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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The AND1 Live Tour, formerly known as the AND1 Mixtape Tour, is a traveling basketball competition and exhibition presented by B-Ball and Company and the basketball apparel manufacturer AND1.[1] A group of streetball players, along with Emcee Rell and B-Ball and Company CEO Linda Hill, travel from town to town and challenge teams composed of local talent. Games tend to be characterized by isolation one-on-one ball handling moves and acrobatic slam dunks and alley-oops. The tour was televised in half hour "Streetball" segments on ESPN2, and were compiled into highlight reels, offered under the mark AND1 Mixtape, which were sold on DVD. AND1 has released 10 volumes. The first mixtape was AND1 Mixtape Volume 1 (1998) and the most recent is AND1 Mixtape X (2008).

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AND1's calling card and large reason for success are the flashy moves that rely on a more lenient set of rules than in regulation basketball. This has led to comparisons with the Harlem Globetrotters and has caused some journalists to criticize the tour.[2] Supporters of the tour have responded by backing up AND1's credibility and the players' legitimate skill. The AND1 players maintain that they are serious basketball players who play against the seven best local players from each city.[1] Many of the current and former AND1 Mixtape Tour players have played in college and in professional organizations such as the CBL, ABA, NBDL, NBA or overseas.[1][3]

AND1 Live Streetballers 2011
B-Ball and Company CEO Linda Hill Official MC of the Tour: Emcee Rell

Philip Champion AKA Hotsauce from Atlanta, Georgia


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Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA          Dennis Chism AKA Spyda from Atlanta. and New York City. All games on this tape were filmed in New York City and Linden. AND1 Mixtape Vol. Philadelphia. AND1 Mixtape Vol. and Tim Gittens AKA Headache. AND1 Mixtape Vol. Former AND1 player Robin Kennedy AKA Sik Wit It came out of L. New Jersey.A. This tape and Skip 2 My Lou laid the foundation for what AND1 is today.Speedy. Chicago. This tape also introduced Troy "Escalade" Jackson and was the year he got signed to the AND1 Team. AND1 Mixtape Vol. 2 – This tape was before AND1 started the actual AND1 Mixtape Tour. and New York City. Marvin Collins AKA Highrizer from Atlanta. The tape introduced former AND1 player and New York streetball legend Tyrone "Alimoe" Evans AKA The Black Widow. 3 – Volume 3 was the introduction to the AND1 player Philip Champion AKA Hot Sauce and former AND1 player Aaron Owens AKA AO. Alston had been playing Division I basketball at Fresno State University and had been trying out for pro teams throughout the past three years. The 6'8" Alimoe impressed people with his fancy ball handling moves as well as his slam dunks. AND1 tour visited four cities: Los Angeles. Indiana Paul Otim AKA Polo from Atlanta. Florida Hugh Jones AKA Baby Shack from Washington D. Chicago. Georgia Jerome Holman AKA Circus from Brooklyn. 4 – Volume 4 was the first tape documenting the actual AND1 Mixtape Tour. AND1 Mixtape Vol. Georgia Brandon LaCue AKA Werm from Ft. Georgia Alonzo Miles AKA Amazing from Indianapolis.C. and the late Antoine Howard AKA Flash came out of Chicago. Georgia Guy Dupuy AKA Easy J from Nice.1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing.Shane "The Dribbling Machine" Woney. Famous streetballers I'll Be Right Back and Future also played on this tape. 1 – Also referred to as the "Skip Mixtape" volume because the tape was mainly focused on Rafer Alston AKA Skip 2 My Lou. Lauderdale. 5 – Volume 5 was the re-introduction of Rafer Alston AKA Skip 2 My Lou. Washington D. This volume introduced former AND1 Tour players Waliyy Dixon AKA Main Event. New York Robert Martin AKA 50 from Atlanta. 6 – Volume 6 toured Los Angeles.      2 Copyright 2011 . France AND1 Mixtape Volumes  AND1 Mixtape Vol. Volume 5 marked his return. This tape also had to be obtained by buying a pair of AND1 shoes. C.

http://www.yaleherald. 2009. Retrieved June 12. AND1 Mixtape Vol. who took a brief hiatus from the tour.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA  AND1 Mixtape Vol. AND1 Mixtape Vol.php?Article=3829. This tour also featured current Boston Celtics Player Carlos Arroyo. It began in Philadelphia on the East Coast with Aaron "AO" Owens and finished with Kenny Brunner AKA Bad Santa and Jerry Dupree AKA The Assassin in Los Angeles on the West Coast. Jerel (November 19. 2004).html. Every game was played in NBA arenas and the best local talent was found in the Open Runs.    References 1. Tony Jones AKA Go Get It also had some highlights on this tape as he played on the opposing team and was eventually offered a spot on the team. External links   AND1 Homepage AND1 LIVE Homepage 3 Copyright 2011 . Oregon Open "AND 1's mixed up".com/and1players. Yale University. AND1 Mixtape X: The United Streets of America – Most recently released. Retrieved June 12. ^ "AND1 Players". streetballin. This tape shows footage from the United Streets Of America tour. 7 – Volume 7 documented the year that the AND1 Mixtape Tour really took off. The Yale Herald. Retrieved June 12. ^ a b c "AND1 Mixtape Tour History". http://www. The Professor went through all the stops on the tour before being named the winner and newest member of the AND1 team. 2009. 2. 9: Area Codes – This volume shows the hometown and home court of every member of the AND1 It introduces Jamal Nelson AKA Springs and Antwan Scott AKA 8th Wonder as well as the return of Hot Sauce. 8: Back on the Block – Back on the Block featured a lot of "Crash the Court" footage in which the AND1 team goes to streetball hot spots and plays against the local talent. This tape officially introduced current AND1 players Andre Poole AKA Sylk and Hugh Jones AKA Baby Shack. http://www. best-basketball-tips. Volume 7 was the year that Grayson Boucher AKA The Professor was found in the Portland. ^ Bryant. AND1 Mixtape X celebrates a decade of streetball dominance by This tape continued to show footage of the newer members of the tour.[dead link] 3. Former AND1 player Dennis Chism AKA Spyda and current player John Humphrey AKA Helicopter were the other two finalists along with The

.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA        The Mix Tape series and the tour it spawned are the result of a collection of random events that. including Rafer Alston. . the founders and early group of employees at And1 were busy plotting the strategy the company would take to sign NBA endorsers for its burgeoning footwear division. the coach of New York‘s Cardoza High School team who spent his summers coaching AAU kids. With just one or two tv‘s in the company‘s small office. as it became known around the company‘s corporate office just outside Philly. they didn‘t quite know what to do with it. To say that the futures of both the company and the scrappy playground legend merged at this point would be untrue. but the fortunes of both certainly collided. and was outfitted with a few leather recliners. And1 gathered its current roster of NBA endorsers at the college to shoot the ―Moves‖ campaign. taken separately. Interns scrambled the day before the shoot to track down the video games and the movies it was thought the players would like during their down time. The origin of the And1 Mix Tape collection came in the guise of a lowly videotape given to And1 in late 1998 by Ron Naclerio. too good a story to be believed. a big screen TV and a VCR. NBA athletes Darryl Armstrong. It wasn‘t until the company shot a series of commercials and print ads at nearby Haverford College in the summer of 1999 that they fully realized the potential of the footage they owned. a Playstation. Turns out. While the marketing people at And1 intuitively knew the tape had some value beyond personal amusement. Rex Chapman and the just-drafted Larry Hughes. accompanied by groans and screams and ―no he didn‘ts‖ every time Skip embarrassed a defender. whom And1 would soon sign the first basketball shoe endorser to get a deal without a contract from the NBA. Crispin Porter + Bogusky captured their signature moves on film. And1 had attempted to make the shoot as comfortable as possible for the players. Raef LaFrentz. his own signature move from which he earned his nickname ―Skip to My Lou―. 4 Copyright 2011 . among a host of insane moves. poor resolution and nearly indecipherable audio-showing young Alston on the playgrounds and hardwood in and around New York doing. . The legend goes that the people at And1 first used the Skip tape. wouldn‘t have amounted to much-and almost didn‘t. The tape was home-video quality–jerky camera moves. it was easy to gather everyone to watch the tape over and over and over again. But accidents happen. The room was stocked with every snack and beverage imaginable. that was a waste of time and money. At the time Naclerio gave And1 the footage of Rafer. and those that produce positive results are given the gloss of serendipity. merely to amuse themselves and people who came to visit the office. Toby Bailey and Miles Simon came to Philadelphia and labored in a hot gym while the company‘s advertising agency. Thank God for it. and created a ―green room‖ in the bowels of the gym where the players could chill out and wait during set-ups. and young Rafer was on the cusp of a checkered college career that would turn out to be almost useless in giving him a leg up to the League. Over a period of three days.

and start building relationships directly with the heart of what was happening on the streets. Main Event leapt over a motorcycle to dunk the ball. So a kid who bought a pair of Jordans or Iversons would walk away with a free And1 Mix Tape in his bag as well. And then. Skip was essentially anointed king of the court. The best way to get that footage. the players started imitating Skip‘s video moves and trying to perfect a new skill set. 5 Copyright 2011 . And1 had used the best footage they had to make this first tape and realized pretty quickly that in order to create a franchise out of this Mixtape concept. and the And1 onlookers crystallized their thinking about the tape.000 Mixtapes flowed through Footaction stores in less than 3 weeks. . or at least the kind of footage they needed to make more tapes-full of crazy moves but featuring competitive play-was to find the best games to film or throw a game on their own. . influencers and hoop heads over a period of about eight weeks. add some music and give the first Mix Tape away to basketball players all over the country over the summer of 1999. The response was swift and unanimous: give us more! The tape made Skip an overnight sensation with a wider audience and created a scramble among ballers to get their hands on their own copy. And1 partnered with Footaction to do a gift-with-purchase program late that summer. record labels. It was then that And1 took the Mixtape property to FootAction. each player grabbed a recliner and started the tape again whenever they weren‘t needed on the set. 200. And on the set. When the legend himself arrived on the commercial set on the last day of the shoot. they would need a lot of footage pretty quickly. the players themselves. to a man. And1 decided to do both. The company printed a limited run of tapes. watched the Skip tape over and over and over again in those three days of the shoot. . 50. Looking for a wider distribution network and a way to tie the tape to the new footwear. NJ with the areas best streetballers all coming in to play (Waliyy Dixon). And1 immediately reached out to Main Event to get him on board-doing what. With a lot of ―what if we…‖ and ―we could…‖. . at that point. the truth became painfully clear. And1 grabbed local legend Main Event and threw a game in his hometown of Lynden. In August 1999. What was clear however was that And1′s had made it‘s decision: keep the cameras rolling wherever there‘s great ball that needs to be seen.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA            The players. In that game. wasn‘t clear. Together with its advertising agency. . and sent them to camps.000. And1 sent shooters out across the country like a virus to document summertime ball and find the best moves (and subsequently the best ballers) they could capture on film. the most successful promotion ever for the national retailer. clinics. And1 ultimately adopted the successful model of early skate tapes and decided to edit the Skip tape. one of the earliest such moves captured for posterity by AND 1′s film crew. The beauty of the program was that every kid who bought something-anything-in Footaction got a Mixtape from And1. Shunning the more traditional entertainment.

but it‘s quite another to advertise the game. By the following June. emailing. sell tickets. . the game went off without a hitch and Mos Def wowed the crowd at the end of the game with an inspired performance. Thus was born the And1 Mix Tape Tour. With just a couple months to plan and execute the event. The supply at Footaction went so quickly that enterprising young ballers starting selling the tapes on EBay. And1 reached out to record labels for entertainment at the game and started thinking of ways to tell people about the game. the tapes flew out of the stores. The opportunity to bring a style of ball to people who would have no other way of seeing it. and giving them away reinforced the brand‘s commitment to its grassroots ideals. Air Craft. and Shane. Meanwhile. . Headache. they thought. larger tour in 2001. Earlier that same month And1 had released the second Mix Tape. sending letters-doing anything they could to beg a Mix Tape out of And1. . declaring for one and all the success of the game before it even began. Again. and Dr. Future. 1999 was a cold and gray fall day in Midtown Manhattan and a stiff breeze was blowing by the time the And1 crew rolled into town. the Tochillin.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA            The Mix Tapes were about opportunity. The tapes. with footage focusing mostly on what were to be And1′s team of streetballers. That early winter chill didn‘t stop the crowd (sigh of relief that there was one) from lining up hours before the game. was so strong that every Footaction in the country was in line to distribute it and reap the benefits of the gift-with-purchase program And1 created to introduce its first off court shoe. And1 still thought of throwing additional games as essentially a way to gather content for tapes tapes (and discover new players!!). leaving both And1 and Footaction wondering what was next. Inside. to get ready for the game. The group of people at And1 who threw the Hunter College game became the same group who put together the first summer-long tour in 2000 and the second. That same summer. At the same time. And1 announced plans for its own ―Platinum Player‖ game. Half Man. With a huge hunger for content and plans for future Mix Tapes (and a curiosity to 6 Copyright 2011 . kids from all over the world were calling. to be held at the end of October at Hunter College in New York. were the real marketing opportunity. the anticipation for the next tape. It‘s one thing to gather footage of great ball. in 2000. including Main Event. It seemed that this little basketball company could throw a game after all. October 31. a line that eventually stretched down three sides of the Hunter College building that housed the gym. piled in their own cars or via the train from Philly. Even with the first couple of tapes and a sold-out game behind them. Mix Tape 2: The Remix. the marketing team turned to Skip and Main Event to help pull together a squad in New York for the game. Jay‘s in New York was making $25 off each tape they sold under the counter. they realized. find a rapper for post-game entertainment and fill an arena. and the opportunity to get great ball players the exposure that they would have no other way of getting but richly deserved. really. again with Footaction as its retail partner. and not necessarily as a potential marketing tool or effective revenue generator for the brand. the gym was packed to the rafters. . .

it was clear to And1. After throwing a game in DC during All Star Weekend. this rag tag bunch (the players were out there promoting as well!!) stapled posters to telephone poles. did radio station call-ins. offering them the opportunity to take advantage of this new spotlight that was developing. and up until now uniquely inner city. and that‘s just the way it was supposed to be. . nail salon. catching compelling game footage but also the private. players like Headache. as a way to reach into a community to showcase this unique. To near capacity crowds they hosted demonstrations at local charities and youth facilities with the players. Nike and Reebok both tried to go playground in their advertising and even approached some of the And1 players to be in         7 Copyright 2011 . found in ATL). In June of 2001. Air Craft and Future were given a much bigger audience and were on their way to becoming legends far beyond their home courts in New York and New Jersey. . The 2001 tour would feature fulllength games in four cities but add stops in 18 other cities so the players could host demonstrations and open runs (and And1 could gather more footage!). and its competition. Because by now it was clear that a tour was valuable in and of itself. In addition. ghetto fabulousstyle. In February of 2001 And1 released Mix Tape Volume 3 featuring the footage gathered the previous year including new players that were picked up on that year‘s Tour. stopped by local retail stores and dropped off flyers at every barber shop. At the end of the 2001 tour. a crew of five full-time staffers from And1 traveling with the players hit the road in August and put on the first tour. behind-the-scenes footage that helped And1 expand the content of future tapes and continued to turn players previously known to those lucky few hundred who got into Rucker Park into minor celebrities in their own right—and major celebrities among basketball players and fans. In Chicago. record store and ‗hood corner they could reach. They hit off hot girls in the mall and dj‘s at the local stations. replaced by a big ass tour bus with all the amenities a traveling team of playground legends could hope for. Gone were the Expeditions (although the interns were still around). And1 announced plans for its second summer tour. Using rented Expeditions and free interns. . that the burgeoning ball company had the real deal going. Camera crews hired by And1 followed the players the entire summer. And1 started meeting new players and bringing them along with the ride. Atlanta and Los Angeles. There simply weren‘t enough tapes to satisfy the demands of ballers worldwide. In so doing. The bus itself was wrapped with artwork similar to that found on the Mix Tape boxes and nearly impossible to miss as it rumbled through some of the hardest neighborhoods in America that summer. Main Event. held open runs and threw a game in each city with the And1 Mix Tape Tour players and the best of the local talent culled from the open runs (including current Mix Tape Tour players Hot Sauce and 50. the Mix Tape Tour kicked off its second season. And1 started planning what would become the first Mix Tape Tour. Shane the Dribblin‘ Machine. Things got a lot hotter after that second tour. 21 cities in all. and some we shouldn‘t mention in print. style of basketball and build names for the players And1 had found.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA see if this Streetball style of game was being played elsewhere in the country and by whom). AO from Philadelphia and Hot Sauce from Atlanta. . with a format slightly different from that of the previous year.

named for a playground legend. and fans were asking for autographs. the planets aligned. the first to be available at retail.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA the spots. aka The Professor. . When Ball Access was released on video in November 2002 it also reached the number one selling sports video in the country. And AND 1 began selling its tapes for the first time. in both VHS and DVD format. After each show.          8 Copyright 2011 . went on to become the #1 selling sports video in the country upon its release in July 2002. after its release that summer. and the pressure to bring the tour to more people and places became even more extreme. fans and retailers alike. the ratings were through the roof. The 2002 tour itself was a much more professional affair. It was controlled bedlam at open runs where ballers who thought they had game had to make it through two hours of the local talent before getting a shot at the Mix Tape players. the Skip Mid was released not during the NBA season but in the summertime to celebrate Skip‘s legendary role in bringing playground basketball to the masses. only to be soundly embarrassed for all the world to see (remember the white dude in Boston on the ESPN show?). At the end of the tour Grayson Boucher. when it premiered in September for its 8-week run. . at retailers Circuit City. was one of ESPN‘s highest rated original program in the history of the network. Video game company Activision and And1 announced they were collaborating on a playground ball game that would feature the And1 street ballers. That summer also marked a rite of passage for Skip. its first DVD. Volume 5. Two tour buses now carried the players. All eight episodes have since re-aired so many times that fans who‘ve only seen the show and never been to a game feel like they know the players personally. . game shoes and sweaty headbands from any player on the And1 squad. When And1 released a compilation DVD. and many more ballers are confounding their coaches with a new repertoire of moves never meant to see the light of day on a high school gym floor. In the spring of 2002. ―Four Volumes One Love‖. walked away with an endorsement deal from And1 and a spot on the ‘04 tour roster. The crowds were standing room only no matter where the players went. In June And1 announced that ESPN would be creating a show about the tour called ―StreetBall: The And1 Mix Tape Tour presented by Mountain Dew Code Red‖ which. camera crews and And1 staff through the 24 cities of the tour while ESPN cameras were at each of the five major games shooting the entire thing for the show. . But despite the many pretenders to the throne. When ―StreetBall: The And1 Mix Tape Tour‖ aired on ESPN for the first time in September of 2002 shortly after the tour wrapped for the year. would become the third most popular basketball video game to hit the market that year. called Street Hoops which. So popular was the series that ESPN renewed it for a second season with a neat little twist. its place as the authentic playground ball company was cemented. . Blockbuster and Best Buy. pieces of clothing. the And1 squad brought along up to five players (players must be 18 years or older) on Tour to . And1 was holding it down on the playgrounds and got much love for it from ballers. who joined the tour at the conclusion of his season with the Bucks and celebrated the launch of a first shoe.

a. Here are the "responsible" for this.. maybe little above average player in the NBA because he's going up against strong.a. What does matter. young kids and selfexpression that has informed this style of the game. very well paid.  AND1 Players    Thousands of youngsters owe it big time to the AND1 players. 9 Copyright 2011 . but And1 has still kept the focus on playground ball and on the universe of hip hop. he's real good. is the main "actors" in this brilliant "show" on the streets. this time hitting 30 cities.k.Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA  As the company prepares for its fifth summer on the road. the And1 Mix Tape Tour is still keeping it real. The nickname "Skip To My Lou" or "Skip 2 My Lou" stemmed because of his tendency to skip while dribbling the ball upcourt. On the streets as a player.    Rafer Alston a.k. With such a variety of moves he'll make your head spin. He's perhaps the most wanted since Skip To My Lou because of his ability to clown so many good players. Who are the guys behind the scenes? What are their roles? It matters not. still holds open runs for kids to showcase their own talent and still makes donations to worthy groups in each tour city. Skip To My Lou is a streetball legend who made it all the way to the NBA. These guys do nothing but inspiring others to LOVE the game and see it as a way of life.   Philip Champion a. but even with a tour bus and an entourage. The ghetto fab style of rolling into town in Expeditions and rolling out the same way may be gone. He's an average. Hot Sauce is one of the AND1 stars who first appeared in the Mixtape Volume 3. team players who love to win.. Corporate partners have recognized the impact of the And1 Mix Tape Tour and as a result help share what has become astronomical tour costs. it‘s remarkable that the essence of that first summer still permeates the tour and everything around it. And1 still hosts free clinics in every city it stops in.

"The Hypnotizer".Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA  The moves. "The Hurricane" and "The Boomerang".k.  10 Copyright 2011 .k. He joined the AND1 Mixtape team in 2003 after hitting some game winning shots and showing that he truly belongs there. Hot Sauce claims to have over one hundred moves.    John Humphrey a.k. It started for him in 1999 after talking to some AND1 guys. the little white boy. John wakes up everyday at 06:00 am and starts running and lifting weights. Helicopter is a scoring machine with a frightening offensive moves. Main Event got his nickname after doing a spectacular 360 dunk that stunned the crowd. The Professor.a. Main is a proud father of 4 and to him.a. is famous for "schooling" ballers on the court. That's when he got noticed for his raw talented and was picked to play with the "AND1". The Helicopter finished second in the NCAA Final Four dunking contest. He's played in Japan. The most famous ones are "The Windmill". up his sleeve go on and on. the high schools West Carteret and Oak Hill Academy. Waliyy helped out to bring some other stars like "Half Man Half Amazing". basketball is more than just a game.   Grayson Boucher a.    Waliyy Dixon a.a. It's a way of bringing communities together and being grateful for the fans.

k.a. countless hours in the gym and his never-give-up attitude.k. Half Man Half Amazing.a. "Pat Da Roc" and many more.a. Robert Martin a.a Sik Wit It.GNAMUNDI 11 Copyright 2011 .Courtesy of AND 1 UGANDA   The Professor is known for his spinning.k. Other famous AND1 ballers include Anthony Heyward a. 50.a Escalade.k. between the leg passes and flashy moves.k.     RESEARCHED DY. Pat Robinson a. Troy Jackson a. Grayson says that he's become successful because of the LOVE for the game. Robin Kennedy a.