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Top 10 HR Challenges in India chillibreeze writer ² Ritika Sarin HR management is changing.

The focus of companies is now on a strategic outlook where HR professionals look at improving the work environment and plan out human resource needs. Here are the major HR challenges faced today in Indian companies. Managing Knowledge Workers >> Read Knowledge workers in today¶s workforce more are individuals who are valued for their >> Check out ability to act and communicate with knowledge within a specific subject area. more such India-centric They are different from the traditional e-books and group of employees in terms of higher reports educational qualifications, taking up responsibilities at a lesser age and experience, high bargaining power due to high level of knowledge and skills, and techno suaveness. Managing this set of people is essential for any industry and a major HR challenge. Managing Technological Challenges Continuous implementation of new technologies, integration with existing systems, and ensuring costeffectiveness, places a never-ending stream of challenges. Workers, who are usually comfortable in the way they work, can anticipate change as something that creates a zone of discomfort and many will not feel at ease with the desired change. Therefore, preparing the

Here. many organizations have restructured in the past few years. The challenge and problems faced due to workplace diversity can be turned into a strategic organizational asset if an organization is able to capitalize on this melting pot of diverse talents. As a . upgrading the technology or the business processes and imparting training to the employees is the real challenge of the HR department. Cost Management In the current scenario. Mergers and acquisitions also have been part of the restructuring process. Demographics and diversity The challenge related to demographics and diversity of employees is especially true for multinational companies (MNCs) who have operations on a global scale and employ people of different countries. ethical and cultural backgrounds. For example. Managing Change Bringing change in organizational processes and procedures. business travel and entertainment expenses. Organization restructuring In order to become competitive. employee-related costs such as perks and benefits. HR¶s major challenge is to cut back on recruitment expenditure. implementing and managing it is one of the biggest concerns of HR managers. costs have come under the microscope and companies are looking at getting more out of less. which ensures global force to accept the technological changes and learn to work with it is a major challenge for HR.

new opportunities in the market or inadequate training programs. The HR challenges lie in reconnecting with the mood of the workforce. fairness and smooth practices are executed both inside as well as outside the organization. It¶s important for the HR manager to effectively lead the employees through the challenging and turbulent times. There are many reasons for a employee to move out of the organization² uncertain career paths. rebuilding trust and collaboration. Therefore. employer-employee or company-third party conflicts. behavioral preferences.result. . It is HR¶s responsibility to ensure that productivity. Talent Retention Organizations find it difficult to keep pace with the growing aspirations of its top talent and this is when the point at which the HR department needs to rethink the ways they plan to engage employees. security. the HR should consider all these factors before finalizing a Talent Management Program. efficiency. Employee engagement Trust and loyalty are at an all-time low in companies around the world thanks to the recessionary climate. low salary package. or because of interdependent activities. jobs are redesigned and the employees get affected. less leadership development. The conflicts can arise due to difference in the interests between two parties. and driving continuous and transparent communication. The major challenge which HR faces is dealing with the human consequences of change. Conflict management All the organizations suffer from employee-employee.

organizing. leading and controlling the human resource and be knowledgeable of emerging trends in training and employee development .Testing leadership Another HR challenge is to coach leaders to manage productivity. resilient. effectively as the need of the hour for companies is to adjust rapidly to the changed market dynamics. and customer-centered. Within this environment. performance and growth. Conclusion The role of the HR manager must parallel the needs of the changing organization. the HR professional must learn how to manage effectively through planning. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptable. quick to change directions.