Dorian Rothschild 60 Arthur St.

San Rafael, CA 94901 April 17, 2012 Rob Mackabee Personnel Director Inintech Corporation 440 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94103 Dear Rob Mackabee: This letter confirms our conversation of April 04, 2012, in which you extended an offer of employment to me as Credit Manager. I am pleased to accept your offer which I understand to be based on the following terms and conditions: The responsibilities of the job are outlined in Exhibit A. I plan to begin work on June 01, 2012, and I will contact you as my plans unfold to confirm the starting date. As you mentioned in our conversation, I shall report directly to George Lazen as my Treasurer. You indicated that the beginning rate of compensation will be an annual salary of $344,000.00. I understand that in accordance with your policies, you will reimburse me for the following out-ofpocket expenses from time to time: - travel expenses - meals - postage - cost of job-related seminars I also understand that I will be entitled to the following benefits in accordance with your policies, and after meeting the applicable eligibility requirements, if any: - pension plan - profit-sharing plan - health insurance - life insurance - disability insurance It is my understanding that I will be entitled to 5 weeks of paid vacation for each year of employment in accordance with your usual policies.

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Additionally, you mentioned that I would be entitled to 15 days paid time due to illness and personal business each calendar year in accordance with your usual policies in effect at the time. I wish to express my appreciation for your offer of employment. Please advise me if my understanding of the terms and conditions of your offer of employment is incorrect. I look forward to working with you in the near future. Sincerely,

Dorian Rothschild

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