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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course


Unit Author First and Last Name School District School Name School City, State Unit Overview Unit Title BUILDING TOMORROW/ MOVIE in the MAKING Unit Summary In this unit the students will: listen to series of instructions (LISTENING); give instructions using transition words (GRAMMAR/SPEAKING); pronounce words having the sound of initial p (PRONUNCIATION); spell words used in a series of direction or in a process (SPELLING); write a series of instructions for a process (WRITING); and write a movie review about the movie watched (READING). To further enhance the teaching and learning process and for the students to better understand the lesson , the following teaching strategies and methods will be applied/used: brainstorming, seat works, class demonstration, class discussion, oral recitation, group discussion, spelling quiz bee, and film viewing. Subject Area ENGLISH VI Grade Level GRADE VI Approximate Time Needed 10 X 50 Minutes Unit Foundation Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks Lorabeth Ambel La Trinidad Tawang Elementary School Benguet Province, Philippines

Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes LISTENING - Follow a series of directions listened to. GRAMMAR/SPEAKING - Give instructions correctly.

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

- Use transition words in sentences. - Enumerate the correct steps in a process. PRONUNCIATION - Aspirate p in pronouncing it. SPELLING - Spell words used in a process correctly. WRITING - Write a series of instructions READING - Decode words with er as /er/. - Use the dictionary to get meanings of unfamiliar words. - Identify specific details. - Classify statements under a given topic. - Enumerate steps in a process. - Give important details. - Locate details directly stated. - Write a movie review. Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential -Why is following directions/instructions so important? Question Unit - How do you give instructions/directions correctly? Questions - What are transition words? Content Questions - Who are the people involved in movie-making? Assessment Plan Assessment Timeline

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

Before project work begins

Students work on projects and complete tasks

After project work is completed

Brainstorming Questioning Class

Discussion n


Oral recitation Group discussion

Seat works Take-home Reflective assignment writing Questioning Seat works

Assessment Summary Activity seat works Oral recitation Spelling quiz bee Reflective writing Take-home assignment

Unit Details Prerequisite Skills - Knowledge in using the dictionary Instructional Procedures LANGUAGE- BUILDING TOMORROW DAY 1: Conduct a brainstorming activity before asking the pupils to tune in to the listening text. Ask them for proofs of the push button lifestyle. Have them talk about the modern innovations and gadgets that make modern living less burdensome. Ask them to look at the pictures and ask what the girl could be doing. Ask them to read the introductory sentences on p.248. LISTENING to a SERIES of DIRECTIONS Have the pupils listen to the text that follows and ask them to do the activity on p. 248. Listening Text: 1. First, fill in the wash tub with water at medium level. 2. Second, pour in liquid or powder detergent.

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

3. Next, soak in allowed number or weight of soiled clothes. 4. Then, turn on the wash timer to desired length of time for washing. 5. When washer stops, remove clothes from the wash tub. 6. Drain the wash tub bringing down the hose to remove the water. 7. Clean the wash tub, including the filter for future use. 8. Finally, dry the wash tub and the body of the washing machine with clean cloth or rag. Ask the pupils to answer the questions on p. 249 after they have arranged the steps in their proper sequence. DAY 2: GIVING INSTRUCTIONS Ask the pupils if they are aware of the community and livelihood projects in their communities. Have them realize the importance of such worthwhile activities in the community, among the families and to the nation as a whole. Call the pupils attention to the example procedure on p. 249, where directions on how to make salted eggs are given. Have them note the transition words in the procedure. Tell the pupils to read further through the text and boxed generalization on p. 250. Have the pupils aware of the function of transition words. They are used in giving directions or describing a process/procedure to indicate sequence of steps. Tell them to do the activities on pp. 250252. DAY 3: SAYING WORDS with p as /p/ CORRECTLY Through power point presentation, present the words often used in explaining the procedure or the process that have been listed on page 252 Language 6 TX. Ask the pupils to read out aloud with the correct sound of /p/ in the initial position. Emphasize aspirated /p/ in the words. Model the pronunciation to the pupils so they will be able to pronounce the initial p correctly. Demonstrate the movement of the upper and lower lips and how the air is released in the production of the sound. Tell the pupils to read out the words correctly and give more examples. SPELLING WORDS USED in a SERIES of DIRECTIONS CORRECTLY Group the students, 3 members in one group and each group will be having one slate board and a chalk for the Spelling Quiz Bee. Before starting, explain the mechanics of the game. Read aloud the words that have been used in the procedure presented in the earlier lesson. Tell them to write down the correct spelling of the words on the slate board and each will be given a minute to write their answer. After a minute, all shall raise their answers and the one who gets the correct answers shall be given points. DAY 4:WRITING a SERIES of INSTRUCTIONS The activity may be made more interesting when done in groups so there will be sharing of ideas and at the same time developing the spirit of teamwork. Have the pupils discuss in small groups the procedure observed or followed in one of the items listed on p. 253. Tell the pupils to write a paragraph explaining a process, following the tips provided for in the earlier part of the lesson.

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

DAY 5: FOLLOWING SERIES of DIRECTIONS Download the activity worksheet on FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS ACTIVITY in this website Print it and let the students have their own copy for them to answer. READING- MOVIE in the MAKING DAY6: Ask the pupils who among them see movies shown in theaters and on television. Ask if they are aware how a movie is made. Tell them that the lesson for today is about people involved in movie-making. But before they start, they are going to have a drill to pronouncing final er in words. PHONICS Present words ending in er through a power point presentation. Tell the pupils to listen as you say these words ending in er sounded as /r/. Let them repeat after you. You may ask them to use the words in phrases, then in sentences. VOCABULARY With the aid of a dictionary, have the pupils look for the meanings of the words. Then, have them do the following. With the aid of the dictionary choose from the words in the list below the meaning of the italicized words in the sentences. easily carried produce or made impart or transmit state of mind engages services for payment note mechanically for purpose of preserving evidence 1. A film crews job is to record action and sound. 2. Before a film is made, money must be raised to pay for its production. 3. The producer of a film hires a director. 4. Films can communicate thoughts or information in an interesting way. 5. The lighting helps create the mood of a film. 6. The sound person uses a portable tape recorder to listen to the sounds as they are recorded. DAY 7: PRESENTATION Call on one pupil to read the motive questions. Let the pupils recall the guidelines in silent reading. Then tell them to read the selection silently. AFTER YOU READ Have the pupils answer the comprehension questions orally. FOR TOU TO DO Have the pupils do all the activities here to enhance further their reading skills

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

DAY8-10: FILM- VIEWING Let the students watch a movie either Lion King or Babe, but before that give them a background on what they will be watching. Also, give them supporting questions for them to answer and to further understand the movie they will be watching. Ask the students to write a movie review on the movie they watched, including the values or traits that they admire on the characters of the movie. Give this activity as pupils assignment and to be collected the next day for checking. Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction Special Needs Students

Nonnative Speakers

Gifted/Talen ted Students

Materials and Resources Required For Unit Technology Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed) Camera Computer(s) Digital Camera DVD Player Internet Connection Database/Spreadsheet Desktop Publishing E-mail Software Encyclopedia on CDROM Laser Disk Printer Projection System Scanner Television Image Processing Internet Web Browser Multimedia VCR Video Camera Video Conferencing Equip. Other

Technology Software (Click boxes of all software needed.) Web Page Development Word Processing Other

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

Printed Materials

FUN IN ENGLISH Language 6 TX, pp. 248-255 FUN IN ENGLISH Reading 6 TX, pp.214-219 Dictionary Tapes of selected wholesome movies (Babe or Lion King)

Supplies Internet Resources Other Resources

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