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This is the official illustration issued by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. Illustration of any other type is not supported by the company.
Illustration for HDFC Life Click2Protect on 15 February 2012

Name Life 1 MR jk karthik Age is taken as on last birthday Age 24 Gender M

Date of Policy Commencement: Policy Term: Premium Paying Term: Premium Frequency: 15-Feb-2012 30 year(s) 30 year(s) Annual


Sum Assured (in Rs.) 5,000,000 Benefit Term (years) Premium Paying Term (years) Premium (in Rs.) 4,900 4,900 Service Tax & Education Cess (in Rs.) 505 505

Benefit Name HDFC Life Click2Protect

Total Premium 5,405 5,405

30 30 Total Premium payable per Frequency:


This illustration has been produced by HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited to help you understand the benefits of your HDFC Life Click2Protect policy. These illustrations must be read in conjunction with the sales literature, which describes the features of this product. Some benefits are guaranteed and some benefits are variable with returns based on the future performance of your life insurance company. If your policy offers guaranteed returns then these will be clearly marked "guaranteed" in the illustration table on this page. If your policy offers variable returns then the illustrations on this page will show two different rates of assumed investment returns. These assumed rates of return are not guaranteed and they are not upper or lower limits of what you might get back as the value of your policy is dependent on a number of factors including future investment performance. All benefits under this Product are guaranteed, provided all premiums are paid, when they are due. All amounts are in Indian Rupees. Illustrative Benefits on Maturity This is a pure term insurance plan and thus does not provide for any maturity benefit.

Illustrative Benefits on Death

On the death of the Life Assured before the end of the policy term the illustrative benefits are as shown below. Guaranteed Benefits Benefit On Valid Claim Assumed Date of Death HDFC Life Click2Protect There are no bonuses payable on this benefit. Upon this payment, the policy terminates and no further benefit is payable. Assumed Investment Return 6% p.a. 5,000,000 10% p.a. 5,000,000 Non-Guaranteed Benefit Assumed Investment Return 6% p.a. 0 10% p.a. 0 Total Death Benefit Assumed Investment Return 6% p.a. 5,000,000 10% p.a. 5,000,000

Illustrative Benefits on Surrender

This is a pure term insurance plan and does not provide for any surrender benefit.

The values shown are for illustration only. If you would like help to understand this illustration, please speak to your Financial Consultant. TERMS AND CONDITIONS
1. The Premium and the Sum Assured stated above is based on the information provided. They may vary as a result of underwriting. 2. For details of the above benefits, please read the sales literature provided. 3. Since some of the benefits are subject to maximum limits, please contact your financial consultant for more details. 4. The quoted premium is not guaranteed as premium rates for new policies can change in the future. However, once a policy is issued the premium will stay constant during the life of that policy. 5. Any statutory levy or charges (such as Service Tax & Education Cess) including any indirect tax may be charged to the Policyholder either now or in future by the Company and such amount so charged shall become due and payable and shall be subject to the same terms and conditions as applicable to payment of premium. 6. Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation. 7. UIN for HDFC Life Click2Protect - 101N080V01

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