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Three Mens Quest for Solutions

A Journal for Overcomers in the 21st Century
Edited By Norman Green-Price
Tuesday February 21st 2012 (To-days 1st Posting)

Three Men in their own unique manner, knowing time is short for Mankind to solve his problems, express their frustration. Whose idea is most likely to succeed? Speech by Peter Finch, Actor I want You to get as Mad as Hell, and then we can see what we can do about it! (1.56) v=juFSNpjbVN4 Broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough presents the 2011 RSA President's Lecture, Chair v=fK0rXRmC4DQ

As explained by Lyndon LaRouche, former US Presidential Candidate and His Basement Team on the true Scientific Importance of Sense Perception. Could this undersanding and ACTION ON IT, be the next immediate step for Mankind in his road to solving his problems? Those with vadid Bible understanding may recognise a shaft of Light of Sientific and godly Truth coming through in the next presentation. LPAC Weekly Report 65:35 Statement of La Rouche Slate of US Canidates : Then There is the Fourth Man, who gave His Life for those He created, and if and when all else fails,will redeem the Truly REPENTANT!

Before trying to slay the Dradgon the third human asks the question What kind of Species is Man? and so hopefully leads us nearer to the Solution


This Day With Yahuwah

In John Bunyans sequel to his timeless classic, Pilgrims Progress, he presents a seemingly impossible paradox: it is both easier to be lost and easier to be saved! It is easier to be lost because it requires no effort on anyones part in order to be lost. Everyone naturally inclines to do what is wrong because everyone is born with a sinful nature. Therefore, it is a very easy and natural thing to just go with the flow and be lost. At the same time, it is easier to be saved Because the way of the transgressor is hard. He has neither moral compass nor voice from heaven saying this is the way, walk ye in it. . . . Tis easy to be saved because . . . [Yahushua] paid the price of salvation for us. He has taken our suffering and given us His peace. He has exchanged our weakness for His strength, . . . our sin for His righteousness. As Isaiah hath said, With His stripes we are healed.1 Yahuwah respects everyones right to freedom of choice. He will not force anyone to accept salvation. Because all are born with a natural tendency to do wrong, if anyone does not actively choose to be saved, he or she will, by default, be lost.

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