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MY QUESTIONNAIRE ANALYSIS (11 questionnaires were filled out by 11 people) 1.

Are you (Please circle as appropriate): o Male aged 16-19 and interested in Underground Rap music o Female aged 16-19 and interested in Underground Rap music? 9 2

2. What Underground Activist Rappers do you currently/enjoy listening to? (Circle as appropriate) o o o o o o o o Akala Lowkey Mic Righteous Damian Marley Logic Immortal Technique Crazy-Haze Others (Please specify below) 5 9 6 4 2 6 0 Sway, Lil Mo

3. What attracts you to Underground Rap music? (Circle as appropriate) o o o o o The lyrics of the tracks The beats and vocals used The identity/image of the underground rap genre The artists Other (Please specify below) 10 6 2 8

4. How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? (Circle as appropriate) o o o o o o Nothing Less than 1 1-2 2-3 3-4 More than 4 3 2 5 1

5. Do you currently buy/read music magazines? o YES (If YES please refer to part a) o NO (If NO please refer to part b) 3 8

Ferdous Audhali

(a) If YES, please specify which music magazine(s) you buy and /or read. VIBE 2 NME 1 What do you like about the magazine(s)? Good images & info, Eye-catching cover, Interesting articles/interviews . (b) If NO, please state why you chose not to buy or read music magazines (Circle as appropriate) o o o o o o I dont really know much about them They dont interest me They dont seem to be aimed at people like me Theyre too expensive I dont buy/read any magazines Other reasons (Please specify below) 2 3 6 2 3

6. What would encourage you to buy a music magazine? (Please Circle) o o o o o o Freebies Competitions (win CDs, tickets, etc.) Exclusive news and interviews Dates of oncoming concerts Cheap price Other (Please specify below) 7 5 5 2 2

Ferdous Audhali

7. Which of the following magazines do you find the most eye-catching /appealing? (Circle letter as appropriate)

A (2)

B (3)

C (3)

D (2)

Please give reasons Why? A- Tupac innocent look. B-white lettering contrasts with the dark background, pose makes it look appealing (giving a defiant stare at the reader) C- like the layout of the writing, interesting split layout (sell lines chunked together and very separate from each other), serious look fits alongside the genre of hip-hop D- Gangster Pose suits the hip-hop genre (NOTE: Most participants included the fact that the specific artist gave them preference over the other ones. Therefore, the more popular the artist, the better and more noticeable the front cover will be) ......

8. What would you like to see on the cover of a music magazine? For each one could state how strongly.. you agree (5 is top score) or disagree (o is bottom score) Preferred images Average /photographs for cover of point magazine scored a) Several images 3 b) One main image of key artist 5 c) Musical instruments/props 4 d) Bright colours 2 e) Darker colours 1

Ferdous Audhali

What specific images/ photographs associated with Hip Hop would you like to see on the front cover and would attract you to a music magazine? Latest Artists Most famous Artists An artist holding a microphone (Studio scene) Urban environment Crowds 9. What contents would you like to see in this music magazine? Exclusive interviews Politics/musical discussions New music info on artists Controversial/Latest news Opportunities to get hold of CDs/Mixtapes 10. What would you like to see in a double page spread article that would feature in this magazine: For each one state how strongly you agree.. (5 is top score) or disagree(o is bottom score) Article ideas Average point scored a) Interview with an activist 5 rapper b) Newcomers to the scene 5 c) Political issues around the 3 theme of underground activist rap d) Bright colours 3 e) Darker colours 2 Other? (Please specify below)

Thank you for taking part in this research

Ferdous Audhali