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Question Bank PART A (10*2=20)


1. What is leveling of aircraft? 2. What do you mean by unsatisfactory turbine engine start? 3. What is purging? 4. What are the precautions to be taken while handling compressed air? 5. Define special inspection? 6. What is the purpose of check list? 7. What are aircraft logs? 8. What are bulletins? 9. Briefly describe airworthiness directive? 10. What are the advantages of swaging over splicing? 11. What is rigging of aircraft? 12. What is towing of an aircraft? 13. What is the procedure for parking? 14. What is rigging of an aircraft? 15. Why jacking is required? 16. What is mooring? 17. What is precaution to be taken while parking an aircraft? 18. What are the fire extinguishing agents used ? 19. What are the inspections in a fire extinguisher? 20. What are the requirements of lubrication system? 21. What are the precautions while handling compressed air? 22. What are the classifications of fire extinguishers? 23. Why environmental cleanliness is required? 24. What is APU? PART-B 1. Explain towing procedure of an aircraft with neat sketch? 2. What are the precautions to be observed while jacking of an aircraft?

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3. Explain starting procedure of a turboprop engine? 4. Explain intake and exhaust hazard areas? 5. What are the precautions and procedure adopted to carry out servicing of oxygen system? Explain in detail. 6. Explain in detail maintenance of air-conditioning and pressurization system of an aircraft 7. Briefly explain different types of ground support units? 8. Describe different types of publications used in the aircraft maintenance? 9. Explain special inspection carried out on the aircraft? 10. Explain type certification data sheets? 11. Explain ATA specification? 12. Explain different aspects involved in the aircraft maintenance safety? 13. Describe welding safety to be observed in the workshop? 14. Explain FAR airworthiness directive?

15. Explain different types of rivets used in the aircraft industry? 16. Explain special tools used in aircraft industry?

17. Explain different types of fluid lines and it identification?

18. What are the different plumbing connectors used in aviation? 19. Explain rigging of an aircraft? 20. Explain leveling of an aircraft? 21. Explain starting procedure of an jet engine? 22. Describe the procedure for starting piston engine? 23. What are the different types of bolts and nuts used in aircraft industry? Explain with neat sketch? 24 Explain different types of rivets used in aviation industry? 25. Explain different publications used in aircraft? 26. Explain environ mental cleanliness in aviation? 27. Explain different types of ground power units used?

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