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By Master Lynn Yap
Fengshui Queen Singapore ®

3P Fengshui Consultancy Pte Ltd
CONTENTS: 1) Short intro about Master Lynn Yap 2) 17 Predictions for 2012 3) Which industries will do well 4) Fortune for 12 animal signs 5) FengshuiQueen SG Tip for 2012 6) Conclusion
 Age 50+  BBA (NUS)(1982)  Fengshui/bazi experiences since 1989

Learnt from many grandmasters

 Made several appearances in CNBC    

Asia, BBC world, Discovery channel, German TV, TCS 5, TCS 8, Channel U. Interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines worldwide Each year there are numerous fengshui projects and life readings and with 7 listed companies clients, todate Merits : Our Company became a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation. Multi property owner  Method of Fengshui used: 1) Flying Star school of fengshui 2) Landscape fengshui 3) Intuitive fengshui .

Predictions for the year of the Dragon General Predictions - .

Natural Disasters and Environmental matters.The year 2012  GENERAL FORECAST : It is going to be a “challenging” year with happenings on 3 main areas like Money matters. .

The year 2012  It is a “challeging” year because - the first 6 months has “yang water” while the latter 6 months has “yang earth”. The “water” in the year weakens the “earth” causing the Dragon to be a year of “big changes” for some. “The rich becomes poor and the poor becomes super rich” .

where we can also called it a “Water Dragon” year. . 2012 is called. “Ren Chen” year.The year 2012  The year.  It’s a Black Water Dragon year because –  The “water” weakens the “earth” and causes it to “flood” as there are too much water in the year and again during this period : 15/10 to 13/11 2012  “Water” here also refers to “money” – it is a case where some people would have too much money while some will loose big money.

it is “invisible” as there is no “real” Dragon in all the 12 animal signs and therefore it can be a “super good year” or a “super negative year”.The year 2012  The combination of “Ren and Chen” will make the Dragon year a year where out of the 3 main issues. “Invisible” can be very good or bad and give rise to power and authority . Money (because of too much water element) is the main issue and can cause Global financial difficulties if not handled carefully  Dragon is a “fierce” animal as out of the 12 animal signs.

The year 2012  The Dragon is the fifth animal of the 12 animal signs  The Dragon is also a pretty lazy animal and therefore many people are going to feel very sleepy. Though they may be sleepy but when they wake up. tired and sleeping alot. . they can be very “fierce”  It will be a “fierce dragon from the start with many people having financial difficulties or loosing money so becareful.

the season of spring (Li Chun) is the beginning of the new year according to the solar calendar  However. many chinese all over the world would still celebrate Chinese New Year on 23 January 2012 which follows the lunar calendar .The year 2012  When is Chinese New Year ?  4 February 2012.

 Many of us. . you follow. it really depends on which Chinese New Year’s “calendar”. for the last few years usually observe what happens to us on the 4th February 2012 and if good things happen on that day then it is going to be a FANTASTIC year !  If negative things occur then it means that the year is not going to be smooth.The year 2012  Therefore.

we will need to go to the banks and bank in some money on this date so that our wealth can grow.  We also have been doing this. Therefore. the last few years and our wealth did grow.The year 2012  Since 4 February 2012 falls on a Saturday and the Banks are open. .

The year 2012  4th February 2012 falls on a Saturday .Please go to the bank. wear red top and bank in a cheque or cash to your name.  Did it work for you last year. 2011 ?  Did you wear a red top too ? .

Predictions for the year of the Dragon Which 2 animal signs will face difficulties ? .

The year 2012  A) Those born in the year of the - “Dragon” and “Dog” B) Those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birthdate and time) has a “dog” or “dragon” in the hour pillar (your time of birth) (7am till 9am) (7pm to 9pm) will also not have a good year. .

Predictions for the year of the Dragon What not to do this year .

You must never attend these. you would have to be extremely careful.The year 2012  1) Do not attend funeral or weddings especially for those born in the animal signs of “Dragon” and “Dog”.  2) Do not attend birthday parties and cannot take the cake if you have to attend. .  NOTE: As long as your bazi has a “Dragon” or a “Dog” in it.

Predictions for the year of the Dragon 17 Predictions .

The year 2012  1) Investment Outlook 2012:  Gold Prices will fall and will rise towards the end of the year .(short term investment)  Oil prices will fluctuate –   2) There will be more babies born this year Dragon babies .

strong winds. big fire in the south eastern part of any country like China.The year 2012  3) Disaster Outlook 2012 :  There would be natural disasters .  4) Property prices will continue to fall and will continue right through till 2014  5) Money is tight and could cause a collapse for some - . Southern America. typhoon. tsunami. New Zealand. volcanoes. Europe or particulary in Australia. India or Indonesia. earthquakes.more floods.

property developers  8) This year. .People will become more stubborn and negotiations will become difficult  7) There is a strong competition among earth industries like those in plastic surgery. massage salons. backache and stomach trouble like gastric and indigestion and a possible bird flu or related contamination. cosmetics. slimming salons. the sicknesses to take note are .The year 2012  6) Characteristics of People .skin rashes (itchy skin).

The year 2012  9) Currency Outlook 2011:  US Dollars are set to rise but fall towards the end  10) There can be many freak accidents on the road and in the air and sea  11) There is a possible collapse of a tall building or a hotel  12) There is a possibility of a war or terriost attack - .

sleepy and can be blur or muddle headed at work or when driving. Some people can even choke on their food (do not eat too fast) - . medical professions. beauty salons and massage salons.The year 2012  13) Market Outlook 2012:  Share prices in the stock market would fall  14) There will be more regulations made in the real estate industries.  15) More people would be feeling very tired. They can also make big mistakes at work.

the share prices of “Metal Stocks” in the Stock Market will rise the most hence bank stocks or companies dealing with machineries or equiptments will do very well. They will report good profits earned and this also mean that we can make a lot of money from Gold or Silver  17) A huge fire or explosion or tsunami.The year 2012  16) Stock Market . 2013 is coming - . earthquakes will occur towards the end of the year causing some sadness indicating that the Snake year.

Predictions for the year of the Dragon Which industries will do well ? .


lighting shops. accounting firms.Predictions for the year of the Dragon Fire Industry: FIRE: Good Properties of fire: warm and gives off heat Fire industries are those related to electrical products. . restuarants. bakery shops. fast food chains. stock markets.

. insurance. chemicals. pet shops. human resource. cosmetic surgery etc. construction firms. property developers. renovation companies.Predictions for the year of the Dragon Earth Industry: EARTH: Good Properties of earth: hard and stillness Earth Industries are those related to properties. agriculture. cosmetics.

robotics. machineries and equiptments. law firms. gold jewellery.Predictions for the year of the Dragon Metal Industry: METAL : Excellent Properties of metal: hard and piercing Metal Industries are those related to banking. fortune telling. vehicles. steel. .

transportation. shipping. casino business. lottery. consultancy. . airlines. broadcasting. cold beverages. information technology. hotels. telecommunications. logistics.Predictions for the year of the Dragon Water Industry: WATER: Average Properties of water: Wavy Water Industries are those that deal with internet (dotcoms). distribution. shipbuilding. oil. money lending. animation and advertising. tourism. marine products.

paper and pulp. textile firms. universities. seminars/events. politics. fashion. timber. hair salons and photography. printing. schools. education.Predictions for the year of the Dragon Wood Industry: Wood : Average Properties of wood: hard and grows upwards Wood Industries are those related to Government. . furniture.

Predictions for the year of the Dragon Forecast for the 12 animals .

Average year – 7/10 This year .The year 2012 1) MONKEY . there could be some misfortunate events happening one after another. There could be obstacles at work and can invite some enemies rather than helpful people at work. . Simply understand that these have to happen and all will be well.

Money can come in and can flow away just as fast. It would be best to seek help when you really need.The year 2012  Money & Work: There can be losses in business dealings and returns from other investments might not be too good. becareful when handling money. .

Good health is wealth . Seek help when need to and best is to exercise regulary and take more vitamins.The year 2012  Health: Your health may not be good.

pay special attention on relationship and rekindle the sparks is best.  Singles.The year 2012  Love & family:  If married.  If attached. If not. there is no romance this year. . there could be some trouble. try to maintain a good relationship with spouse and try not to find fault with each other.

There maybe a promotion in sight too. . everything goes perfectly smooth. Use this good period to share your wisdom and knowledge with your peers and help promote those who had been forgotten. Good deeds that you do.Good year .The year 2012 2) The ROOSTER .8 This is a great year for the roosters ! Right from the start of the year. will come around. Career is good and recognised.

 Try not to over stress yourself as some stress at work are self inflicted or self imposed. Relax and enjoy the year ! .The year 2012  Health:  You are in the pink of health ! Though roosters tend to walk too fast with their skinny legs but it is time to slow down a little and pay attention to health in order to promote a long life.

 If you like to gamble at the casinos. wear your “lucky” underwear colour because this works. everything you touch will turn into gold.  If you do any investments this year.The year 2012  Money & Work :  Money luck will be good throughout the year while there is a pot of gold towards the end of the year like a lottery win. .

. romance appears however do choose carefully.  Those already in a relationship should try to get married soon and to have babies.  If single.The year 2012  Love & family:  If you are married. relationships suddenly become good and smooth with less disagreements.

. would be best. Do lie low this year and don’t speak too much.5 This is a direct clash with the Dragon year and therefore many events can happen like changing jobs. Be humble at all times and try not to be too stubborn but listen to what everyone is telling you and then ponder a while before making any decisions. change house or change car.The year 2012 3) DOG – Unfavourable year .

Greed does not pay . small ones are alright.The year 2012  Money & Work: This is a year where ideally should not make any major investments. if not don’t over commit in your investments. Do not act as guarantor for anyone unless is for yourself and ensure that there is enough money to pay.

 If you have done a lot of good deeds. . If there are some flu or sickness towards the coming new year. let it happen then the whole year will be smooth and peaceful. you will be blessed if not health may need special attention.The year 2012  Health:  Your health may not be too good.

pay attention to third party. couple’s relationship need to pay attention then all is fine. . Do not let a third party ruin a good relationship.The year 2012  Love & family:  If married.  If attached.  Singles can find love.

9 Persons born in the year of the pig are into pretty good fortune.The year 2012 4) PIG . fame and luck this year. Career is smooth and there is a promotion at work. Everything goes smoothly from day one of the chinese new year. Do not be proud when success comes to you .Excellent year .

big sweep or a huge amount from Toto. go ahead if you think it is good and make the most of this year to make more money. Luck is fantastic and keep it going and just avoid going to funeral or weddings which can dampen the good fortune.The year 2012  Money & Work:  Some investment opportunities may come along. .  You may strike lottery.

 Older pigs may need to take care of their health. Simply follow your regular qi gong or exercises will do.The year 2012  Health:  You are in the pink of health.  No water activities though as there are too much water elements around. .

. Next year. Snake year. time to get married.  Singles becareful when making friends of opposite sex in case he or she comes to cheat you of your money. 2013 is a good time.The year 2012  Love & family:  Relationships between couples remain strong and good.  If attached.

The year 2012
5) RAT - Average year - 7 This is a mixed year for you. Something good can come while some negative things can appear also. This year has its up and downs. Just bear with the year, lie low and all will be well.

The year 2012
 Money & Work:  Money can come in and go out at the same time

making it a year where it is difficult to save. Take heart and do not get too depressed.
 You may have to work hard if you want more but

then the money has to go away this year too.

The year 2012
 Health:  Your health will be good. However avoid all sea

sports and mountain sports.
 Go slow a little in life in order to live long.

.  Singles in a relationship should get married.The year 2012  Love & family:  Married couples should pay more attention to their spouses. Just give in and all will be smooth.  Singles looking for love can find it.

The year 2012
6) OX - Excellent year - 9 This is a fantastic year for you. So grab any good money making opportunities that can come to you and get rich ! Career is smooth and there is a promotion in sight. However, try not to be too arrogant after the promotion and remain humble is best. When you are good, people will know and sing about you, there is no need to do the singing yourself.

The year 2012
 Money & Work:  There is a pot of gold for you this year. If you like

you may go to the casino to “earn” some money.  However, please do not get addicted and wear your lucky colour specially for gambling only.
 Money will just come to you when you least

expect it.  When you are relax, the money comes

The year 2012
 Health:

Your health will be good. Continue to do your regular exercise and take your vitamins.

Next year.  If single. give and take a bit and all will be well.The year 2012  Love & family:  If married. relationships may have some friction. .  If attached. it is time to get married and settle down. try to court the lady if you think she is right for you. Snake year will be a good year for marriage. there is romance the first half of the year.

If you need to change job then do so however you are advised to lie low at work and not speak too much otherwise the more you speak. the worst it becomes.6 This is an average year for you hence be cautious in whatever you are doing. Career can have its ups and downs. A quiet person is an intelligent person. . just go with the flow.The year 2012 7) TIGER – Average year .

beginning of the year then seek a fortune teller to alter your luck ! . If the luck is still not good. go do a donation to ward it off.The year 2012  Money & Work:  You may loose some money however all might not be gone as this is a year where some money must flow away from you.  How to avoid ?  After 15 days of Chinese new year.

nothing in major.The year 2012  Health: Your health is good however go see a doctor if there are some small ailments that need attention. Take more vitamins and exercise regularly is best. Pay special attention to the body and when it need to rest or sleep. go do it. .

there is romance for you.  If single.  If attached. do get married. Go court the lady if you think she is the one for you. .The year 2012  Love & family:  Relationships among married couples are good because they have many years of strong foundation.

Just don’t over worked or over stretched yourself. be brave and handle everything one at a time.The year 2012 8) RABBIT – Average year . Just remember one thing : when things turn sour. Do the most important items first .6 This is a year where there can be obstacles at work and some injuries.

However small investments is fine. Do not over spend or get into any financial difficulties.The year 2012  Money & Work: You will need to hold on to your money very tightly this year. lie low and wait for next year which is a better year for you. You should not do any major investments this year. . do not over commit.

Older rabbits like over 61 years old should avoid travelling this year. Try not to be too stubborn but listen and pay special attention as Rabbits have a tendency to be stubborn and act on their own impulse. Do not go into any water sports or mountain climbing activities.The year 2012  Health: Pay attention to health this year. .

. there is romance in the air.The year 2012  Love & family: Some married couples might want a divorce but learning to say “no” and being patient until the whole year is over. Rabbits into a relationship are advised to get married. helps a great deal. If singles.

5 This is your year : Simply lie low and don’t do any changes would be best.Unfavourable year . Go for a life reading to alter your negative luck. change car or change job. Be patient and don’t get too upset. This year. These are good changes however things will not be smooth throughout the year.The year 2012 9) DRAGON . If not you might want to change house. people do not like your face and may find fault with you for nothing. .

It’s the sound of “metal” that will break all earth elements and make this year a peaceful one. Do not loose temper if not wealth might go away. . If some money need to go away then let it go so that the whole year can be a smooth year.The year 2012  Money & Work: Dragon’s this year need to be very careful at the work place in case something negative comes about. Those in business also need to be careful with cash flow. Wear gold or bells around you the whole year.

keeps the Doctor away . it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible. A vitamin a day. You might tend to be a bit forgetful this year. In the meantime. exercise regulary and eat well.The year 2012  Health: Your health might not be too good so better remember not to attend any of those red/ white activities. it is fine. If really not feeling too well.

Try to say ‘sorry’ even if it is no fault of yours.  Singles will get lucky ! .  Married couples need to control their temper and all will be fine.The year 2012  Love & family:  Those currently in love may not find relationships smooth.

It’s going to be a peaceful year. There may even be a promotion at work.The year 2012 10) SNAKE – Average year . .7 This year is an average year for you. enjoy the year ! There are “helpful people” who will come forward to help you when you need.

If you are into business.The year 2012  Money & Work: Your money luck is good and there is wealth coming in. the rest later and save money. . now is the time. Paying yourself first is important. However. If you need to change job for better pay and prospect. do remember to pay yourself first. money is good too and cash flow is smooth.

.The year 2012  Health: You are in the pink of health ! There are no major sickness and everything is good.

The year 2012  Love & family: Married Snakes are usually deep in love and relationships are generally very good. If single. . time for some romance. If in a relationship. time to tie the knot and to have babies.

If not.Average year. Therefore the best remedy is to go pray so that the whole year can be smooth.6 Horses would find the year with obstacles in everything that they do. .The year 2012 11) HORSE . you are advised to wear gold braclets or gold chains round your neck for smooth luck and good fortune.

The year 2012  Money & Work: There is no lottery luck this year and therefore do not gamble. Saving money is a virtue . re-examine them again. There might appear “helpful people” who can assist in helping you make more money this year. If you still can’t save much then it means that you have probably too many expenses. Money earned from career is good money and try to save those if you can.

The year 2012  Health: Your health is good however do take care of the occasional flu and cough. then call in the Doctor. You may find yourself having high blood pressure which is normal if you have a very stressful job. Learn to tone down that temper of yours ! . If very sick.

. there is an apportunity to meet your Mr or Miss right.The year 2012  Love & family: Horse make very good spouse as they are soft hearted. Married couples therefore would have a wonderful and stable relationship in the Dragon year. If attached. If single. time to get married.

You are also advised to lie low at work and not to be too vocal. Therefore. accidently try to fall down at home and hit the buttock then the whole year will be smooth. .There will be “helpful people” around to help you too. just listen to the boss and all will be well.6 This is not a good year for you however something small and negative has to happen then the whole year is smooth.The year 2012 12) GOAT – Average year .

The year 2012  Money & Work: There could be some obstacles at work and some money can come in but goes away just as fast. . Try to pay more attention to your money this year and don’t do any major investments unless advised by your financial advisors or relationship managers.

a proper diet is also important for good health.The year 2012  Health: Your health may not be good therefore any small illnesses. . better to check with the doctor. Do your daily exercises and take your vitamins.

The year 2012  Love & family: Married couples should always learn to respect their spouses and usually try to let the men win in most arguments is best. Singles can find love. When the timing is right. time to get married. If attached. do get married .

Predictions for the year of the Dragon How to have better wealth ? Fengshui for 2012 .

How to have better wealth ? 1) The 5 yellow (5) is in the South East 2) The sickness (2) is in the North 3) The wealth (8) is in the West 4) The legal (3) is in the South West 5) The romance (4) is in the East 6) The fire star (9) is in the North East 7) The robbing (7) is in the North West 8) The helpful sector (6) is in the Centre 9) The water star (1) is in the South .

do not renovate at the North and South East sectors of the house.The year 2012  Fengshui for 2012:  Please ensure that should you wish to renovate your house this year.  To activate wealth is to place a “pot of gold” in the West sector of the house .

Predictions for the year of the Dragon Fengshui Queen® Singapore Tip for 2012 - .

2006 – Carry a “gold pendant abacus” in your wallet for more money to count in the year. 2007 . . you will be able to “attract” more money to come to you.Carry S$500 cash in the zip pouch of your bag so that with more money.fengshuiQueen SG Tip 2005 – Carry 88 grains of uncooked rice in a red packet and a gold pendant for good luck and protection for the year 2005 in another red packet.

size of 20 cent coin in the wallet for wealth.fengshuiQueen SG Tip 2008 . protection and power – 2009 .Go and buy a real gold (916 gold) “ru yi” pendant for your smooth career and place it in your wallet !!! 2011 .Carry a small bagua.Throw lots of coins on the writing desk in your study room or anywhere in the living room for additional Good Luck and for your wealth to grow in 2009 !!! 2010 . 3 months later !!! .Place 8 big mandarin oranges individually wrapped in the freezer and watch for Good results.

fengshuiQueen SG Tip 2012 Tip 2008 Carry a jade laughing Buddha in your wallet !  Meaning : so that you would be laughing all the time !!! .

Predictions for the year of the Dragon Conclusion : 3 Successful Tips for 2012 ! .

blogspot.The year 2012 1) Investment Tip : Buy Gold/Silver for very short term investment this year 2) Be kind to others 3) Read my Blog (The Fengshui Savy Investor) to find out MORE with my latest updates or join me in Facebook (fengshui queen) (Lynn Yap) .