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A Project report on
An analytical study of indoor advertising media atVadodara Sem IV.

Submitted to Sigma Institute for Management Studies Gujarat Technological University

Submitted by Mr Sanketnagar Mr Mayursindane

Under the Guidance of Ms. Vidhita Sinha Assistant Professor MBA

Introduction of the project:This project will focus on study of various indoor advertisement media and its impact on customer.

This project will help to know the customer views and attention drawing Capacity from the indoor advertisement media. After knowing their views and analysing it, we can take appropriate action to using them. The feedback given by respondents about the advertising media will help us to understand the patterns of media.

By this project we can analyse the role of advertising media in their decision making process as well as we can also do the comparative study between the indoor advertisement

Indoor advertisements includes1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Television Newspaper Magazine Yellow Pages Radio Direct mail Telemarketing

Motivation of the study:-

As in todays world advertising play a good role in sales or branding of the product. By this project we are finding what the impact of advertisement on customer buying behaviour from indoor advertisement media perspective.

Research objective:To do the comparative study print media, broad cast media, and internet 1. To study the attention drawing capacity of different indoor advertising media. 2. To study the attention drawing capacity of different aspects of TV, radio and print media

3. To study the preference for buying advertised goods and services in different advertising media 4. To study the importance attached to different advertising media in FMCG and consumer durable buying decision by buyers

5. To study the time spending pattern of consumers on different indoor advertising media.

To study consumer buying behaviour from indoor advertising Media perspective:1. To study the effects of advertisements on buying the new products. 2. To study the effects of indoor advertising media at different stages like recall recognition, interest, desire to purchase and actual buying.

3. To study how often advertising media are used for buying decision 4. To study the inclination of consumers to buy the advertised goods and services

Scope of the project:-

1. This survey has major scope for application in advertisement


2. The finding of this project are helpful to the advertisement agency as

well as for the companies who are making ad for their products

3. By using this project result they can also know that which media
consumer likes the most and in particular which factors.

Research methodology:-

Research design:Descriptive:Quantitative. We will augment our knowledge of new advertisement and designits observations & analysis on consumers and also conduct market research survey and interviewing for consumers. Questionnaire Design: A questionnaire is based on preferences of the consumers and about their more attention about the advertisement via which media services

Data analysis:We will review the Questionnaire returned and send you a weekly report listing customers who are dissatisfied with any item of the questionnaire or who submit a negative comment. This will improve your timeliness in resolving customers complaints. We will provide you with a report consisting of frequencies and category percentages for each question. Visual displays of the data will be in bar chats/histogram form.

We propose to include at least one question dealing with overall satisfaction and furthermore expectation about new product development and perception toward brand image and perception. A performance grid will identify items needing improvement with an evaluation of priority. The open-ended questions will be summarized.

Sources of data:Primary data- Collected by interview in form of questionnaire. Secondary data- Secondary Data is the data that already exists and in ready to use format and gathered by somebody else. This data can be in the form of articles in magazines, journals, government


Reference books 1) Advertising & promotion- An integrated Marketing Communication perspective

By George belch, Michael Belch & Keyoor purani