Desecrated Shrine of Qozom

1.Shrine Entrance. The entrance is covered with brambles and ivy, much of it dead. There is a large design etched into the hillside encircling the entrance, where sod was removed to expose the chalk beneath. The design is a Triquetra, a symbol of Qozom; it has been largely obscured with time. Clearing away the overgrowth to restore the design will Bless those who take an active part in it for the remainder of the adventure. The vegetation has hidden the shrine since its desecration some 300 years past, but is easily cleared. 2.Vestibule. This area was a more recent addition to the far older catacombs and shrine beyond, though it is still centuries old. There is a large statue to a forgotten Saint in the center, desecrated by minions of Xaáos by demolishing its face and smearing it with dark red paint made of blood and other unclean substances. A vial of holy water poured at the statue’s feet will have no apparent effect, but will grant 100 XP to whoever does it. Cleaning the bloodpaint from the statue will take two skins of water and wine each; in concert with holy water this will grant 250 XP to anyone directly involved. 2a. Reliquary Alcove and Strige Nest. The lefthand alcove contains the remnants of a finely wrought reliquary that has been smashed and stripped of anything valuable. The Curate of the Keep will gladly take any pieces brought back to him. In the shadows of the vaulted ceiling a small flock of 5 striges has made their mud-and-bramble nest. Striges: AC 7, HD 1, hp 3 ea, #AT 1 (+2), DAM 1-3 per round, MV 40’ Save F1, ML 7. Their 7 eggs may net a good price from a hedgemage or alchemist if they can be retrieved without breakage; leaving them in the nests (which are enclosed, connected globes) will make them easier to transport. They have no other treasure. 2b. Votary Alcove. The right-hand alcove contains an overturned votive candle holder, tarnished with age and coated with wax from the candles; wax is also splattered across the floor. There is nothing here of value. 3. Antechamber. At the base of steps carved from the living rock is a pair of rotted wooden doors that have been battered off their hinges, lying inside the entrance. One is slightly tilted away from the floor, being propped up by the other. Beneath it are 6 giant centipedes, which will only attack if disturbed. Centipedes: AC 9, HD ½, hp 2 ea, #AT 1, DAM poison, MV 40’, Save NM, ML 7. They have no treasure. Some distance from the doors are the dried corpses of two blue-clad acolytes of Qozom, assistants to the priest whose corpse resides in area 7. Their chainmail and maces are tarnished and useless to adventurers. The walls of the antechamber are adorned with worn, archaic frescoes depicting the faithful of Qozom and their good deeds in Her name, including several of the saint depicted in the statue above. The minions of Xaáos have covered these in profane symbols of chaos; the bloodpainted symbols radiate evil and magic. 4. Lesser Catacombs. The walls of these areas are lined with burial niches for both urns and corpses. Sadly, the place bears the marks of sacriligeous pillage; the corpses are despoiled and strewn about the floor, unraveled from their shrouds and in some cases mutilated, and the urns are either smashed or missing, their contents long-dispersed. There are more symbols of Xaáos besmirching the walls here; they radiate both evil and magic. 4 corpses in each area have been marked with bloodpaint symbols similar to those on the walls, they also radiate evil and magic. 5. Catacombs of the Disciples. Though the doors to this area were forced, and there are shattered urns and a few abominated corpses, it shows far less damage than the rest—one hall is essentially undisturbed. There are 15 grave and urn niches here; the 12 bodies each have jewelry worth a total of 100gp, the 8 remaining urns are fine porcelain worth a considerable amount to a fence or dealer in antiques. Urn shards will be accepted by the Curate.

Poison at +4 or die) on their persons. moving at 5’ per round. Nearby are their abandoned bags of bloodpaint and ritual paraphernalia. see below). containing 100gp and three small gems (50gp ea). His other withered claw holds a glass vial like those found in area 5. It will not interfere with the restoration of corpses to their niches or the removal of urn shards. slain by the guardian at 5a. obstructing the former passageway to area 5. To take the Pearl. it will dissolve into a roiling cloud of black oily smoke. Among the useless unclean trinkets are two gems worth 5gp each. Anyone caught in the cloud must Save vs. . but will also expose the corpse’s money pouch. This is the body of Culbonhaut. 6. a cleric of Qozom who was lost when the shrine was concealed by the ritual that slew him—the location lost in a subsequent war between champions of chaos and law. those on the far side moving to block the antechamber exit. Catacombs of the Apostles. the two acolyte corpses will rise to help defend the PCs against the Zombies. 5a. as well as kris daggers long since rusted to uselessness. A large. still dressed in faded black robes and clutching his badly tarnished kris dagger (dagger +1 if cleaned). its armor a rusted ruin nearby. Attempting to remove stones to uncover more of the corpse has a 2-in-6 chance of causing further collapse that causes 1-6 points of damage to anyone within 5’. filling the chamber in 4 rounds and evaporating 1 round later. HD 1. The catacomb ceiling and walls have collapsed here. If the sword is removed. DAM 1-6/1-6. this was a Xaáos cabal leader. DAM 1d6. Save F3. 7. the corpse has an eye-sized pearl (a special Pearl of Wisdom. and the water immediately around it is cloudy with filth. the spirit of Culbonhaut will speak from the vicinity of the corpse. All have glass vials of old poison (Save vs. It appears to have been leaning on something that has been removed. They fight as half-strength Zombies (AC 8. Optionally. Four more corpses have been abused and smeared with symbols here.There are 3 long-dead minions here as well. #AT 2. ML 11) charged with protecting the graves here. at most 5’ deep. Total immersion in Qozom’s Pool will protect completely during the cloud’s dispersal. #AT 1. In place of its right eye. pure water. the corpse and Mace will fade away. hp 5 ea. and the pool will be cleansed. The apparent devotional statue (in chalcedony) of a placid-faced young woman in a central alcove is in fact a Crystal Statue (AC 4. ML 12). One minion also has a clerical scroll with detect good and cause light wounds in a scroll case carved from a human femur. HD 3. They will arise and attack as the PCs depart. hp 20. The sword radiates evil and magic. Both Zombies and Acolytes may be Turned on a 7 or greater. When his Mace is returned and the Pearl taken Culbonhaut will wish the PCs well. #AT 1. domed room. urging Balfonheim to return his Mace and take the Pearl of Wisdom. They have no other treasure. Half-buried on this side is the desiccated corpse of a Xaáos minion. but they were forced to depart before they could reinforce their fellows in area 5. A rotted corpse is kneeling waist-deep in the water in an attitude of prayer. 6b. as the minions were careful to destroy the statue before disturbing any graves. Upon removal of the sword. Save C1. It will cease if its adversaries retreat outside of area 5a. ML 12). Save F1. Qozom’s Pool. This is a natural chalk cavern. DAM 1d6. Acolyte Corpses (AC 6. hp 4 ea. The centerpiece of the chamber is a still pool of clear. Spells or lose a point of STR per round. but will not restore STR loss. expanded and worked into a round. HD 1. who poisoned himself when he became trapped and his companions abandoned him. wickedly barbed sword of something like obsidian pierces the corpse through the back and is buried in the chalk at the bottom of the pool. The dispersal of the curse will activate a last-ditch malediction. plus 4 from the Catacombs of the Apostles. The catacombs here are utterly ruined. animating any corpses marked with bloodpaint that were not burned or otherwise concecrated: 8 total from both Lesser Catacombs. This STR loss lasts 6 turns. Any attempt to disturb the graves in this hall will cause it to animate and attack. Culbonhaut’s Mace must be returned to him. The ground gently slopes to the edge of the pool. having been chosen by Qozom to do so.

When this is done the possessor of the Pearl will raise his or her WIS score by one. perfectly spherical pearl will only work if placed in an empty eye socket. On a roll of 1 on d8. Neutral or Chaotic PCs who place it in their eye socket will be seared as with purifying fire (1d8 damage). It will only operate if used by someone chosen by Qozom. It also can Detect Evil (as Cleric spell). . It serves as a mark of Qozom’s favor to those who recognize it.Culbonhaut’s Pearl of Wisdom: This eye-sized. a Lawful person not chosen will be forced to find the one who is and give it to them. and attempt to dig it out. to a maximum of 18. they will also be Geased to perform a deed in the service of Law and good.

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