Proposal to Provide Services to AMCO Drilling

1. Background - Introduction I, Mr. Charles Marfo have the required skills and expertise to provide services including: Accommodation Travel and Tours Entertainment Security Communication Recruitment

My current work at the Kotoka International Airport in the Capital of Ghana has given me the ability to facilitate airport protocols for smooth travels of expatriates.

2. Identification of Opportunities Owing to the oil find in Ghana, it has become necessary that support services are provided to promote harmony and create the required environment for international trade. I, therefore seek to offer such facilities that will stimulate harmony between international partners in a cost-effective manner. Travel protocols in many developing countries are often faced with several bureaucratic tendencies. Being versatile and highly familiar with international travelling protocols in Ghana has given me the adequate capacity to facilitate smooth and fast internal and external travel of all my clients.

3. Implementation Plan I seek to deal with international and local organizations in a transparent approach. All my services are customized to meet individual and corporate requirements. I assure all my clients of value for money and quality international acceptable methods. I only deal with accredited banks, financial institutions, registered and internationally acclaimed accommodation and transport service providers.

4. Conclusion I have established the required network and am staffed with adequately skilled and experienced human resources to provide client oriented services that will promote local and international businesses. I would provide a detailed project proposal to each client following initial negotiations to capture client specific service requirements.