _vK‡Z cv‡i| G msµvšÍ me e¨e¯’v m¤úbœ n‡q‡Q wK bv Zv wbwðZ Kiæb| m~Î: G‡W‡·j B›Uvib¨vkbvj I‡qemvBU SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 19 . Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi cov‡kvbvi Rb¨ GKwU †Kvjvnjgy³ Av‡jvKD¾¡j RvqMv `iKvi| hw` Avcbvi evwo‡Z †QvU ev”Pv _v‡K Zvn‡j Zv‡K †evSvb †h. Ges G Kvi‡Y Avgiv †h †Kv‡bvfv‡e Avcbv‡K mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z cvi‡j Avbw›`Z †eva Kwi| 7. Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi cixÿvi ZvwiL. Zvi fvB/†ev‡bi cixÿv KZUv 6. Ges Zviv mvnvh¨ PvB‡j Zv w`b. Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi cixÿv‡K›`ª †Kv_vq Zv wbwðZfv‡e †R‡b wbb Ges cixÿv ïiæ nIqvi AšÍZ 45 wgwbU Av‡M †mLv‡b †cŠuQv‡bvi †Póv Kiæb| 8. †hb Avcwb Zvi cov‡kvbvi GKwU Kvh©Ki mgqm~wP ˆZwi‡Z Zv‡K mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z cv‡ib| 4. cixÿv_©x‡`i Rb¨ Lvevi AZ¨šÍ ¸iæZ¡c~Y©| Zv‡`i‡K mylg Lvevi w`b Ges †Lqvj ivLyb †hb Zviv AwZwi³ wPwb Ges RvsK dzW bv Lvq| 1. Avcbvi mšÍvb Rv‡b cixÿv¸‡jv Zvi Kv‡Q KZUv ¸iæZ¡c~Y©.AwffveK‡`i Rb¨ wKQz cÖ‡qvRbxq wUcm ¸iæZ¡c~Y©| Zviv †hb GB mg‡q Zv‡`i‡K wei³ bv K‡i| 3. Zvn‡j wbwðZ Kiæb †h cixÿKiv †mUv AeMZ| Avgv‡`i‡K hw` h_vh_fv‡e AeMZ Kiv nq Zvn‡j cÖ‡qvRbxq e¨e¯’v †bqv †h‡Z cv‡i| Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi mvdj¨ Avgv‡`i Ab¨Zg AMÖvwaKvi. myZivs me‡P‡q ¸iæZ¡c~Y© †h welqwU Avcwb Zv‡`i‡K ej‡Z cv‡ib †mUv n‡”Q Avcwb djvd‡ji †P‡qI Zv‡`i Kj¨vY wb‡qB †ewk wPwšÍZ| 2. myZivs Zv‡`i Ici evowZ Pvc †`‡eb bv| Zv‡`i cov‡kvbvi Dchy³ RvqMv w`b. mgq I cixÿv‡K‡›`ªi Ae¯’vb m¤ú‡K© wbwðZ nb. wKš‘ KLbB AwZwi³ Pvc cÖ`vb Ki‡eb bvÑ GUv Zv‡`i mvdj¨‡K ¸iæZifv‡e AvµvšÍ Ki‡Z cv‡i| Avcbvi mšÍvb †Kej Zvi m‡e©v”P †PóvUvB Ki‡Z cv‡i. weiwZ †bqv AZ¨šÍ Riæwi| Avcbvi mšÍvb‡K cªwZ mßv‡n AšÍZ GKUv weKvj cov‡kvbv †_‡K `~‡i ivLyb Ges Uvbv cov‡kvbvi gv‡SI †hb Zviv †QvU †QvU weiwZ †bq †mw`‡K jÿ¨ ivLyb| 5. Avcbvi mšÍv‡bi hw` Wvqv‡ewUm ev A¨vRgvi gZ µwbK Amy¯’Zv _v‡K wKsev Riæwi cvwievwiK cwiw¯’wZi m„wó nq.

Know where your exams are and when they start. please bring a jumper with you. But make sure you include enough short breaks! Your parents will only worry when they are not sure what you are doing. Relax for a while right before your exams. You don’t want to confuse yourself and feel pressured by last minute cramming. take a walk or simply lay back and de-stress. Allocate your time wisely! You have to get a chance to revise for all subjects.we are here to greet you and be with you through it all. 5.this is even more important it you are doing a practical exam.). Watch some TV. Be prepared. 9. Be confident and walk into the exam hall . But do not worry. 7. what equipment you are allowed to take in (for example calculators) and what you are not allowed to take in (mobiles. eat right and you will feel energetic and alert. 2. how long they are. the more you stress out. Make sure you have the things you need for the exam the evening SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 20 before. Exams ARE stressful. the worse it gets. get your sleep right. All our venues are air conditioned. If you don’t feel comfortable revising. notes etc. and at the same time. 6. Take it easy. You are going to have to sit still and concentrate. So take a deep breath. or if you do not seem to have to have a plan. Organise yourself well and it will help you fulfill your potential. 4. you will get your revision done. If you are concerned that you may get too cold. take it easy. So.QUICK TIPS FOR STUDENTS 1. This will ensure you do not panic the morning of the exam! 8. Let’s face it. Make sure you are wearing something comfortable and appropriate . It is important you are fit and well before the exams. A lack of sleep and a poor diet will only make things worse. 3. 10. You will be amazed how important you can make them feel. and make sure you are prepared ahead of time. please relax. Source: Edexcel International website . You will be amazed what a relaxed state of mind can do to your results. get your family to help you. So make sure you eat and sleep properly. So allocate hours to each subject and topics that you need to cover for the next two days. Create a revision timetable with sensible work slots and then show it to your parents.

¯’vb. cÖ¯‘Z _vKzb| Avcbv‡K kvšÍfv‡e Ges g‡bv‡hvM wb‡q em‡Z n‡e| Avivg`vqK Ges Dchy³ †cvkvK c‡i Avmyb. ¯^vfvweKfv‡e e¨vcviUv wbb| AvZ¥wek¦vmx n‡q cixÿv †K‡›`ª cÖ‡ek KiæbÑ Avgiv Avcbv‡K ¯^vMZ Rvbv‡Z GLv‡b AvwQ Ges cy‡ivUv mgq Ry‡o Avcbvi m‡½ i‡qwQ| 10. Avcwb my¯’ I fv‡jv †eva Ki‡eb| 7. †gvevBj) Zv †R‡b ivLyb| 5. Avcwb hZ †ewk Pv‡c _vK‡eb ZZ †ewk Lvivc †eva Ki‡Z _vK‡eb| Pvcgy³ Ae¯’vq cixÿvq AskMÖnY Avcbvi djvd‡ji Ici `viæY cÖfve ivL‡e| myZivs. Avcbvi hv hv `iKvi †m¸‡jv cixÿvi Av‡Mi iv‡Z ¸wQ‡q ivLyb| GUv cixÿvi w`b mKv‡j Avcbv‡K mshZ I kvšÍ ivL‡Z mnvqZv Ki‡e| 8. cixÿv gv‡bB Pvc| wKš‘ G‡Z DwØMœ nIqvi wKQz †bB. Avivg Kiæb. cixÿvi Av‡M wKQzÿY wij¨v· Kiæb| wUwf †`L‡Z cv‡ib. cÖwZwU welq Ges welqe¯‘i Rb¨ NÈv eivÏ Kiæb †hUv AvMvgx `yB w`‡b Avcbv‡K m¤úbœ Ki‡Z n‡e| 4. Zvn‡j Avcbvi cwievi‡K mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z ejyb| Avcwb avibvB †bB G‡Z Zviv KZUv Lywk n‡e Ges GKBm‡½ Avcwb Avcbvi wiwfkbI †kl Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| 6. e¨vwß Ges †Kvb wRwbm¸‡jv (†hgb K¨vjKz‡jUi) Avcwb wb‡Z cvi‡eb Ges †Kvb¸‡jv †bqv wbwl× (†bvU. 3. LvIqv I Nyg wVK ivLyb. cÖ¨vKwUKvj cixÿvi †ÿ‡Î GB ai‡bi †cvkvK we‡klfv‡e `iKvi| Avgv‡`i me cixÿv‡K›`ªB kxZvZc wbqwš¿Z| Avcbvi hw` VvÛvi mgm¨v †_‡K _v‡K Zvn‡j mv‡_ K‡i GKwU Mig Kvco wb‡q Avmyb| m~Î: G‡W‡·j B›Uvib¨vkbvj I‡qemvBU SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 21 . GKwU j¤^v k¦vm wbb. cixÿvi Av‡M my¯’ I mej _vKvUv Riæwi| mwVKfv‡e LvIqv `vIqv Kiæb Ges Nygvb| Amg Lvevi I Ach©vß Nyg welqwU‡K Av‡iv †Nvjv‡U K‡i Zzj‡e| myZivs. nuvU‡Z †h‡Z cv‡ib A_ev wcV Gwj‡q ï‡q _vK‡Z cv‡ib| Avcwb wb‡R‡K weåvšÍ Ki‡Z Pvb bv Ges †kl gyû‡Z© wb‡R‡K Pv‡cI †dj‡Z wbðq AvMÖnx bb| 9. Avcbvi cixÿvi mgq. 2.cixÿv_©x‡`i Rb¨ wKQz `iKvix wUcm 1. ¯^vfvweKfv‡eB cixÿvi gy‡LvgywL nb Ges mg‡qi Av‡MB Avcbvi cÖ¯‘wZ m¤úbœ Kiæb| h_vh_ m~wPmn wiwfk‡bi GKwU c~Y©v½ m~wP ˆZwi K‡i AwffveK‡`i †`Lvb| wKš‘ GB m~wP‡Z †hb †QvU †QvU weiwZ _v‡K †mUv wbwðZ Kiæb| Avcbvi AwffveK ZLbB DwØMœ n‡eb hLb Zviv Rvb‡eb bv Avcwb wK Ki‡Qb wKsev hLb Avcbvi †Kv‡bv cwiKíbv _vK‡e bv| wb‡R‡K `viæbfv‡e ¸wQ‡q Zzjyb Ges GUv Avcbvi m¤¢vebv c~i‡Y mvnvh¨ Ki‡e| mwVKfv‡e Avcbvi mgq fvM Kiæb| me welq wiwfk‡bi Rb¨ ch©vß mgq Avcbvi _vK‡Z n‡e| myZivs. Avcwb hw` wiwfkb w`‡Z ¯^w¯Í‡eva bv K‡ib.

We try to assess the candidate’s condition as quickly as possible and contact the parent. additional time will only be permitted at the discretion of the Exams Officer. for example extra time. If your circumstances require special administrative arrangements to be made. we take the candidate to a comfortable area (with the candidate’s consent) away from exam hall to rest. Avgiv ¯’vbxq cywjk †÷kb. you must apply to us when you register for your exam. What if a candidate suddenly falls sick? hw` †Kvb cixÿv_©x nVvr Amy¯’ n‡q c‡o †m‡ÿ‡Î wK e¨e¯’v †bqv nq? We have trained First Aiders in all our exams venues to attend to such cases. †hgb AwZwi³ mgq `iKvi nq. Zvn‡j cixÿvi Rb¨ wbewÜZ nIqvi mgq G e¨vcv‡i Avgv‡`i Kv‡Q Av‡e`b Ki‡Z n‡e| Please inform us when you register if you have special needs.We also contact the respective police stations. traffic police and (DESA) authority to inform them of our exam schedules and to ensure their support in making sure that the exams are conducted without any external disturbance. Avgv‡`i cÖwZwU cixÿv‡K‡›`ª G ai‡bi cwiw¯’wZ mvgvj †`qvi Rb¨ me mgq cÖwkwÿZ dv÷GBWvi _v‡Kb| G ai‡bi cwiw¯’wZ‡Z mevi Av‡M Avgiv cixÿv_©x‡K cixÿv nj †_‡K mwi‡q (Zvi AbygwZ wb‡q) Avivg`vqK †Kvb ¯’v‡b wekªv‡gi Rb¨ wb‡q hvB| Avgiv `ªæZ cixÿv_©xi kvixwiK Ae¯’v hvPvB Kivi †Póv Kwi Ges AwffveK‡`i Lei †`B| If the candidate recovers within 15 minutes. In the first instance. UªvwdK cywjk I †Wmv KZ©„cÿ‡K Avgv‡`i cixÿvi mgqm~wP m¤ú‡K© AvMvg Rvwb‡q ivwL Ges evwn¨K †Kv‡bv Sv‡gjv QvovB †hb cixÿv¸‡jv cwiPvjbv Kiv hvq †m e¨vcv‡i Zv‡`i mg_©b wbwðZ Kwi| What arrangements are there for Special Needs candidates? †h me cixÿv_©xi we‡kl Pvwn`v i‡q‡Q Zv‡`i Rb¨ wK e¨e¯’v i‡q‡Q? We make every effort to cater for candidates with special needs. 15 wgwb‡Ui g‡a¨ wkÿv_©x hw` ¯^vfvweK Ae¯’vq wd‡i Av‡m Zvn‡j Zv‡K cybivq cixÿv †`qvi my‡hvM †`q Avgiv| Z‡e G·vg Awdmv‡ii mycvwi‡kB †Kej AwZwi³ mgq eivÏ Kiv nq| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 22 Avcbvi we‡kl †Kvb Pvwn`v _vK‡j wbe܇bi mgq Avgv‡`i Rvwb‡q ivLyb| . However. we allow the candidate to continue the exam. †h me cixÿv_©xi we‡kl Pvwn`v i‡q‡Q Zv‡`i cÖ‡qvRb c~i‡Y Avgiv memgq m‡Pó| Avcbvi hw` we‡kl †Kvb cÖ‡qvRb _v‡K.

wKš‘ Gi wbðqZv w`‡Z cviwQ bv| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 23 . cixÿv_©x‡`i Rb¨ †K‡›`ªi †fZ‡i cvwbi e¨e¯’v _v‡K| All candidates need to undergo strict security checks before they are allowed into the exam hall. Although we will make every effort to ensure that you sit for the test. cixÿv_©x‡`i Aek¨B weªwUk KvDwÝj KZ©„K cÖ`Ë ¯^”Q †dvìv‡i Kv‡jv ev Mvp bxj Kjg. bb-†cÖvMÖv‡gej K¨vjKz‡jUi Ges cixÿvi Rb¨ Ab¨vb¨ Aby‡gvw`Z e¯‘ I †÷U‡g›U Ae Gw›Uª I cvm‡cvU© wb‡q Avm‡Z n‡e| Drinking water is available for candidates inside the exam hall. you must inform the exams officer at the venue immediately. we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. If for any reason you don’t have your documents with you on the day. G Kvi‡Y Avcbvi cÖ‡qvRbxq KvMRcÎ mv‡_ AvbvUv AZ¨šÍ Riæwi| Avcwb hw` †Kv‡bv Kvi‡Y cixÿvi w`b KvMRcÎ Avb‡Z fz‡j hvb Zvn‡j Awej‡¤^ G·vg Awdmvi‡K Rvbvb| hw`I Avgiv Avcbv‡K cixÿvq AskMÖnY Ki‡Z †`qvi me †PóvB Kie. pencils. erasers. non-programmable calculators and any other permitted equipment required for the exam along with their Statement of Entry and a valid passport in the British Council provided transparent folder. hw` †KD cvm‡cvU© A_ev †÷U‡g›U Ad Gw›Uª wb‡q Avm‡Z fz‡j hvq Zvn‡j wK n‡e? Avgiv wbwðZ n‡Z PvB †h.What items are candidates allowed to take into the exam hall? †Kvb wRwbm¸‡jv cixÿv_©xiv cixÿv n‡j wb‡q †h‡Z cvi‡e? Candidates must bring black or dark blue writing pens. †cwÝj. B‡iRvi. cixÿvq AskMÖnYKvix me cixÿv_x©i cwiPq mwVK. me cixÿv_©x‡K †K‡›`ª cÖ‡e‡ki c~‡e© Kov wbivcËv †PwKs‡qi †fZi w`‡q †h‡Z n‡e| Bring only permitted items and get through quickly. it is therefore very important that you bring your documents with you. Aby‡gvw`Z wRwbm¸‡jvB †Kej m‡½ wb‡q Avmyb Ges `ªæZ †K‡›`ª Xz‡K co–b| What happens if a candidate forgets to bring passport or statement of entry to the venue? We need to ensure that we can prove the identity of every candidate sitting for an exam.

This means that the facilities available to parents and guardians will vary from venue to venue and we thank you in advance for your understanding. wKQz wKQz †fby¨‡Z AwffveK‡`i Rb¨ emvi e¨e¯’v bvI _vK‡Z cv‡i| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 24 . Please note that there may not be a sitting or waiting area for parents/guardians at some vanues. cixÿv †K‡›`ªi wfwˇZ AwffveK‡`i Rb¨ cÖ`Ë †mevq wfbœZv _vK‡Z cv‡i Ges G welqwU Dcjwäi Rb¨ Avcbv‡K Avgiv AvMvg ab¨ev` Rvbvw”Q| g‡b ivL‡eb †h. cwÎKvq †NvlYv w`‡q _vwK| Avgiv me¸‡jv ¯‹zj I cÖwZôv‡bi mv‡_ mve©ÿwYK †hvMv‡hvM ivwL| What facilities are there for parents? AwffveK‡`i Rb¨ †mLv‡b wK e¨e¯’v i‡q‡Q? Our primary concern is the security and comfort of the students. Avgv‡`i I‡qemvBU. our website and newspaper announcements. Wherever possible we try to cater for the needs of any accompanying parents or guardians. We use SMS for quick updates.How do we contact candidates? Avgiv wKfv‡e cixÿv_©x‡`i m‡½ †hvMv‡hvM Kwi? We use several methods to communicate with our registered candidates. Avgiv wewfbœfv‡e wbewÜZ cixÿv_©x‡`i m‡½ †hvMv‡hvM K‡i _vwK| Avgiv me©‡kl Ae¯’v Rvbv‡bvi Rb¨ GmGgGm. Avgv‡`i cÖavb D‡Ïk¨B n‡”Q cixÿv_©x‡`i wbivcËv I ¯^w¯Í wbwðZ Kiv| cixÿv_©x‡`i m‡½ AvMZ AwffveK‡`i cÖ‡qvRb c~i‡YiI h_vm¤¢e †Póv K‡i _vwK Avgiv| Gi A_© n‡”Q. We are in constant communication with all schools and institutes.

Procedures for feedback or complaints We have helpdesks in all our venues to help parents/candidates with any exam related queries. you can do this immediately with exam officer available at the venue or write to us at exams@ bd. Avcwb ZvrÿwYKfv‡e †K‡›`ª Dcw¯’Z G·vg Awdmvi‡K AewnZ Ki‡Z cv‡ib A_ev Avgv‡`i‡K B-†gBj Ki‡Z cv‡ib exams@bd. In the event that you want to give feedback or lodge a complaint.britishcouncil.org or speak to the Examinations Manager directly over phone. gšÍe¨ A_ev Awf‡hvM Rvbv‡bvi e¨e¯’v cixÿv msµvšÍ †h †Kv‡bv wel‡q cixÿv_©x I AwffveK‡`i mnvqZv Kivi Rb¨ me †K‡›`ª Avgv‡`i †ní‡W¯‹ i‡q‡Q| Avcbvi gšÍe¨ ev Awf‡hvM Rvbv‡bvi †ÿ‡Î.org GB wVvKvbvq A_ev mivmwi †dv‡b Avgv‡`i cixÿv e¨e¯’vc‡Ki m‡½ K_v ej‡Z cv‡ib| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 25 .briƟshcouncil.

Please follow these rules: weªwUk KvDwÝj wbw`©ó wKQz wbqg K‡Vvifv‡e †g‡b P‡j| AbyMÖn K‡i G¸‡jv AbymiY Kiæb- 1. Be on time for all your examinations.IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE ABOUT YOUR EXAMINATIONS. h_vmg‡q cixÿv †K‡›`ª Dcw¯’Z _vKzb hw` wej¤^ nq Zvn‡j Avcbvi cixÿv MÖnY‡hvM¨ bvI n‡Z cv‡i| 4. Bring your Statement of Entry (Admit Card) and a valid ID (passport) to every exam. SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 26 wb‡q‡Qb (G-/GGm-I †j‡fj/AvBwRwmB) • Avcbvi hw` K¨vk Bb †KvWm †_‡K _v‡K Zvn‡j †m¸‡jvI mwVK wKbv cixÿv K‡i wbb| • Avcbvi BDwmAvB b¤^i Avcwb hw` †`‡Lb †h Dc‡ii †h †Kv‡bv GKwU Z_¨ fzj Zvn‡j ZvrÿwYKfv‡e Avgv‡`i mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| Ab¨_vq Avcbvi djvd‡j fzj _vK‡Z cv‡i| 3. If you are late then your work might not be accepted. Upon receipt of your Statement of Entry check VERY CAREFULLY and make sure that the following information is recorded correctly: 2. cÖwZ cixÿvq Avcbvi †÷U‡g›U Ad Gw›Uª (A¨vWwgU KvW©) Ges ˆea cwiPqcÎ (cvm‡cvU©) m‡½ Avbyb| 2. †Kv‡bv ai‡bi Amv`ycvq Aej¤^b Kiv †_‡K weiZ _vKzb Avcwb Amv`ycvq Aej¤^b Ki‡j ev wbqg f½ Ki‡j Avcbv‡K me cixÿv †_‡K ewn®‹vi Kiv n‡Z cv‡i| . Unreported errors could result in you receiving incorrect or incomplete results. 1. or break the rules then you could be disqualified from all your subjects. 3. cixÿv msµvšÍ wKQz ¸iæZ¡c~Y© w`K British Council strictly enforces certain regulations. 4. If you cheat. please check that these are also correct • your UCI number If you find that any of the information is incorrect then please contact us immediately. Do not become involved in any type of dishonest of unfair practices. Avcbvi †÷U‡g›U Ad Gw›Uª nv‡Z cvIqvi ci AZ¨šÍ mZK©Zvi m‡½ †Lqvj K‡i †`Lyb †h wbgœwjwLZ Z_¨¸‡jv mwVKfv‡e †`qv i‡q‡Q : • your full name • Avcbvi c~Y© bvg • your date of birth • Avcbvi Rb¥ ZvwiL • subjects and/or units (A-/AS-O level/IGCSE) you are taking • Avcwb †h welq Ges/A_ev BDwbU¸‡jv • if you have cash in codes.

wiwWs †cb. 5. Avcwb hw` cwi`k©K‡K bv e‡j evB‡i hvb Zvn‡j cybivq †K‡›`ª cÖ‡ek Ki‡Z cvi‡eb bv| me cixÿv_©x‡`i Rb¨ mgvb wb‡`©kbv wbwðZ Kivi j‡ÿ¨. even if you do not intend to use it. These include. stereos. is breaking the rules. or even disqualified. If you leave the examination room unattended by an invigilator. Avcwb hw` cwi`k©K‡K bv e‡j evB‡i hvb Zvn‡j Avcbv‡K cybivq cÖ‡ek Ki‡Z †`qv n‡e bv| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 27 . mobile phones. cixÿv PjvKv‡j †Kv‡bv cixÿv_©xi KvQ †_‡K wKQz †b‡eb bv cixÿv PjvKv‡j A‡b¨i †Kv‡bv DcKiY Ges hš¿ e¨envi Kiv hv‡e bv| 7. IqvwK-UwK. iPods and other MP3 players. then you will not be allowed to return. calculator cases/instructional leaflets. personal electronic devices (TVs. Do not talk or try to disturb other candidates during the examination. notes. e¨nZ Kiv Ges wei³ Kiv Ab¨vb¨ cixÿv_©x‡`i g‡bv‡hv‡M mgm¨v m„wó Ki‡Z cv‡i| 6. unaccompanied by a designated representative. Please remember that possession of unauthorised materials. bags. 6. reading pens. Do not borrow anything from another candidate during the exam. K¨vjKz‡jUi/ wb‡`©wkKvg~jK wjd‡jU. †÷wiI. once you have left the room. walkie-talkies.4. †gvevBj †dvb. Please be considerate. pagers). Sharing materials and equipment during the exam is not allowed. ïaygvÎ Aby‡gvw`Z wRwbm¸‡jv wb‡q cixÿv †K‡›`ª cÖ‡ek Kiæb †hme hš¿ ev Dcv`vb cixÿv †K‡›`ª Avcbv‡K Amv`ycvq Aej¤^‡b mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z cv‡i †m¸‡jv wb‡q cixÿv‡K‡›`ª XzK‡Z †`qv n‡e bv| G¸‡jvi g‡a¨ i‡q‡Q †bvU. 7. Equipment and materials that might be used to give you an unfair advantage will not be allowed in the examination room. e¨vM. You will probably be penalised. e¨w³MZ B‡jKUªwb· hš¿ (wUwf. To guarantee fair practice for all candidates. you will not be allowed back in. AvBcW I Ab¨vb¨ Ggwcw_ª †cøqvi. Only take the materials and equipment that are allowed into the examination room. cixÿv PjvKv‡j Ab¨ Kv‡iv m‡½ K_v ej‡eb bv ev KvD‡K wei³ Ki‡eb bv AbyMÖn K‡i mywe‡eP‡Ki gZ AvPiY Kiæb| cixÿv AZ¨šÍ ¸iæZ¡c~Y©. 4. †cRvi| Abby‡gvw`Z wRwbm Avcbvi m‡½ cvIqv †M‡j (G¸‡jv e¨env‡ii B”Qv hw` Avcbvi bvI †_‡K _v‡K) Zv wbqg f‡½i mvwgj n‡e Ges Gi Rb¨ Avcbvi †cbvwë n‡Z cv‡i ev Avcbv‡K wWm‡KvqvwjdvBW Kiv n‡Z cv‡i| 5. The examination is important. disruptions and distractions could greatly harm other candidates’ concentration.

When will the certificates be available? The original certificates are available in November for May/June session. Rvbyqvwi †mk‡bi djvdj ga¨ gvP© Ges A‡±vei/b‡f¤^i †mk‡bi djvdj Rvbyqvwi‡Z cÖKvk Kiv nq| G‡W‡·‡ji djvdj Avgv‡`i I‡qemvB‡U cvIqv hv‡e Avi wmAvBBÕi djvdj ¯‹zj¸‡jvi gva¨‡g cvIqv hv‡e| hviv cÖvB‡f‡U cixÿv w`‡q‡Qb ÔK¨vwÛ‡WU †÷U‡g›U Ad cÖwfkbvj †iRvëmÕ cixÿv_©x‡`i evmvq cvVv‡bv nq Ges ¯‹zj †_‡K hviv w`‡q‡Qb Zv‡`i wbR wbR ¯‹z‡j cvVv‡bv nq| mvwU©wd‡KU K‡e cvIqv hv‡e? g~j mvwU©wd‡KU b‡f¤^i (†g-Ryb †mk‡bi Rb¨). a candidate may authorise someone to collect their certificate on their behalf. †hme cixÿv_©xi djvdj Avkvbyiƒc nqwb Zv‡`i‡K BGAvi (Gb‡Kvqvwi A¨vevDU †iRvëm) †mev cÖ¯Íve Kiv nq| G wel‡q Av‡iv Z‡_¨i Rb¨ Avgv‡`i Awd‡m †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| . The candidates must collect the certificates in person. for January session in mid March and for October/November session in January. Candidates need to show their individual Statement of Entry or a Valid International Passport’ when collecting the certificate from the British Council. June for January session and March for October/November session. the EAR (Enquiry about Results) services are offered to candidates who are not satisfied with their results. However this must be done in writing and the statement of entry or a valid international passport must be presented upon collection. The results for Edexcel are available on our website but for CIE exams they are available through schools.WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Gici wK n‡e? When are the results expected to be available? cixÿvi djvdj K‡e cÖKvwkZ n‡e? Results for May-June session are usually published in mid August. cixÿv_©x wjwLZfv‡e KvD‡K mvwU©wd‡KU msMÖn Kivi Rb¨ g‡bvbxZ Ki‡Z cv‡ib. For details on this please contact our office. Ryb (Rvbyqvwi †mk‡bi Rb¨) Ges gv‡P© (A‡±vei/ b‡f¤^i) cvIqv hv‡e| weªwUk KvDwÝj †_‡K mvwU©wd‡KU MÖnY Kivi Rb¨ cixÿv_©x‡`i‡K Ô†÷U‡g›U Ae Gw›UªÕ A_ev ˆea AvšÍR©vwZK cvm‡cvU© cÖ`k©b Ki‡Z n‡e| cixÿv_©x‡`i‡K mvwU©wd‡KU msMÖn Kivi mgq wb‡R Dcw¯’Z _vK‡Z n‡e| weKífv‡e. SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 28 †g-Ryb †mk‡bi djvdj mvaviYZ AvM‡ói gvSvgvwS. Alternatively. Candidate Statement of Provisional Results are sent to students’ home addresses for students private and to the schools for the school candidates. What can be done if my results are not up to my expectations? After the results are published. †m‡ÿ‡ÎI Avmj †÷U‡g›U Ae Gw›Uª ev ˆea AvšÍR©vwZK cvm‡cvU© Dc¯’vcb Ki‡Z n‡e| †iRvë Avkvbyiƒc bv n‡j wK Kiv †h‡Z cv‡i? †iRvë cÖKvwkZ nevi ci.

Avcbvi AwffveK. An undergraduate education will open many doors for you. But do not worry . D”Pwkÿvi Rb¨ i‡q‡Q A‡kl my‡hvM. myZivs nv‡Z mgq wb‡q cwi¯‹vifv‡e wPšÍv Kiæb| Z‡e `ywðšÍvi wKQz †bB. so make sure you take enough time to think it through clearly. wKš‘ mœvZK wWwMÖ Avcbvi m¤¢vebv Av‡iv eûMyY e„w× Ki‡e| †Kvb wel‡q Avcwb we‡klvwqZ wkÿv jv‡f AvMÖnx Zv GLb bv Rvb‡jI DwØMœ nIqvi wKQz †bBÑ Avcbv‡K mvnv‡h¨i Rb¨ i‡q‡Q wek¦we`¨vjq Ges K¨vwiqvi civgk©Kiv| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 29 . there is no end to the opportunities for higher education . but a graduate degree will open many more.that’s what university and your career advisor are for. GgbwK Avcbvi eÜz‡`i mv‡_ Avjvc Kiæb. Once you have made that decision.which can give you the kind of education you need to succeed. access to scripts services with the required fee. Consider what’s the best option for you. you have to think what you want to do with your life. These days. This is never an easy decision.They can apply for recheck. Ges wVK Kiæb `k eQi ci wb‡R‡K wVK †Kv_vq †`L‡Z Pvb| wm×všÍ †bqvi ci.what now? First. both at home and abroad. whether it is a public university or a private one in Bangladesh or abroad. But do not worry if you don’t know yet what you want to specialise in . but there are lots of resources available on the internet. cybtg~j¨vqb Ges cixÿvi LvZv †`Lvi Av‡e`b Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| Avcwb 4 †_‡K 6 mßv‡ni g‡a¨ G †mevi djvdj Rvb‡Z cvi‡eb| Avcwb G †j‡fj †kl Kivi ci wK Ki‡Z cv‡ib? cÖ_gZ. it is time to find the right higher education options to make your dream come true. Avcbvi ¯^cœ ev¯Íevq‡bi Rb¨ D”PZi wkÿvi mwVK AckbwU †e‡Q †bqvi †Póv Kiæb| eZ©gv‡b.it is not a decision you have to take alone — talk to your parents. n‡Z cv‡i †mUv evsjv‡`k ev we‡`‡ki GKwU miKvwi ev †emiKvwi wek¦we`¨vjq| AveviI GUv GKwU KwVb wm×všÍ. Speak to the people you know to help you make the right choices. it is a difficult decision. wba©vwiZ wdÕi wewbg‡q Zviv cybtcixÿv. wKš‘ eZ©gv‡b B›Uvi‡b‡U cÖPzi Z_¨ i‡q‡Q| mwVK wm×všÍwU wb‡Z Avcbvi Kv‡Qi gvbyl‡`i m‡½ Avjvc Kiæb| mœvZK-c~e© wkÿv Avcbvi Rb¨ A‡bK m¤¢vebv Ly‡j †`‡e. KviY GB wm×všÍ Avcbv‡K GKv GKvB wb‡Z n‡e bv. and figure out where you want to see yourself ten years from now.†`‡k I †`‡ki evB‡i i‡q‡Q A‡bK¸‡jv wek¦we`¨vjq. So you have completed your A-Levels . Again. You can expect results within four to six weeks.there are many universities. wcÖq wkÿK. remark. even your friends. your favorite teachers.hv Avcbv‡K jÿ¨ c~i‡Yi mwVK wkÿvwU cÖ`vb cvi‡e| Avcbvi Rb¨ m‡e©vËg AckbwU we‡ePbv Kiæb. Avcbv‡K Avcbvi Rxe‡bi jÿ¨ wba©viY Ki‡Z n‡e| GUv mnR †Kv‡bv wm×všÍ bq.

briƟshcouncil. Even if you have been admitted to university.org GB wVKvbvq B-†gBj K‡i GKwU A¨vc‡q›U‡g›U Ki‡Z cv‡ib| SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 30 wek¦we`¨vj‡q Avcbvi mgq‡K wkÿvi Kv‡R jvMvb Ges Gi cvkvcvwk Rxeb‡K Dc‡fvM Kiæb.Take your time in university to learn as much as you can.org Avcwb hw` hy³iv‡R¨ D”Pwkÿv jv‡f AvMÖnx _v‡Kb. †m‡ÿ‡Î Avgv‡`i i‡q‡Q AwfÁ Kg©xmn GKwU †ckvRxex `j hviv Avcbv‡K hveZxq cÖwµqvq mnvqZv Ki‡e.most university graduates and professionals recall their university days the best times of their lives.britishcouncil. Avcbvi cQ‡›`i hy³iv‡R¨i cÖwZôv‡bi m‡½ cÖ‡qvRbxq †hvMv‡hvM †_‡K ïiæ K‡i wfmv cª‡mwms ch©šÍ| Avcwb †dvb A_ev educaƟon@bd. wek¦we`¨vj‡q fwZ© nIqvi ciI Avcbvi I †j‡fj/ AvBwRwmB Ges G †j‡fj mvwU©wd‡KU¸‡jv h‡Zœ ivLyb| G¸‡jv g~j¨evb KvMRcÎ hv MÖ¨vRy‡qU ¯‹z‡j fwZ© Ges wbw`©ó wKQz PvKwii †ÿ‡Î AZ¨šÍ cÖ‡qvRbxq n‡Z cv‡i| Avcbvi AwffveK‡K ejyb Zviv †hb mvwU©wd‡KU¸‡jv wbivc` ¯’v‡b msiÿY K‡ibÑ G¸‡jv †h †Kvb gyn‚‡Z© cÖ‡qvRb n‡e Zv Avcwb wb‡RI Rv‡bb bv| Professional Advisory Service for Students (PASS) cÖ‡dkbvj A¨vWfvBRwi mvwf©m di ÷z‡W›U (wcGGmGm) If you are considering higher education in the UK. You can make an appointment over phone or by emailing to education@bd. and also remember to have fun .you never know when you might need them.wek¦we`¨vj‡qi cÖv³b QvÎ I †ckvRxexiv wek^we`¨vjq Rxeb‡K Zv‡`i Rxe‡bi me‡_‡K †miv mgq e‡j g‡b K‡ib| . make sure you keep your O-level/IGCSE and A-level certificates safe. These are valuable documents which will be necessary for graduate school admissions and even certain jobs. Make sure you ask your parents to keep your certificates in a safe place for you . we have a professional team of experienced staff to assist you with the entire process from making necessary contacts with your chosen UK institutions up to assisting with the visa procedures.

The admission test was MCQ based with 100 questions for 1. fwZ©i mgq Avgv‡`i‡K evsjvi e`‡j Hw”QK/D”PZi Bs‡iwR‡Z cixÿv w`‡Z n‡qwQj| 100 b¤^‡ii GgwmwKD wfwËK fwZ© cixÿvq 50wU cÖkœ wQj Bs‡iwRi Avi evKx 50wU mvaviY Áv‡bi.Ó “The entry procedure is very simple but long.” Ñ Zvbwfi nvmvb (wm‡jU †gwW‡Kj K‡j‡R Aa¨vqbiZ) ÒGLv‡b fwZ© cÖwµqv AZ¨šÍ mnR wKš‘ `xN©| GUv †h †Kv‡bv †emiKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi fwZ© cÖwµqvi gZ| GKgvÎ e¨wZµg n‡”Q I †j‡fj Ges G †j‡f‡ji djvdj GKwU wbw`©ó miKvwi Awdm †_‡K RvZxq wRwcG dig¨v‡U cwieZ©b K‡i wb‡Z nq| I †j‡f‡j 5wU G †MÖW Ges G †j‡f‡j 3wU G †MÖW GmGmwm I GBPGmwm-†Z wRwcG 10. eyw×gvb I K_vevZ©vq fv‡jv| miKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi fvBfv †evW©¸‡jv‡Z GUv A‡bK Kv‡R †`q Ges Ab¨‡`i †_‡K Avjv`v K‡i|Ó Ñiv‡dqv ivwkg (XvKv wek¦we`¨vj‡qi A_©bxwZ wefv‡Mi QvÎx) SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 31 .2 b¤^i| evsjv gva¨‡gi wkÿv_©x‡`i Rb¨ _v‡K evsjvq 25 b¤^i..00 for SSC and HSC. we have Elective/ Advance English instead of Bangla in the admission test. cÖwZwU cÖ‡kœi gvb wQj 1. Sylhet Medical College) ‘The admission exams are also administered in English…’ “The requirements for English Medium students are mentioned in the University of Dhaka’s admission brochure. English medium students are smart. And during the Viva part of the exam. University of Dhaka) ÔfwZ© cixÿvI Bs‡iwR‡Z †bqv nq .‘Entrance into public universities is not impossible for us…’ ÒmiKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡q fwZ© nIqv Avgv‡`i Rb¨ Am¤¢e wKQz bq. The only exception is that the results of O levels and A levels needs to be converted into a nationalised GPA format from a specified government office. Bangla-25. For Bangla Medium candidates it was English-25. The advantage was. I did better than others. well-spoken and intelligent.Õ ÒXvKv wek¦we`¨vj‡q Bs‡iwR gva¨‡g wkÿv_©x‡`i fwZ© nIqvi Rb¨ wK wK cÖ‡qvRb Zvi D‡jøL Kiv Av‡Q Gi fwZ© wb‡`©wkKvq| Avgv‡`i myweav wQj. A 5 A’s in O levels and 3 A’s in A levels is equivalent to a total of GPA 10.. Bs‡iwR‡Z 25 b¤^i I mvaviY Áv‡b 50 b¤^i| GUv Avgv‡K cÖwZ‡hvwMZvg~jK myweav cÖ`vb K‡iwQj. KviY Avgv‡K `yÕwU wel‡q cÖ¯‘wZ wb‡Z n‡qwQj| fvBfv cixÿvqI Avwg Ab¨‡`i †_‡K fv‡jv K‡iwQjvg| Bs‡iwR gva¨‡gi wkÿv_©xiv PUc‡U. general knowledge-50.” – Rafeya Rashim (Undergraduate. It is the same for any admission procedure for any private university.. 50 questions of English and 50 of general knowledge. This gave me the competitive edge because I could focus on two subjects.2 marks. This impresses the Viva boards in the public universities and it distinguishes them from the others.00 Gi mgZyj¨|Ó – Tanveer Hasan (Undergraduate.

My O level and A level background never hampered me but helped me adapt to my new environments. which helped me fit into the various fields I have worked in before I became a lecturer at a private university. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh). I have never had any problem getting along with them. Rvbv‡jb GKwU †emiKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi cÖfvlK kvwKj ivweŸ| wKš‘ Avm‡j †mUv †Kvb mgm¨vB wQj bv| Avgv‡K GLv‡b wd‡i G‡m †Zgb †Kv‡bv mgm¨vi gy‡LvgywL n‡Z nqwb| Avgvi I Ges G †j‡fj cov‡kvbv Avgv‡K mewKQzi m‡½ Zvj wgwj‡q Pj‡Z wkwL‡q‡Q. a lecturer at a private university in Dhaka. I have had to study and work with people (Bangladeshis and internationals) from various backgrounds and disciplines. Without the inculcation of the skills needed to be adaptable. My experiences in my O levels and A levels taught me to be adaptable.’ says Shakil Rabbi. ‘In fact that was not a factor at all. Kg©‡ÿ‡Î mgv‡Ri wewfbœ ¯Í‡ii gvbylR‡bi m‡½ (evsjv‡`wk I we‡`wk) KvR Ki‡Z n‡q‡Q| Zv‡`i mv‡_ wgk‡Z KLbB Avgvi †Kvb mgm¨v nqwb| bZzb cwi‡e‡ki m‡½ Lvc LvB‡q wb‡Z Avgvi I Ges G †j‡f‡ji wkÿv KLbB mgm¨v n‡q `uvovBwb eis mvnvh¨ K‡i‡Q| I †j‡fj. I did not really have a problem fitting back in. evB‡i †_‡K wWwMÖ †bqvi ci Avwg evsjv‡`k †_‡K wew”Qbœ n‡q hve Ges GLv‡b wKQzB Ki‡Z cvie bvÕ. which the O level and A level and my Liberal Arts undergraduate education taught me. Ges †emiKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi cÖfvlK wn‡m‡e KvR ïiæi Av‡M wewfbœ †ÿ‡Î Avgv‡K mvnvh¨ K‡i‡Q| ‘I have been a student at the University of Dhaka.‘Having an O and A level certificate and a foreign undergraduate degree does not mean that we cannot make it in Bangladesh…’ ÔIÕ Ges GÕ †j‡fj mvwU©wd‡KU Ges we‡`wk wWwMÖ _vKvi gv‡b GB bq †h evsjv‡`‡k Avgv‡`i Rb¨ †Kvb my‡hvM ‡bB ..Õ ‘One of the biggest concerns I faced growing up within the O level and A level system of education was that I would get a degree from another country. I think I would have had a much harder time succeeding. †mUv Qvov Avgvi mvdj¨ cvIqv GZUv mnR nZ bv| ÑkvwKj ivweŸ (eZ©gv‡b BDwbfvwm©wU Ad wjev‡ij AvU©m-Gi Bs‡iwR wefv‡Mi cÖfvlK) . SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 32 Avwg XvKv wek¦we`¨vj‡q cov‡kvbv K‡iwQ| †emiKvwi wek¦we`¨vj‡qi cÖfvlK wn‡m‡e †hvM`v‡bi c~‡e© Avwg wewfbœ †emiKvwi dv‡g© KvR K‡iwQ| Avgv‡K cov‡kvbvi cvkvcvwk. – Shakil Rabbi (currently working as a Lecturer at the Department of English and Humanities.. I have also worked in local private sector firms before I became a lecturer at a private university. Avgvi g‡b nq. then become disconnected from Bangladesh and not be able to make it here. ÔIÕ Ges GÕ †j‡fj wm‡÷‡g cov‡kvbv Kivi mgq Avgvi me‡_‡K eo wPšÍv wQj. G †j‡f‡ji wkÿv Ges AvÛviMÖvRy‡qU ch©v‡qi wjev‡ij AvU©m †_‡K Avwg †h Lvc LvB‡q †bqvi `ÿZv AR©b K‡iwQ.

Dhaka 1000 Tel: + 880 (0) 2 861 8905 Fax: + 880 (0) 2 861 3375 Hotlines.enquiries@bd.cie.britishcouncil.org British Council Sylhet Al-Hamrah Shopping City.org.britishcouncil.01730 334023 (from 10am to 4pm) E-mail: sylhet.01730 303885 & 01730 311439 (from 9am to 5pm) E-mail: dhaka. Sylhet 3100 Tel: + 880 (0) 821 814925 Fax: + 880 (0) 821 814924 Hotlines.uk SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS 33 .edexcel-international.enquiries@bcsylhet. British Council Dhaka 5 Fuller Road.htm You can also visit Exam Board websites for further information.enquiries@bd.britishcouncil. Edexcel International : www.WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE? You can contact our Examinations Services team for more information and advice on GCE exams and other UK qualifications you can take with us.01713 103639 (from 11am to 6pm) E-mail: chittagong. Level-6 Zindabazar.org Cambridge International Examinations : www. Chittagong Tel: + 880 (0) 31 657884-6 Fax: + 880 (0) 31 657881 Hotlines.org British Council Chittagong 77/A East Nasirabad.org/bangladesh/exams.org Brtish Council Examinations website: www.

britishcouncil.CAREER SUCCESS THROUGH UK QUALIFICATIONS www.org/bangladesh .