Letter to a monster.

Your birth was a mistake Michael Rafferty. You should have never existed. I am sure you had a miserable life, if not apparent on the outside, I’m sure it was miserable inside. None of that matters. Your suffering is irrelevant. A whole Nation detests you. Most of us agree you should not be breathing. I have spent too much time thinking about you and what you did and all I think is the fate of that innocent beautiful girl that you hurt so badly. She was not a mistake, she was loved, she was here on Earth for only 8 years. She was discovering what was life all about. But you with your despicable, useless life had to find her. You of all people crossed her path and not only crossed it but in the most inhumane, horrible, unthinkable way destroyed it, you destroyed her. She did not deserve that. You made her suffer the unthinkable, the unbearable. Now she is not here anymore, not with her family, not here because of you, you sick and disgusting thing. You heartless, soulless living monster that can’t even be compared to anything. You and your soulless, mindless body that breathes the same air as the rest of us, that defecates and urinates like a human being had to cross her path. You and Terry kidnapped her, raped her and killed her. You do realize that this is all a big act right? You realize that the reason why you are still breathing and surprisingly walking this Earth unharmed is because in your useless and unworthy life you where born in a developed country that respects your so called “human” rights. You realize that everybody that looks at you wishes you dead, wishes you suffering, wishes you pain and more pain. Everybody around you, including your own mother that I’m sure is heavily medicated, to have to deal with the fact that her son is a true monster wishes you would have never been born. She won’t tell you this in person, but this is what she feels. You scum, you are still alive because sadly this country cannot make an exception on death penalty for living monsters like you. You don’t deserve imprisonment; you deserve a lifetime of torture. In your miserable letter addressing the family of that little angel you repeatedly hurt and killed you stand by the fact that you are innocent. You even want to meet with her mother to give her the puzzle pieces? Is this what you called this whole atrocity? A puzzle? You filthy piece of excrement. I have a few words for you monster, you are better off in jail, you are better off in jail for the rest of your life, never leave, request and make sure you never leave prison. You are unfortunately for all of us, safe there. Don’t you realize that because you were lucky enough to be born in this amazing country you will be protected from all other human beings that are enraged and disgusted by you? You are in danger outside of prison, every step you take now is just the proof that a lot of people around you, police officers, prison guards, lawyers, judges, viewers, victims, are all exercising an immense self control not to rip your eyes out. You are lucky you piece of rotten excrement, you are lucky that the law still protects scums like you. I question if this is true justice? Do you think that you, in your depraved psyche had the right to plan this abduction, plan to

torture her like you did, prepare everything accordingly so you can have that monstrous need satisfied? You, after you went ahead and conducted your sadistic plan, you were still seated like a human being, with a defense lawyer and all, you were fed and given water during your confinement before trial and you will still be fed and given water for 25 years in prison. Do you realize how lucky you are you depraved coward monster? In other countries freaks like you don’t even make it to the nearest police station because people in the community would tie you up and beat you to death. Why does everyone around you have to contain themselves and you did not, you freak of Nature? Why do Torys family, even when given the chance to talk cannot just tell you freely what they think of you. But then again, nothing will bring Tori back, nothing will take away the fact that she SUFFERED, that your filthy body touched her immaculate one and hurt her and killed her. Nothing will change the fact that you destroyed her. Nothing can take away the pain that all of her family is feeling. Not even you eternal suffering, Why do you, and all of your kind, get the benefits of the Charter of Rights when all you have proven is to be a monster. You are not human. You are not human. The last drop of humanity that Terry had was the only reason why she confessed guilty. She did not even asked for a lawyer because she knew that what she did was and will always be is unforgivable and undefendable, But not you, you coward, not you. You do not confess, you sob and your knees tremble because you are scared of what will happen to you but not because you are sorry for what you did to Tory. If you were, you would have confessed. If you would have never been caught you would have continued hurting innocent creatures like Tory, you would have never stopped you insatiable monster. I hope you are not a psychopath, I hope you are not insane. I only hope this because psychopaths have no feelings. I hope your feelings eat you up alive. I hope that you literally rot in jail. I know people like you, you feel so miserable, so inferior, so unattractive, so unloved that you start to look for innocent victims to fill that immense void you have inside. The Universe does not care about your void, no human on this Earth cares about you, your feelings, your suffering. All of that is not enough to make up for what Tory had to go through because of you. You are and will be never loved by anyone on Earth. Be sure you despicable monster that all these putrid feelings that you have made all of us feel are going to rot each and every cell of your body. Whenever you are by yourself breathing, a luxury granted to you by this civilized society, you will feel pain and pain and more pain. When you die, trust me, I also know this, you will still feel pain and you will suffer eternally. You will never rest in peace you Michel Rafferty, nobody, no god will ever forgive you.