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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT : HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT It is a management function concerned with hiring, motivating, and maintaining people in an organization. It focuses on people in organization. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HRM AND PM : DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HRM AND PM HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM) HRM views people as an important source or asset to be used for the benefit of organization, employees & the society. PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT (PM):- PM has a limited scope and an inverted orientation. FUNCTIONS OF HRM : FUNCTIONS OF HRM HRM FUNCTIONS :- 2 TYPES MANAGERIAL FUNCTION PLANNING ORGANISING DIRECTING CONTROLLING OPERATIVE FUNCTIONS : OPERATIVE FUNCTIONS These functions are related to employment, development, compensation & industrial relations. It consists of:- Procurement functions Development Motivation & compensation Maintenance Integration functions Emerging issues PROCUREMENT FUNCTIONS : PROCUREMENT FUNCTIONS Job analysis Human resource planning Recruitment Selection Induction & orientation Internal mobility 2. DEVELOPMENT : 2. DEVELOPMENT Training Executive development Career planning & development Human resource development (HRD) 3. MOTIVATION & COMPENSATION : 3. MOTIVATION & COMPENSATION Job design Work scheduling Motivation Job evaluation Performance appraisal Compensation administration Incentives & benefits 4. MAINTENANCE : 4. MAINTENANCE Health & safety Employee welfare Social security measures 5. INTEGRATION FUNCTIONS : 5. INTEGRATION FUNCTIONS Discipline Teams & teamwork Collective bargaining Employee participation & empowerment Industrial relations Trade unions & employee association 6. EMERGING ISSUES : 6. EMERGING ISSUES Personal records Human resource audit Human resource research (HRR) Human resource accounting (HRA) Human resource information system Stress & counseling International human resource management HRM POLICIES : HRM POLICIES Human resource policies are systems of codified decisions, established by an organization, to support administrative personnel functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning. The establishment of policies can help an organization demonstrate that it meets requirements for diversity, ethics and training. In order to fire a person it may be necessary to show cause compliant with employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements; the establishment of HR Policies to document steps in procedures, including disciplinary procedures, is now standard. Slide 13: What is the purpose of human resource management policy ? Policy Categories :

Profit Sharing. Maintain each employee personal record. Equal opportunity and Employment Practices : Equal opportunity and Employment Practices Hiring Working Place Harassment Types of Employment & working Hours Retention of Employees Compensation : Compensation Is the payment to an employee in return to their contribution to the organization that is for job perform Pay Area. Absence or Absent. Management Development & Training : Management Development & Training Training to develop new skills and adapt new technology. Variable and Base pay. color. Alcohol and other drugs: not allowed to drink or take other drugs while working. sex. . Educational Program Career Development Program Disclosure : Disclosure It’s a main policy of human resource management. sexual orientation. an employee is not allowed to leak organizations information to outsiders without the permission o his superior. veteran status. religion. national origin.Policy Categories General Policies Equal Opportunity and Employment Practices Compensation Benefits Management Management Development and Training Disclose General Policy : General Policy Equal treatment specifically prohibit discrimination on the basis of race. political affiliation. age. or disability. Benefit Management : Benefit Management Sales Compensation: Retain Sales Super Stars . Holiday Pay Packages.