Aman Ullah
3/01/2012 Father’s Name : Md. Monsur Ahammed Mother’s Name: Asia Khatun Village: Khagati, P.O: Eidgah, P.S: Trishal, District: Mymensingh Phone:+8801726292047 E-mail: Website: (


Date of Birth : 20th January1988 Gender : Male Marital Status : Unmarried

OBJECTIVES Aim to be associated with a progressive organization that gives me

scope to update my knowledge & skills in accordance with the latest trends & be apart of a team that dynamically works towards growth of organization & achieve the goals.

CMS: Joomla.Wordpress. Aman Ullah SKILL SUMMARY Platforms: Windows: Microsoft Windows Xp . jQuery. Database Management System. Ajax. Database Management System. Operating Systems.Software Engineering Data Structures. System Analysis Page 2 . Algorithms . Compiler Design. Operating Systems.Md. Java). PHP. B.Sc Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering. Web Technologies HTML XHTML. Microsoft Windows 7 Linux: Ububtu Programming in C. JavaScript.Prestashop Data Structures. Result Publication Expected in March 2012. Mymensing.Object Oriented Programming(C++ . EDUCATION 2006-2011 Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University Trishal.XML. CSS. Major Module included: Structured Programming(C) .C++.Java. MySQL.

(ii).codeboxr. Aman Ullah and Design Artificial Intelligence.31 EXPERIENCE 1st January 2012 .Md. Trishal. Completed.3. An eCommerce based web application. Projects I developed in this session: (i).Present Junior Web Developer At CodeBoxR (http://www. 2003-2005 A Web Application development Agency Page 3 . Shaid Said Nazrul Islam University. CSEfriends. Secondary School Certificate Examination GPA:4. Developing A Social Networking Site. Higher Secondary School Certificate GPA:. Mymensingh.70 1993-2003 Eidgah High 2009-Present Founder and CEO.

E-mail: Page 4 . Phone: http://www. University of Cambridge Uk.Md. PROFESSIONAL WORK I DONE I Developed a number of Professional Web sites Web links: 2010-Present Contractor at Odesk Market Place (http://www.ummahtimes. Head of The Department Department of PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP I am a student member of REFERENCES A.M Kamal. Aman Ullah (http://www. E-mail: Mohammed Ali Moni Phd Fello .cnnbangla. Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. odesk.xactvision.southasiantourism.

Aman Ullah INTERESTS Traveling. Study comparative religions and going out with friends. Reading a variety of books.Md. Page 5 .

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