Files and Directories Make sure that the downloaded zip file has the following files and directories          jdk-7u3-windows-i586.exe jmf-2_1_1e-windows-i586.exe jre-7u3-windows-i586.exe setup.bat paths.bat HRIR folder with 362 text files System1 with 2 Java files System2 with 2 Java files System3 with 2 Java files

Required     Java (J2SE, jdk-1.5.0 or higher versions) JMF (2.1.1e) Headphones / Web cameras connected to clients Make sure that the following are there in your folder structure. o System.class o Convolve.class o System1$recv_data.class o System1$send_data.class o Folder named HRIR with 362 text files in it

Steps 1) Run the setup.bat file by double clicking it. A command window will appear. Run the following command at the prompt cmd> paths By default, java, jmf and jre will be installed in the system paths. But if you are changing the default paths, then make sure that the following paths in paths.bat are changed accordingly, “JDK_HOME, JMFHOME, CLASSPATH, PATH” As of now, JDK_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0 JMFHOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\JMF2.1.1e CLASSPATH=%JMFHOME%\lib\jmf.jar;.;%JMFHOME%\lib\mediaplayer.jar;%JMFHOME%\lib\multipla yer.jar;%JMFHOME%\lib\sound.jar%CLASSPATH%

bat. you may have to do this every time you want to If you need to make permanent changes in the system. enter the total number of systems in the teleconference setup and press ‘Ok’.e.%JDK_HOME%\jre\bin.PATH=%JDK_HOME%\bin. there you can update the macros ‘PATH’ and ‘CLASSPATH’ according to your installation paths Once this bat file is run.%PATH% Once they are done double run the paths. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) you make perform a ‘Right Click’ on ‘My Computer’ select the ‘Properties’ from the list there you may click on the ‘Advanced system settings’ then you will get a new window with title System Properties select the ‘Advanced’ tab in that window click on the ‘Environment Variables’. the main class fill also be loaded 2) The window shown in the image below will come on your screen Here. The above procedure will make temporary changes only. . i.

37.20 and the entries in Client ‘C’ should be in the order 10. After entering the ip address of all the clients. An example illustrating this is shown below.107.107. the window that appears on the screen is shown in the figure below.37.37. press ‘Ok’ and the window asking for the address of the next client will appear.107.22 and 10.22 and 10. .37. For the Client ‘A ‘if the entry was made in the order .21.37. then Client ‘B’ should have the ips entered in the order 10. 10. 10.22 (Client A).37.21 and 10. Before entering the ip address.107. After entering the address of each client.37. Thus the order of the Clients should always be maintained.37.107. if N is the number of clients. Eg: If ip address of 3 clients are 10.107.107. please assign numbers to each of your client and the ip address should be entered in that order.Once this is done the next screen will come up.107.21 (Client B). This window will appear N-1 times. Enter the ip address of the first client. (Client C).

In the text field of this window.90]. the window shown in the figure below appears. Press the ‘Start Audio Chat’ button to start the audio chat . Press ‘Ok’ after entering the azimuths for each speaker.359] U [0. Once all the values of azimuths are entered. The valid azimuths that can be entered in this text filed are the integers that lie in the range [270. the virtual position of the speakers has to be entered. then this window will appear N-1 times. If the total number of clients is N.