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Summer Internship Report


Submitted by: Upmasheesh Rajput MBA Class 2010-2012

In Partial Fulfillment of Award of Master of Business Administration


I, Upmasheesh Rajput student of Masters of Business Administration from Rayat Bahara Institute of Management, kharar, Mohali Campus hereby declare that I have completed Summer Internship on ‘Consumer behavior analysis of Kara skincare wipes and Handy hand sanitizer wipes in Chandigarh .’ as part of the course requirement . I further declare that the information presented in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

Date: 30-07-2011 Place: Chandigarh

Upmasheesh Rajput MBA Class 2010-2012


I take this opportunity with much pleasure to thank all the people who have guided me throughout the course of my journey toward completion of this study, and without whose guidance and support, this project would not have been completed successfully. This project has been a great learning experience for me and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my industry guide Mr Inderpreet Sodhi, Area Sales Manager, Punjab & Chandigarh, Grasim Industries & Birla Cellulose, for his continuous guidance and assistance throughout the training. I would also like to thank the entire staff of BIG BAZAR,ZIRAKPUR for giving me the knowledge of modern trade and entire CFA team of Garsim Industries & Birla Cellulose (Chandigarh), for the constant support and help in the successful completion of my project.
Special thanks go to my Faculty and my Family and all my Friends for immense support and cooperation and invaluable encouragement for the successful completion of this project.


19 HANDY…………………………………………………………23 Research Methodology: ……………………………………………….8 Introduction of Birla Cellulose ……………………………….Upmasheesh Rajput Contents Chapter no.1 2.4 Executive Summary……………………………………………………5 Industry Profile: ………………………………………………………7 Introduction of Aditya Birla Group……………………………. 1# 2# 2.2 2.3 Subject Page no..18 KARA ………………………………………………………….27 Primary Objective ………………………………………………..29 Scope of Study………………………………………………….1 4..3 4.2 4# 4.29 4 ..1 3.10 Introduction of Grasim Industries Ltd …………………………14 Brand Analysis: ……………………………………………….2 4.28 Research Design…………………………………………………28 Sample Design…………………………………………………. 3# 3...

63 Bibliography……………………………………………………………65 Annexure……………………………………………………………….....35 Finding and Analysis……………………………………………………37 Recommendations………………………………………………………60 Sales Report……………………………………………………………..31 Data collection…………………………………………………………..67- 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10# 11# 70 5 .30 Indian Skincare wipes market ………………………………………..4.5 Lmitation…………………………………………………….

CHAPTER 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Executive Summary: A project means a task assigned by the company. 6 . My project topic is “ Consumer behavior analysis of Kara skincare wipes and Handy hand sanitizer wipes in Chandigarh” in GRASIM INDUSTRIES & BIRLA CELLULOSE. Aditya Birla Group.

Consumer behavior is discovering what people want. stimuli and etc through its learning. and various factors influencing consumer behavior. I had prepared the questionnaire for the 100 consumers focusing on male and female consumers and mainly on middle class and high class consumers. brands. “Consumer behavior is the behavior of the consumer towards the various products. motivation and etc”. By personally interviewing the customers in Chandigarh and in Zirakpur region. perception. and position of these products in the market will become strong. So. This report is the premier source of market intelligence for the competition in the skin care wipes segment and also includes: • • • Comprehensive analysis of the skin care wipes market The reason behind the current status of the market situation and consumers thinking and their needs. Company gave me main 3 objective: • • • Understand the perception & behavior of consumer Make awareness of KARA and HANDY in consumers Impact of advertisement on awareness So that the market of KARA skincare wipes and HANDY hand sanitizer wipes must expand. in my training period of 8 weeks. My research is based on Primary Data which was collected by questionnaire method. it is a mental and emotional process along with the physical activities of the people who purchase and consume goods and services to satisfy their needs. 7 . In other words we can say that. I got the whole of relevant data according to the need of my project. The objective of my research was to identify the behavior of different consumers regarding KARA and HANDY in Chandigarh region. believe or react. Ways to challenge the market leader and cut the competition. Also was assigned to work on ways to highlight the product in the corporate front and give recommendations for the same. need.


Over 60 per cent of the Group's revenues flow from its overseas operations. Germany. In India. the Philippines and Egypt. USA and Vietnam. the Chairman of the Group. Poland. Globally the Aditya Birla Group is: 9 . Luxembourg. Thailand. Korea. the Group was ranked among the top six great places for leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. the Group has been adjudged the best employer in India and among the top 20 in Asia by the Hewitt-Economic Times and Wall Street Journal Study 2007. Japan. In the year 2009. belonging to 42 different nationalities. India. A US$ 35 billion corporation. Laos. Brazil. Indonesia. Spain. Singapore. Myanmar. Sri Lanka. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of 133. the third largest producer of insulators and the sixth largest producer of carbon black. Sweden. cement and chemicals. the group attained new heights and it became world's largest producer of viscose staple fibre. in a study conducted by Hewitt Associates. Italy. Malaysia. Canada. The Group operates in 33 countries – Australia. UAE. Bangladesh. Group's founding father. Aditya Birla. the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. He set up 19 companies outside India. Philippines. In the early part of the 20th century. Egypt. Tanzania. France. In 1969. put the group on the global map. Under Aditya Birla's leadership.000 employees. Switzerland. Hungary. Austria. The origins of Aditya Birla Group can be traced back to the 19th century when Seth Shiv Narayan Birla started trading in cotton in the town of Pilani. aluminium. China. Ghanshyamdas Birla. Bahrain. expanded the group and set up industries in critical sectors such as textiles and fibre. in Thailand. Indonesia. RBL Group and Fortune magazine. UK. the largest refiner of palm oil. Rajasthan. Malaysia. After Aditya Birla's demise his son Kumar Mangalam Birla took over the charge of the group and under his leadership the group has sustained the numero uno position in the sectors in which it operates.Company Profile: The Aditya Birla Group is India’s first multinational corporation based in Mumbai .

Novelis is the largest aluminium rolling company. The largest producer of Viscose Staple Fibre. The seventh-largest Cement producer. sustainable livelihood. over 18. The No. The fifth-largest producer of Acrylic fibre.500 students receive merit scholarships. The top fashion (Branded apparel) and lifestyle player. The fourth-largest producer of Insulators . There are 18 hospitals in India. 10 . A leading player in Life Insurance and asset management. which provide quality education to over 45. Of these. infrastructure and espousing social causes. Among top 10 BPO companies. education. Hindalco. Among the top three Mobile Telecom players. It is one of the biggest producer of primary aluminium in Asia. in Delhi.000 children receive free education. In India: Beyond Businesses: Transcending business for over 50 years now. Among the best energy-efficient Fertilizers plants. The Group has set up the FICCI – Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence. Its focus is healthcare.000 children in India's interiors. • • • • • Working in 3. The largest producer in the chlor-alkali sector. South-East Asia and Egypt. Largest cement player in India. Among the top two supermarket chains in India. An additional 8.700 villages It reaches out to seven million people annually through the Aditya Birla Center for Community Initiatives and Rural Development.1 producer of Carbon Black.000 patients are given extremely subsidised medical care. 500. among the world's most cost-efficient aluminium and copper producers.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • A metals powerhouse. with the largest single location copper smelter. The second-largest producer of Viscose Filament Yarn. The Group runs 42 schools. the Group has been and continues to be involved in meaningful welfare-driven initiatives that distinctly impact the quality of life of the weaker sections of society in India.

Indonesia. Its production is spread across six countries. It comprises versatile sub-brands. nonwoven etc. Canada. therefore. high moisture absorbency. viz. Thailand. the Group's R&D initiatives span the entire value chain." Nature is the source of Birla Cellulose and herein lays the inspiration of their 11 . The Group independently fulfills India's entire VSF requirements. Birla Viscose. knitwear. These fibers have multiple applications including apparel. Fibre is one of the oldest businesses of the Aditya Birla Group that commenced in 1954. India. • Grasim Forest Research Institute — pulp to plantation research • • Birla Research Institute for Applied Sciences — pulp to fibre research Textile Research & Application Development Centre (TRADC) — value chain from fiber to garments / made "Nature is the genesis of all that surrounds us. Birla Viscose Plus. These brands offer a wide range of functional benefits such as soft feel.Birla cellulose: Birla Cellulose is the Aditya Birla Group's umbrella brand for its range of cellulosic fibres. dress material. and Birla Excel. Birla Modal. what other than nature could be the origin of Birla Cellulose. With a strong focus on Research and Development (R&D). bio degradability and comfort to the wearer. China and Laos. home textiles. Birla Cellulose is a world leader in viscose staple fibre (VSF).

a natural and renewable resource. The floating leaves symbolize the key characteristics of Birla Cellulose which are "comfort and lightness‖. they are a renewable resource of nature. The vibrant green indicates that Birla Cellulose can take on vibrant colors. It is extremely blendable hence enhancing the realms of possibilities in clothing. 'Fibres from Nature' is the theme and the message: Leaves fall and grow all over again. Birla Cellulose. The circle signifies the cycle of nature and sustainability. Over the years it is being widely recognized as a 'Fibre of choice' by fabric producers. Timeless . is timeless and shall always remain in vogue.Birla Cellulose combines the best properties of all fibres.A hint of Birla Cellulose in your wardrobe brings in the glamour that differentiates between mundane and fashionable Versatile . • • • • source Stylish . Birla Cellulose is: • Natural . Birla cellulose exhibits all qualities of its -nature. The characteristics: Viscose is a 100 per cent natural fiber sourced from wood pulp. 12 .The drape and fall of Birla Cellulose with its natural inheritance is a fashion statement. comforting and elevating. Nature remains the underlying theme for all the brands: • Viscose is symbolized by the fresh green of summer • • • Modal is symbolized by the burnt orange of autumn Excel is symbolized by the deep pink of spring Puracel is symbolized by the aqua colour of rainy season.Soothing. A fashion catalyst . Birla Cellulose is much like these leaves and is made from the same trees.Just like nature.logo.

Every kilogram of viscose produced saves 200 buckets of water when compared to cotton. Zinc free product Results in. sub . manifold benefits through the value chain due to the unique cross section. Water conservation Birla Cellulose Viscose is highly environment friendly. and reaping maximum results from this limited resource.Fibres from Nature : Contributing to a green world Preserving our environment has always been the inspiration behind Birla Cellulose. The yield of Viscose is seven times that of cotton for the same land area. Process friendliness The process being followed for production is environment friendly and green due to the following advantages: • Non toxic effluent as a result of replacement of zinc by alum 13 . It has successfully achieved this goal through the following initiatives: Nurturing and building the green cover Over a million plantlets are being produced from identified superior clones for development of clonal orchards and plantations. Land conservation Efforts are on to encourage tree-farming practice on marginal. Thus it preserves one of the most valuable natural resources.Birla Cellulose . Thus significantly contributing to conservation of land.marginal and fallow lands to the best advantage of the country.

i.e. zinc has remained an indispensable input to VSF Birla Cellulose is the only heavy metal / zinc free viscose with the following green properties: • • • Reduced effluent load Improved fibre properties Reduced production cost 14 . It is Okeo Tex certified.The Fibre of Choice benefits Heavy metal free Viscose Plus: Cross section differentiation Zinc Zinc free Despite its known toxicity. Birla Cellulose . it meets the ecological requirements set for baby articles.• • Less solid waste generation due to reduced lime consumption Reduced risk of fouling biological microorganism in reactor SpunShades This variant is environment friendly and results in conservation of water throughout the value chain.

6 billion (FY2010). along with Aditya Birla Nuvo can be considered as the flagship companies of the AV Birla Group. ranks among India's largest private sector companies.• Technological adaptability Birla Cellulose : The perfect blend Birla Cellulose fibres are the perfect blend with all types of fibres. exactly 10 days after India achieved independence Grasim is the largest exporter of Viscose Rayon Fiber in the country. lustre and skin friendliness Offers excellent sheen. The benefits of using Birla Cellulose as a blend are as below: Birla Cellulose blends Birla Cellulose-cotton Benefits of blending with Birla Cellulose Makes cotton soft and supple Improves fabric uniformity Imparts sheen and colour brilliance Improves wear properties Imparts softness Enhances skin friendliness Adds shine and luster Maintains sheen of silk Improves comfort Economical and fashionable Improves comfort. 15 . Grasim Industries Limited. with exports to over 50 countries.202 billion and a consolidated net profit (before extraordinary items) of Rs. breathability. comfort and stretch Birla Cellulose-wool Birla Cellulose-silk Birla Cellulose-synthetics Birla Cellulose-elastane Grasim Industries Limited: Grasim was incorporated on 25 August 1947. a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. This. Grasim is headquartered in Nagda.27. with consolidated net revenue of Rs.

Elegant Textiles in 1973 in Indonesia. providing a platform that will help in pursuing aggressive growth going forward. operating in Viscose Rayon Staple Fiber. with an aggregate capacity of 333. PT Indo Liberty Textiles was incorporated in 1995 to manufacture synthetic spun yarn. One of the largest of its kind in the cement sector.Starting as a textiles manufacturer in 1948. today Grasim's businesses comprise viscose staple fibre (VSF). Earlier.The merger has created the largest cement company in India.T Indo Bharat Rayon incorporated in 1980 produces Viscose Staple Fiber in Indonesia to become a dominant player in the domestic market as well as export markets. composites. Focus of Growth Post MFA In late 1990’s and later. this company is a weaving and dyeing plant manufacturing and exporting variety of synthetic fabrics.T. the focus was the textile business because of the end of Multi-Fiber Arrangement (MFA) which opened a host of opportunities to Indian exporters.e. Grasim through its subsidiary UltraTech Cement Limited ("UltraTech") has a capacity of 52 million tpa and is a leading player in India. The Aditya Birla Group is the world’s largest producer of VSF. is taken over by Aditya Birla Group in 1974. Thai Polyphosphates and Chemicals was started in 1984 in Thailand to produce Sodium Phosphates. Century Textiles Co. textiles. started operations in 1970.f. commanding a 21 per cent global market share. 16 . Thai Rayon incorporated in 1974. this was Aditya Birla Group’s first foray into international venture. plastics and automobiles. Thai Sulphites and Chemicals Company Limited (1995) to form Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd. In cement. Its core businesses are VSF and cement. It is also the second largest producer of caustic soda (which is used in the production of VSF) in India. Ltd. Aditya Birla Group took a three route strategy for growth.975 tpa has a global market share of 10 per cent. this acquisition catapulted the Aditya Birla Group to the top of the league in India. 1 July 2010 completed the restructuring of the cement business. cement. In this period. chemicals and textiles. electrical and electronics. Grasim's cement business was demerged into SCL. Grasim. leather. which contribute to over 90 per cent of its revenues and operating profits. PT Sunrise Bumi Textiles incorporated in 1979. Grasim acquired a majority stake and management control in UltraTech. The amalgamation of Samruddhi Cement Limited (SCL) with UltraTech w. Aditya Birla Group incorporated P. This company supplies to sectors such as food. Global footsteps Indo-Thai Synthetics Company Ltd was incorporated in 1969 in Thailand. this was the second company in Thailand. In July 2004. P. it produces yarn exported over 30 countries in 6 continents. presently merged with Thai Epoxy and Allied Products Company Limited (1992).

India and China. Australia. Van Heusen.. The VSF meets the stringent quality expectations of customers in USA. PT Indo Bharat Rayon Marketed under the brand name of 'Birla Cellulose'. Polo etc. in India by 64 ktpa and in China by 30 ktpa. Europe. as a further step to integrate. China. Turkey. Has brands such as Louis Philippe. Sources of competitive advantage 17 . • Vertical integration to get cost advantage AV Cell Inc. right from plantation stage to the final VSF stage. At each of these locations. Peter England. further capacity expansions are under way — in Thailand by 31 ktpa. Canada. Philippines. Israel. Thai Rayon is the sole manufacturer of Viscose Rayon Staple Fibre (VSF) in Thailand. Pakistan. Canada have acquired AV Nackawic Inc. Aditya Birla Group and Tembec. The Aditya Birla Group's VSF manufacturing plants straddle Thailand. is a leading player in the Viscose Staple Fiber (VSP). Mexico. is a leading producer and exporter of yarns and fabrics to 50 countries with a turnover of $413 million. SF Jeans among others and also a global supplier to global buyers such has Marks & Spencer’s. will further notch up the Group's VSF production from 566 ktpa to 727 ktpa and entail an investment close to US$ 260 million. Allen Solly. The Group's VSF business operates through its three companies — Grasim Industries in India. which produces dissolving pulp. slated to be completed by the second quarter of 2008. which also oversees its Chinese operations at Birla Jingwei Fibres. Thai Rayon Corporation in Thailand and Indo Bharat Rayon in Indonesia. South Korea. a joint venture between Aditya Birla Group and Tembec. the company produces a wide range of VSF in engineered specifications for textiles and non-woven applications. More than 50 per cent of Thai Rayon's VSF throughput is directly exported to more than 20 countries worldwide. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The company's strong focus on environmental protection is reflected through its investments in a sophisticated state-of-the-art waste-water treatment plant and scientific waste disposal systems. Grasim wants to follow a strategy of backward integration. Grasim industries Ltd. It acquired Madura Garments in 2000 to enter the branded garments business. Canada. Indonesia. Indonesia. in Indonesia by 37 ktpa. Together. These brownfield expansions.• • Rapidly enhance existing capacities Acquire and Build Garment brands for local and international markets Jayashree textiles was acquired by Aditya Birla Nuvo (formerly Indian Rayon). Joint ventures Thai Rayon Promoted in 1974 by the Aditya Birla Group. established operations in 1998 to produce softwood and hardwood pulp for the purpose of internal consumption among different units of the Group..

Cost Grasim is the lowest cost producer of VSF in the world. It is the most integrated fibre producer with the chain stretching right from Forest to Pulp to Fibre to Yarn. All most all the intermediate inputs are captive. Besides, their in-house engineering division enables us to grow in a most cost effective way. Technology On technology front, they produce all the three generations of man made cellulosic fibres from an in-house developed capability through research and development. Their research and development efforts are not limited to fibre stage alone but extend to entire textile value chain. While the plantation and related activity is carried out at Grasim Research Institute (GFRI, Harihar, India), the Product innovations are carried out at Birla Research Institute (BRI, Nagda, India). For value chain related activities, a state of art “Textiles Research & Application Development Centre” has been established at Kharach, Gujarat-India to entire textile value chain from yarn to fabric to garments. Markets On marketing front, their reach extends to the entire globe, through marketing offices. On a global level, their major strength is in spun-dyed fibres and now other specialities such as Non-woven, Modal and Excel have started penetrating in global markets. Their brand “Birla Cellulose” is firmly entrenched in the market. Their value added marketing services comprising of technical, logistical, financial, marketing and informational support have enabled us to emerge as the most preferred supplier of VSF in world.Our offerings whether from India, Thailand, Indonesia or China are all marketed under the mother brand “Birla Cellulose” and sub brands Birla Viscose, Birla Modal & Birla Excel. An umbrella brand has enabled us to create a common identity for our product across the globe irrespective of its production origin and creating of awareness and consumer pull.u have to come in kiet.




KARA Skincare Wipes:

Grasim Industries has started its Consumer Product Division with various FMCG products which includes personal care & home care dry & wet wipes products. The main product of our concern for the research is Kara Skincare wipes Kara Skincare wipes is a new product to hit the Indian market. The brand is now running heavy print campaigns announcing the launch. Kara Skincare wipes can be called as “India's first branded skincare wipe product”. Skincare wipes are popular in the west but in India the category is a new one. Although Indian consumers are familiar with the products which are imported, its the first time that an Indian company has entered in this segment. 20

The brand is being launched in five variants – • • • • • • Refreshing Deep Pore Cleansing Toning Moisturizing Sunscreen Wipes Makeup Removal Wipes Variants of the Product: REFRESHING FACIAL WIPES: Kara Refreshing wipe is enriched with Aloe Vera for skin nourishment and Mint Oil for effective freshening. Introducing for the first time in India. the market for wet wipes was gradually picking up with changing lifestyles and the fast pace of life among the young and upwardly mobile population with higher disposable income. 21 • . According to reports. In India. The brand also marks Aditya Birla Group's foray into the Indian FMCG market. And it gets even harder when you are out of home with pollution. Wipes market is worth around Rs 30 crore ( source : Ginni filaments website). ''Kara skincare wipes fill up the lacuna in this segment as there is lack of availability of quality products at appropriate price in the Indian market.'' ”Kara means care” .It is not easy to look beautiful all the time. Kara Skincare wipes is positioned as an essential skincare accessory. excess oil and grime from the face and neck and also leaves a lingering fragrance. dust and heat. It ensures effective cleansing to remove dirt. Kara a complete range of skincare wipes.

It is enriched with lavender extract which cleanses and gives a relaxing effect to the skin while seaweed extract revitalizes and nourishes the skin. The only task is to inculcate the habit of buying and using the wipes. • MAKEUP REMOVAL WIPES: Kara Makeup removal wipes is an effective way to remove all makeup from the face. • One is the climate which necessitates such a product and • Second is the growing number of professionals The brand has the tagline " At your best. Always " which clearly communicates the core brand positioning.• DEEP PORE CLEANSING WIPES: Kara Deep Pore Cleansing is a gentle. The product is relevant in the Indian market for two reasons. • SUNSCREEN WIPES: Kara Sunscreen wipes has a formulation of SPF 20* which protects the skin from the adverse effects of UVA and UVB sunrays. effective way to clean your skin of dirt. Enriched with Jojoba and Avocado extracts. it unclogs pores. Hence the challenge is to educate the TG about the usefulness of this product. • MOISTURIZING WIPES: Kara Moisturizing wipes is enriched with the goodness of Almond and Honey for beautiful radiant and glowing skin. It is enriched with antioxidants like Plum extract & Vitamin E that nourish the skin and Aloe Vera extract that keeps the skin moisturized. grime and excess oil. It is also fortified with vitamins for skin conditioning and is suitable for use right throughout the year. The brand is being promoted as the anytime solution to look good. • TONING WIPES: Kara Toning wipes is enriched with Rose and Thyme extracts that tighten the skin and maintain the normal pH balance. The brand aims to create a new category of wipes in India. 22 . This task is cut out for Kara since the TG is already exposed to such products. detoxifies and thoroughly exfoliates dead skin cells.

It is 100% Natural and 100% Biodegradable. results in a distinctly superior product experience.The brand should target all professionals (male or female) who often need to meet alot of people and have to work in outdoors. Polyester is not skin-friendly and its repeated use on the skin is not advisable.VSF. A careful assessment of key ingredient will reveal that they contain application specific key ingredients. Characteristics of KARA: • • • • • • • • • Convenient Hassle free application of lotion without using cotton balls Portable Optimised efficacy 100% Natural and Biodegradable Hygienic Alcohol free Dermatologically safe Assurance of the Aditya Birla Group 23 . It doesn’t wither when rubbed hard and doesn’t leave lint on facial skin or stubble. The wipe is made of 100% Viscose Staple Fibre . Measured quantity of formulation loaded into the substrate results in optimum efficacy for the user and prevents wastage. The material is non-woven fabric which absorbs sweat. The variants in question are not simply ‘different flavours’ of refreshing wipes. softer and more absorptive than Cotton. VSF is purer. Most other wet wipes in the market today are made from Polyester-Viscose blended non-woven fabric or paper. extra oils from the skin without scrubbing it. A smooth blend of specific active ingredients with a precise functionality and coupled with natural extracts that further aid the application. Paper tissues tear off when rubbed over skin and leave lint on face in a way that can often embarrass the user.

The plant layout is approved by FDA and manufacturing activity takes place under stringent conditions that ensure user safety and hygiene. Gujarat. an Aditya Birla Group Company – India’s first truly multinational conglomerate with a turnover of US$28billion. To further prevent the spread of these unwanted germs. bio degradability and comfort to the wearer. and Birla Excel. touch-free 24 .) and other medical products. They are a great alternative to soap and water and are recommended for use when the hands are not ‘visibly’ dirty. diapers. These brands offer a wide range of functional benefits such as soft feel. Birla Cellulose is the Aditya Birla Group's umbrella brand for its range of cellulosic fibres. high moisture absorbency. Hand sanitizers are able to kill bacteria. fungi and viruses that could potentially spread disease. Birla Viscose Plus. sanitary applications etc. It is an important ingredient in disposable hygiene products (wipes. home furnishing and technical textiles markets globally. Birla Cellulose is the key fibre supplier to the apparel. It comprises versatile sub-brands: Birla Viscose.Manufacturing Facility of KARA Kara wipes are manufactured at the company’s plant at Kharach. Birla Modal. HANDYS Hand Sanitizer Wipes: Handys is a product of Birla Cellulose.

Characteristics of HANDYS: • • • • • • Convenient Hygienic Effective Environment Friendly Assurance Unique Convenient: Handys gives multiple benefits: • the towels refresh • clean and moisturize at the same time • and also have a pleasant fragrance.hand sanitizers are quickly becoming the de facto standard amongst maintenance departments. dispensers for Touch-Free and Hand sanitizer stations for stationary & portable use. The formulation is skin friendly and dermatologically safe Effective: • Provides effective cleansing and protection. Great deals on wall-mounted hand sanitizers. we have them both here at Parish Supply. The Refreshing Deodorising Towels effectively clean the face and neck. stain and odour and its moisturisers leave hands soft. leaving you with a moisturised cool feeling and lingering fragrance Environment friendly: 25 . Also this minimises chances of infection that may arise from use of the same towels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking hand sanitizers for commercial or residential use. wipes or personal size bottles from trusted brands like Purell. The Hand Sanitising Towels kill harmful germs while removing dirt. grime and excess oil. it is the best way to "get rid of germs". removing dirt. As the product’s tag line says “ Freshness at your fingertips” Hygienic: • Since the wipes are disposable. Hand sanitizers available in gel & foam.

a distinctive and complete solution of hygienic freshness. VSF is 100% Natural and 100% Biodegradable. Viscose is Purer & Softer and more absorptive than Cotton.• Each towel is made of Viscose and Excel. a man-made. biodegradable fibre with characteristics akin to cotton. Polyester is not skin-friendly and its repeated use on the skin is not advisable. at the touch of a button — just the way we like — hot or cold. Paper tissues tear off when rubbed over skin and leave lint on face in a way that can often embarrass the user. This ensures environment friendly disposal. Viscose staple fiber: Grasim is India's pioneer in Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF). Most other wet wipes in the market today are made from Polyester-Viscose blended non-woven fabric or paper. guaranteeing you top quality products and services. extra oils from the skin without scrubbing it. Assurance: • HANDYS is a product brought to you by the Aditya Birla Group. The material is non-woven fabric which absorbs sweat. is 100 per cent natural and biodegradable. It means the Wet Towel comes to you from the world leader in cellulosic fibres. a USD 24 billion corporation. Raw Material Used for HANDYS: HANDYS is made of 100% Viscose. As an extremely versatile and easily blendable fibre. Unique: • For the first time ever in India. VSF is 26 . It doesn’t wither when rubbed hard and doesn’t leave lint on skin or stubble.

etc. Kharach in Gujarat and Harihar in Karnataka. reception. stains and invisible germs • Effective germ-free protection • Moisturises skin and makes it supple and smooth • Leaves a soothing fragrance 27 . spas. sport centres. common areas. hair salons. dress material.975 tpa. Uses of HANDYS: • • • • Office Use Handys Wet Towel Dispenser in the restrooms. with an aggregate capacity of 333. Cleans the face and neck Effective cleansing of dirt and grime Moisturises skin and leaves a cooling and refreshed effect Leaves a lingering fragrance Hand Sanitising Towels: • Cleans hands by removing dirt. Other business locations Handys Wet Towel Dispenser can be used in shopping malls. gyms. etc Variants of HANDYS: 1. Refreshing Deodorising Towels: • • • • 1. educational institutions. knitted wear and non-woven applications. Medical and health centres Handys Wet Towels are hygienic and are a welcome addition to health centres. Restaurants Use Handys Wet Towel Dispenser in the restrooms. medical and dental clinics. cafeteria. banquet halls. home textiles. health clubs.widely used in apparels. etc. Grasim's VSF plants are located at Nagda in Madhya Pradesh.

28 .

CHAPTER 4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: The objective of my research was to identify the behavior and perception of different consumers regarding KARA and HANDY in Chandigarh and Zirakpur region and to make awareness regarding the products of birla cellulose and to judge the impact of advertisement on the awareness of consumers that they develop a habit to use the product like KARA and HANDYS. And find the ways to increase the sales of these products and how KARA is substitute of cosmetics and to make KARA wipes as habit in Indian Market. 29 .

so that we can make strategies to establish our products in the market in a better way. organizations. 2. 3. or market areas. Research is conceptual structure within which research is conducted. Research was done to find out consumers adaptability of Kara skincare wipes and Handys hand sanitizing wipes. The research can be viewed from the following parameters: a) The research is exploratory in nature. 4. such as consumer. Descriptive study is an extension of exploratory study. Descriptive research is conducted for the following reasons: 1. Sample Size: 30 . To describe the characteristics of relevant groups. To make specific predictions. It is way to systematically study and solve the research problems. The study involves finding out present data of demand for skincare wipes and hand sanitizing wipes and prospective consumers of the wipes. To determine the perception about the products characteristics.Research Design: Research methodology is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine the relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. providing more awareness and place the product properly as well as promote the brand and emerge as a competition in the market by increasing the sales. To determine the degree to which marketing variables are associated. To estimate the percentage of units in a specified population exhibiting a certain behavior. Explorative studies valuable means of finding out ‘what is happening’ to seek new insights to ask questions and to access phenomenon in a new light’. 5. b) The research is also descriptive in nature. It also involves formulation of hypothesis.

whether they adopt KARA and HANDYS as their habit or not.g. or still they are not aware about the product or still believes in the traditional method of using the formulized based products.000 monthly at BIGBAZAR in Zirakpur. Limitations in consumer knowledge or information processing abilities influence decisions and marketing outcome.. • How consumer motivation and decision strategies differ between products that differ in their level of importance or interest that they entail for the consumer. then how to go about it and make it worthwhile for the brand as well as the company. The sample size for the study taken is 100 in Chandigarh and Zirakpur region. 40. The second main aim is to find out the ways to achieve the sales target of Rs.. The data collected gives the clear picture of the product in the markets of Chandigarh. family. And even to study how much awareness of this product is there in the market and the brand image of it. brands. reason.The data was collected through filling up the questionnaires. getting data from customers specially from youngsters and professionals and thorough market survey and market research study.g. 31 . feel. and if no. and gives the company an indication about whether it is feasible to move on with the persisting movements and marketing strategies. culture. and select between different alternatives (e. The psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e. The behavior of consumers while shopping or making other marketing decisions. which was not achieving upto May 2011. The study of consumers helps firms and organizations improve their marketing strategies by understanding issues such as how • • • • The psychology of how consumers think. products). media). signs. under study in this research. Scope of study: The main conduct this marketing research or this study is to find out the behavior or perception of the consumers towards the new concept of the skincare wipes.

• Through internet and Books Limitations of the study: • • • • • Research is based on the collection of data from both primary and secondary sources. then how to go about it and make it worthwhile for the brand as well as the company. There may be a possibility of biasness on the part of some respondents. and gives the company an indication about whether it is feasible to move on with the persisting movements and marketing strategies. is biased on primary and secondary data that has its own limitations. Some respondents might not give the correct information due to their lack of interest and shortage of time. The data here is collected through: • A structured questionnaire • Personal interview of consumers. various papers and journals published from time to time. under study in this research. The data collected through: • Various publications in form of annual reports. 32 . systematic sampling technique was employed as the sample size was small and fixed and the sampling unit was clearly defined. A questionnaire consisting a set of questions was presented to respondents for their answers. Data Collection: Primary Data: The first hand information bearing on any research is the one which has been collected by the researcher.The data collected gives the clear picture of the product in the markets of Chandigarh. which is taken. but very much care has been taken to make this report unbiased. All the information. Sampling Technique: A close end questionnaire was constructed for my survey.For the purpose of this survey. • Practical observations or Field work Secondary Data: The data which has already been collected. Time constraint. complied and presented earlier by any agency may be used for purpose of investigation. and if no.

Rest of the data collected is primary and exclusively of the beholder of this project. CHAPTER – 5 WIPES MARKET IN INDIA 33 .* Note: Secondary data is taken only for the purpose of “Industry profile and Company profile”.

DISPOSABLE WIPES MARKET IN INDIA Disposable wipes have evolved into a global business concept generating more than $5 billion in sales a year. Achieving strong double-digit growth year after year. 34 . the category now assumes a major role in the personal care market.

Changes in trends in the wipes market have also been driven by new product developments and the positive reception of new product applications by the consumer. whether that is for your own personal use or to deal with all those thankless jobs around the house and garage. although it is important to be cognizant of the challenges that will present great difficulties to many. these wipes are designed for convenience. • The disposable wet wipes market. fairly niche and nascent in India. cotton and cleaning solution. replacing the traditional combination of cloth. disposable wipes have gradually expanded to offer a wide range of new applications. In a fast paced world.Spanning from make-up removal and deodorant wipes in personal care to floor and furniture cleaning products in household care. has grown to Rs 30 crores. which has launched three brands in this category namely Kara. Wiper Products and give helpful hints in their use. accounts for Rs 4 crores of the market.0001 per cent. Those companies that can combine cutting edge technology with the development of new and innovative In the last 3 years there has been an explosion in the number and types of wipes available to the consumer. Birla Cellulose (Consumer Products Division of Grasim Industries). Puretta and Prim for various purposes over the last couple of years." Focus cannot be limited to the components of the product or even the product as a whole. 35 . The global market for wet wipes continues to grow. In India. it is 0. 6 and 10 per cent of the income is spent on disposable products. • In the US and Europe. From baby wipes and facial wipes to disinfecting wipes for your countertop and a slew of automotive wipes to keep your 4-wheel “baby” shiny and supple. It is most important to look at the development process as "full-circle innovation.

price reductions and the launch of cheaper variants by manufacturers over the latter half of the year. • The disposable wipes market in India faces stiff competition from cheaper Chinese imports. and a lifestyle item at that. Birla Cellulose manufactures 98% of the Viscose Staple Fibre in India. Consumer awareness about hygiene products increased as a result of increasing advertising. who tend to rely more on disposable products when working in the kitchen or whilst travelling outside of the home. • The wipes in India are generally made of Viscose and Spun lace. • The leading market research agency KSA TECHNOPAK conducted a market survey & discovered that there is a huge untapped potential for wipes in India. Chandigarh is the biggest market for cosmetics in North India. Skin Care wipes also benefited due to the faster pace of life in cities and the rise in the number of nuclear families and working women.• Worldwide. • The disposable wipes market posted double-digit growth in 2008. so it is poised to do well against other local players as they would have to purchase VSF from it. but in India. wet wipes are a $6-billion category. it’s a nascent category. 36 . According to the survey after Delhi NCR. not an essential one. so it will take a while before there comes an inflection point.


While deciding about the method of data collection to be used for the study the researcher should keep in mind two types of data via: primary and secondary. but there is some information which is collected from secondary source. and thus happens to be original in character. on the other hand . are those which have already been passed through statistical procedure. Methods of data collection: The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined and research plan chalked out. the secondary data. The primary data are those which are collected afresh and for first time.DATA COLLECTION: • • • Questionnaire Field work In depth interview The main data is collected in this project is primary and the report is based more on primary data collected. Primary Data: 38 .

The data here is collected through: • A structured questionnaire • Personal interview of consumers. • Through internet • Books * Note: Secondary data is taken only for the purpose of “Industry profile and Company profile”. Rest of the data collected is primary and exclusively of the beholder of this project. • Practical observation or Field work.The first hand information bearing on any research is the one. which has been collected by the researcher. complied and presented earlier by any agency may be used for purpose of investigation. CHAPTER 7 39 . various papers and journals published from time to time. Secondary Data: The data which has already been collected. The data collected through: • Various publications in form of annual reports.

FINDINGS & ANALYSIS Q. 1: Do you use skincare wipes? 40 .

reason being – they do not want to take chances with skin and believe that their skin will get dry or oily or their skin may damage after using wipes. most of them still don’t have awareness about the use of skincare wipes. It is clearly visible that 94% of customer in the city. use wipes for their skin on daily basis. Q. Whereas 6% of them don’t use it.Interpretation: According to the survey conducted in different sectors of Chandigarh and in the BIG BAZAR in ZIRAKPUR.2: What do you think is the more convenient and hygienic way of cleaning your skin? 41 .

So Kara has to compete not only with other wipes brands only but its competitors are also the cosmetic brands available in the market. so they prefer well known brands. 42 . so there is a great scope for wipes in the Indian market and the product can achieve success because most of the people like the concept KARA.3: Which brand do you prefer most? Interpretation: This analysis gives an idea about the brand preference of the respondents. The highest percentage is occupied the brands like Dove(30%). 4% and 2% respondents feel that handkerchief and towel is more convenient and hygienic way. It means that consumers become more conscious about their skin. 18% respondents prefer KARA and 3% went to Fresh ones. Q. this could be the lack of awareness about the viscose that it is more absorbent than cotton and others. L’oreal(27%) or Nivea(22%).Interpretation: From here we can interpret that majority of the people feel that the most convenient and hygienic way of cleaning their skin is wipes . 82% respondents think that wipes are the most convenient and hygienic way of cleansing and 12% of respondents went for the cotton. According to the data collected.

4: For what purpose do you use wipes? Interpretation: Looking at the chart majority of the respondents (48%) use wipes for cleaning the skin which is also the primary function of a skin care wipe. Because it is the perception of the customer that the wipes are the substitute of Handkerchief but not the substitute of their cosmetic products and they also think that different variants are the just flavor or frangnace.Q. they are not aware about the usage of variants. Q. Also 18 % of the respondents(all females) use it for removing makeup. But the scope for variants of Kara is good when people get aware about their usage. The usage of wipes for other purposes is relatively quite low.5: Are your wipes are 100% natural and biodegradable? 43 . And only 12% of the respondents use wipes for refreshing purpose.

6: Are your wipes are dermatologically safe? 44 . Though 36% of them. do not have complete awareness about their product. use wipes which are 100% natural and biodegradable and 8% respondents went for non-natural and non-biodegradable. So result is that there is still non awareness about the wipes. 56% of the respondents i. majority of the consumers in Chandigarh. Surprisingly. had no clue whether their wipes were 100% natural and biodegradable.e .Interpretation: As mentioned before. Q.

But 42% respondents feel that they have the problem of getting skin dry after using wet wipes because of humidity. because only 31% of respondents know that they use dermatologicaly safe product. Q. majority said ( i.Interpretation: Again. majority of the consumers have low knowledge about the product they use.7:Does your skin get dry after using wipes? Interpretation: As per the data collected. This means that there is a huge need to bring awareness in the markets of Chandigarh.e 58%) that their skin doesn’t get dry after using wipes. they have no problem regarding getting skin dry. So Kara has 45 . 67% “Don’t know” respondents have no idea about their wipes that they are dermatologicaly safe or not.

Cleaning effectiveness(19%). other features like Easy availability. price. 46 . Q.a good feature that it doesn’t make skin dry.8: What do you look in for. while buying wipes? Interpretation: Most of the respondents look for package size. Brand name(16%). so there is a great chance for success of Kara in Indian market.e Package size(32%). durability and Multi tasking are also essentials. Value(26%). cleansing effectiveness and brand name while buying wipes because highest percentage is gain by these main four features i. these must not ignore. so company must focus on these feature to capture the market. Customers look for these features first in any wipe.

76% respondents said that they heard about the product Kara. but still 24% respondents have no idea about the product.Q. most of consumer get aware about the product. So huge advertisement is necessary for increasing the sales of the product. 47 .9: Have you ever heard about Aditya Birla group’s product Kara skincare wipes? Interpretation: Due to the advertisement shown on the television of Kara. they even didn’t watch the advertisement due to there busy schedule.

Toning (9%). Sunscreen(7%).11: What difference you find out in KARA skin care wipes and other wipes? 48 . Q.e 61% and other variants have less percentage i.e Moisturizing (2%).10: Which of the following variants’ of Kara you use /interest you to use? Interpretation: This result is the effect of the advertisement shown on the television that’s why majority use the refreshing wipes i. Deep pore cleansing(12%). Makeup removal(9%). and this is all because of the non awareness of the various variants of Kara and their uses.Q.

Q. And 29% of respondents feel that Kara has various fragrance in its variants . and 13% observe that there is quality difference between Kara and other wipes present they ever used. So this is a good sign of success for Kara.Interpretation: Among the all respondents 58% feel that Kara has variety in wipes and other brands has not too much variety.12: According to you what should be the ideal package for KARA? 49 .

so availability of each packaging should be at the stores. And 0% from T. it is very essential for the company to invest wisely on the promotion of the product.e 31%). It means lot of advertisements should be shown on all channels for increasing awareness.V commercials and Newspaper. 35% respondents got information about the Kara from advertisement. 50 .13: How do you come to know about Aditya Birla group’s product Kara skincare wipes? Interpretation: In this stage of huge competition in market. the highest percentage is gained by 10’s pack(i.Interpretation: Looking at the chart respondents gives their idle packaging of Kara according to their needs and convenience. So from the data collected it is observed that all the packaging of Kara is acceptable by the consumers. and others 21% from family and friends. so it is very clear from the above chart that . 30’s pack(28%). Q. 27% from mall activities and 17% from magazines. so the customers can purchase Kara according to their convenience. sachet(23%) and in last 20’s pack(18%).

51 .Q. Q. chart shows that the highest rank is given to Price and lowest to the convenient.14: Rate the following attribute of KARA wipes on a scale of 1 to5 Rank 5 is for highest attribute and rank 1 is for lowest Interpretation: Above chart clearly defined that what customers exactly look for in Kara. respondents give the clear picture that from where they would like to buy the skincare wipes. the highest percentage is achieved by Medical shops with 42% and 37% respondents (all females) prefer to buy skincare wipes from Cosmetic shops. and other respondents who casually go to the retail stores they prefer to buy wipes from that retail stores.15: From where do you prefer to buy skincare wipes? Interpretation: In the above chart. So stock of Kara must be available on these places.

specially at the time of occasions. MORE. Only that few customers used to go such outlets regularly who live nearby these stores. Store99 etc. so Kara must be available all the time in the retail outlets.Q. so only 9% respondents go to outlets regularly and 12% go rarely. Q.17: Do you use hand sanitizers? Interpretation: 52 . So mostly people go to these outlets.16: How often do you visit outlet like Big Bazaar. Store99 etc. this is almost clear from the above bar graph. More. because mostly customers would like to shop from retail outlets occasionally.? Interpretation: People used to go outlets like BIG BAZAR. 53% respondents used to go such outlets often and 26% go only on some occasion.

98% respondents regularly use liquid hand sanitizers as a good habit. So it means in Indian market the sope for HANDY is very vast.18: Have you ever heard about Aditya Birla’s product HANDYS hand sanitizing wipes? Interpretation: HANDYS is a totally new concept in the Indian market. picture is clear that Hand sanitizers are acceptable by almost all population. Q. and rarely 2% respondents have not develop the habit to cleanup their hands from sanitizers.From the above pie diagram. only 8% respondents heard about the product and 92% respondents had no idea about the HANDYS they never heard about the product. Q. because the concept of the product can easily acceptable by the customers.19: If you ever use HANDYS than give your rating? 53 . The only single reason behind this is unawareness. heavy advertisement should be make for making consumer aware. when consumer make the habit of using HANDYS regularly. it can become the necessity of the people.

In foreign countries. OBSERVATIONS PROBLEMS FACED BY KARA: • • Now what happened in the market. so KARA as a new concept may take a little bit more time to establish in market. but in facial wipes. there are just the refreshing wipes which are being 54 . But in India the wipes market is not very much established. KARA is still a new product in market and every new concept takes time to capture the market. KARA is first skincare wipes launched by Aditya birla group. Pond’s. India based company. so the result is to improve the quality of HANDYS. the concept of skincare wipes are totally established. Consumers especially women prefer buying the products like L’oreal.Interpretation: The remaining few respondents who ever used HANDYS. but 57% respondents feel that it is an average product. And cutomers prefer well known brands in the market. Himalaya etc. only 11% said that it is very good product. and 32% said that it is good one. There are many international branded wipes in Indian market which are expensive as well as used by only high class people. the quality is not very much impressive they feel that liquid sanitizers are more effective to kill germs than wipes. Dove.

and the reason behind it is lack of awareness about the technicalities of the product. Most of the consumers don’t buy KARA only because they want wipes in sachet. The concept of KARA is not clear to most of the consumers. L’oreal wipes.Fresh ones. Convincing the consumers and the purchase department of BIG BAZAR is the main issue. they said that on MRP this kind of product they can purchase from small departmental stores in the market. Only KARA is available in the market in different variants in wipes like. moisturizing. Nivea wipes. makeup removal etc. they think that these variants are just different flavors and fragrances. the awareness about the product has not spread among the consumers. But in India people afraid to use new product. so it is an another problem for KARA. Some male consumers have thinking about KARA that it is a females product only and can’t use the product. If the product had been launched abroad. tonning. due to this the retail outlets like BIG BAZAR are not very keen on having stock of such a small brand. Due to very less advertising of the product by the company.• marketed as well as sold in the market. Price factor also persist in terms of KARA sunscreen wipes. Only facial wipes till now known are. they don’t have any idea that it is a substitute of water also.sunscreen. KARA is only in skincare wipes. because sachets are more convenient and good for trial. consumers come to buy such things on which there is some offer. So working male generation should be targeted. In BIG BAZAR and other retail outlets. and most of the consumer don’t buy KARA on MRP from BIG BAZAR. it would have worked as they welcome innovative products. so consumers have no idea about the different variants. deep-pore cleansing. They think that KARA is the substitute of handkerchief only. Dove wipes. • • • • • • • • • 55 .

there is no posters and flexes. that’s why consumers don’t pay any attention towards KARA. P. • 56 . sanitizing wipes is totally new concept in the Indian market. Flap of KARA doesn’t remain sticky by using again and again. So we loose a lot of sales. There is also time gap of 4 to 5 days between making P. and wipes get dried. they don’t know how to open the packaging. There is also a problem with some customers of KARA. But there is shortage of stock most of the time at BIG BAZAR. still they don’t have knowledge about the company. they don’t open the flap. they tear the packet of KARA from side. and there is no advertisement has made for the promotion of the product. result.O never create on time. They don’t even know that KARA is a brand of Aditya Birla group.O for KARA after 1 to 2 weeks when stock got finished. So in these days we loose heavy sales. Packaging is also not very good and attractive. Most of the consumers who use KARA and like the product.• Still the demand for the KARA has increased and now most of the consumers get aware about the product and its varients. Consumers prefer liquid hand sanitizers.O for stock and dispatching of stock. In BIG BAZAR there is nothing for the promotion or visibility of increased. BBIG BAZAR create P. • • • • • • PROBLEM FACED BY HANDYS: • The main problem faced by HANDYS hand sanitizer wipes in market is that consumers are not aware about the product.

in their laboratories they deal with strong chemicals so HANDY is not too much wet so it can clean all the chemicals. most of the companies like the concept of HANDYS but when they use the sample they feel that the quality is not very much satisfying. Lifebuoy. so customers prefer these brands firstly. In corporate to corporate.Dettol. so they prefer liquid hand sanitizers more. godrej hand sanitizers etc. and it is not very much wet.• • Competitors of HANDYS in the market are the well known brands like. 57 . the pharmaceutical companies was targeted for deal of HANDYS. they said that the wipe is not too much soft.


In the month of June and July sales at BIG BAZAR was excellent. so advertisement of each variant should be telecast. So offers should be given in the BIG BAZAR like– Buy 2 get 1 free – Buy 1 get 1 free – Or any free gift item with KARA – Buy Large packet and get 10’s pack free. Male population should be targeted by making more and more awareness that it is a unisex product.O generate after 1 to 2 weeks.V is not very much inspiring. it must be promote like a substitute of water. Most of consumers demand KARA in sachets.• As we know that the competitors of KARA are mostly cosmetic brands. then it seems like some innovative or inspiring product. In the advertisement the is shown as the substitute of handkerchief. Only KARA in the market gives the verity in the wipes for different purpose. In stores like BIG BAZAR . so it should be available in every store. but consumers have no awareness about it. which is shown on the T. Prices are relatively high as compare to other wipes category like Chinese wipes available in the market. means KARA must enter into the cosmetic world. So price should be reasonable. so that everybody can know about the feature of different variants. So P. KARA must enter into a new product line.O must be make timely so that stock can’t finish there and we can’t loose the sales. Specially the sunscreen wipe of KARA is very expensive. this is not specifically made for female population. 59 • • • • • • • . customers visit there to buy such things on which there is some offer. Stock get finished within a week there and next P. The recent advertisement of KARA. – Discount in the MRP. so to make a strong position in the market.

There should be proper instructions to open the packet of KARA.V for making awareness about HANDYS by specially targeting the children.• • At BIG BAZRA there should be some posters or flexes around the bin of the KARA for its promotion. • 60 . Hand sanitizers are mostly used by school going children. • • There must be the logo of Aditya birla group on front and on the top of the HANDY’S box. so that more and more customers will get attract. Heavy advertisement should be telecast on T. When children will like the product they will make a habit to use it regularly. HANDY must be more wet. because flap don’t remain sticky for long time and wipes get dried. There must be the logo of Aditya birla group in the front of the KARA’S packet. • • • RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HANDYS: • • Quality must improve. because this packing of KARA is looks like Chinese wipes packets. due to this most of the customers don’t buy KARA and think that it is a Chinese product. there should be some attractive packing. There should be a cap instead of flap to open the packet. and can clean hands more effectively. so that it can easily compete with liquid hand sanitizers. Packaging should be changed. so HANDYS should be distribute as a free samples in schools.


40.000 (aprox.) July – Rs.000 (aprox. 36.000 p.SALES AT BIG BAZAR: TARGET.m Sales: May – Rs.) June – Rs.) 62 .500 (aprox.Rs. 62. 53.


co.• Marketing Management. Published by Prentice Hall. 12th edition. USA Websites: Kevin Lane Kotler. Philip 64 .


ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE Name: Occupation: Age: Gender: Address: Contact no. b) no.4: For what purpose do you use wipes? a) Cleaning skin b) Moisturizing 66 .3: Which brand do you prefer most? a) L’oreal. c) Kara d) Fresh ones e) Nivea : Q. : Q. b) Dove.1: Do you use wipes? a) yes. : Q.2: What do you think is the more convenient and hygienic way of cleaning your skin? a) Towel b) Cotton c) Wipes d) Handkerchief : Q.

:Q. b) no.5: Are your wipes are 100% natural and biodegradable? a) yes.c) For fragrance e) As sunscreen g) Refreshing d) Removing make up f) Toning : Q.7:Does your skin get dry after using wipes? a) yes. c) don`t know. c) don`t know. :Q. b) no. : Q. : Q. while buying wipes? a) Cleaning effectiveness b) Multi tasking c) Value d) Durability e) Package size f) Easy Availability g) Brand name :Q.6: Are your wipes are dermatologically safe? a) yes.8: What do you look in for.12: According to you what should be the ideal package for KARA? a) Sachet b) 10s pack 67 . c) variety.10: Which of the following variants’ of Kara you use /interest you to use? a) Moisturizing c) Refreshing wipes e) Makeup remover wipes b) Toning d) Sunscreen wipes f) Deep pore cleansing wipes :Q. b) no.11: What difference you find out in KARA skin care wipes and other wipes? a) quality b) fragrance.9: Have you ever heard about Aditya Birla group’s product Kara skincare wipes? a) Yes b) no :Q.

13: How do you come to know about Aditya Birla group’s product Kara skincare wipes? a) T.14: Rate the following attribute of KARA wipes on a scale of 1 to5 1 Convenient Assurance of Brand Skin friendly Price Hygienic 2 3 4 5 : Q.15: From where do you prefer to buy skincare wipes? a) Cosmetics b) Medical shops c) Beauty parlors d) Retail stores 68 .c) 20s pack d) 30s pack : :Q.V commercial c) Advertisement d) Mall activities b) News paper c) Family and friends e) Magazines :Q.

:Q.18: Have you ever heard about Aditya Birla’s product HANDYS hand sanitizing wipes? a) Yes b) No :Q. More.16: How often do you visit outlet like Big Bazaar.? a) Often b) Occasionally c) Regularly :Q. Store99 etc.19: If you ever use HANDYS than give your rating? a) Very good b) Good c) Average d) Poor e) Very poor 69 .17: Do you use hand sanitizers? a) Yes d) Rarely b) No :Q.

70 .