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San Rafael, CA 94901 April 24, 2012 Redwood Bank Attention: Joe Perry 35 Palm Circle Dr. Corte Madera, CA 95422 Re: Dispute of Bank Transaction(s) Dear Joe Perry: This letter confirms the conversation I had with Dean Anderson on April 03, 2012 about my request below. I am the owner of account # 285435. I am disputing the following transaction(s) that were charged fraudulently to my account without my authorization: Date Amount January 11, 2012 $89.86 Merchant Name Safeway, Inc Bank Ref. # 38485734

I did not make or authorize these transaction(s) that appear on my account and I am the victim of identity theft. I have enclosed a copy of my monthly bank statement which lists the unauthorized transactions. Please adjust my account information to reflect that I have disputed this transaction (s), and remove this item(s) from my statement. I saw the charge on my monthly statement and checked it against my receipts, all of which I keep and collect. I had no receipt for this transaction. Please adjust my account information to reflect that I have disputed these transaction(s), and to remove these items from my statement, and send written confirmation that you have done so. Please contact me at the above address if you have any questions or need additional information. I can be contacted by phone at 4157751234 (preferred) or 4159593945 (alternate). Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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