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Honda. The two wheeler segment is divided into two stroke and four stroke categories. good mileage. The motorcycles segment forms 65% of whole of two wheeler segment. etc. Scooty. Whereas earlier the motorcycles had a very small share in the two wheeler segment but with the collaboration of Indian and Japanese companies (Honda. It is also more convenient for travelling short distance within the city and for individual. Most of the officials or some persons generally prefer these two wheelers. The scooterette segment will continue to lead the demand for two wheeler in the coming years. the years the sales figured of the two wheelers has increased to a very large extent. . as they are more concerned with mileage. The two wheeler market mainly consists of scooterette and motorcycles. over. whereas now the sales have gone up to millions. Suzuki.4 million units in the year 2009-10. Suzuki. Licensing horns ruled day till the mid 80‟s access to foreign technology inputs and foreign investment were strictly government controlled. better pick-up. etc. the policy environment guided and controlled this segment of the industry as well. TVS Scooty. the Indian automobile industry was administered select doses of liberalization. Since mid 80‟s. Yamaha. so that it would be easy to ride the two wheelers in the cities where there is much traffic. the four strokes category consists of Honda Activa. Kinetic Style. etc. etc. They are also concerned with these two wheelers. Like any other Indian industry. attracted world major companies like. foreign collaboration coupled with Indian market potential. The Indian two wheeler industries produced and sold about 3. The present day market is such that a two wheeler is affordable by middle class people in urban areas. Nova. Yamaha Rx135.INTRODUCTION: The two wheeler segment in the automobile industry plays a vital role in India. The two strokes consists of kinetic Honda. The sales of the two wheeler in 1950 were merely 900 units. as they prefer unguarded vehicles. and of Kawasaki) the share has increased tremendously with reason being that two wheelers had a superior engine. such as Honda Activa. Kinetic Honda. improved designs and large options to choose from.

. These have been gained big status to their entity with liberalization opening gates of conservative Indian economy.INDIAN AUTOMOBILE MARKET: In India basically the people are composed of middle and lower income people. but also meet and exceed the expectations of Indian customers with outstanding after sales support. . Consumer‟s long list of preference was carefully kept in mind and a new era of market segmentation began. many multinational companies are collaborating with Indian companies to market share for their vehicles at international level. The two wheeler age revolutionized Indian automobile market. These wings are here to initiate a change and make a difference in the Indian 2 wheeler industry. Suzuki. Ltd. When we shift our attention to manufacturers of bikes in India such as Hero Honda. conforming to international norms. represents the company's unwavering dedication in achieving goals that are unique and above all. Yamaha. low cost. The customer‟s attitudes too changed with preference for looks. TVS. Honda noticed this and their efforts paid dividends when Activa and Dio were launched. Honda's dream for India is to not only manufacture 2-wheelers of global quality. The market now segregates high income and middle income from rich class of customers. Hero Honda. Power engine. fuel efficiency. Bullet and many othersoccupy pre-dominant positions in our eyes. Bikes and scooterettes for everyone has become a motto for automobile industry. the Wings. Kawasaki. For them economical and reasonable comfortable bike or scooter with less maintenance was the priority. a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. (HMSI). Rich and high-income group of customers usually goes for: – Looks – Maintenance – Power The middle and low-income people goes for: – Fuel efficient – Power – Economical c INDUSTRIAL BACKGROUND: Indian automobile industry is full of big names such as Maruti. Yamaha. maintenance. Japan. comfortable riding and good after sales service. TVS-Suzuki. Its symbol. HONDA: Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of 2-wheelers. availability of spare parts. These wings are now in India as Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. and many others have swept away the automobile market with high quality 2 and 4 wheelers. Tata.

BREIF OF HONDA ACTIVA: Launched in 2001. It has been developed exclusively for the Indian market after closely examining the changing lifestyles. Some monopoly Features: Aerodynamic Design: The Honda Activa has an aerodynamic body that helps cool the engine through smoother airflow. The Honda Activa has set a new standard for new era of scooters in India. Multi-Reflector headlamp: Honda Activa has a powerful and very stylish multi-reflector headlamp that increases road visibility to make night driving a safe experience. . It has revitalized the Indian scooter market after its relaunch in the year 2009. It is designed to offer greater functionality. performance. Under Seat Box: Neatly hidden beneath the seat of the Honda Activa is space that can comfortably hold a helmet or any other thing you wish to put away (as we call it as „DICKKI‟). Activa was specially designed keeping in view the needs and preferences of Indian consumers who expressed that the conventional Indian scooter was too big and difficult to handle and that the scooterette was too small and similar to a moped. It also helps to lower fuel consumption by lowering air resistance. wants and needs of the consumers. A 102 cc scooter. The Honda Activa has been designed to cater people who believe: • The conventional Indian scooter is too big and difficult to handle • The scooterette is too small and similar to mopeds The Honda Activa is equipped with a number of new functions and mechanisms. introduced for the first time in India. Honda Activa was the first scooter model of HMSI for the Indian market. Within the 1st year of its launch it has been awarded the 'Scooter of the Year' by Overdrive magazine and also the 'Readers Choice Award' for the best scooter by Auto India Magazine. CLIC: The „Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover‟ enables one to easily lift-up the Honda Activa‟s body cover. This makes routine maintenance easier and faster. This seals the air leakage in case of a puncture to ensure that the rider enjoys a hassle-free ride. economy. like the bonnet of a car. and ease of handling and maintenance to a wide cross-section of the Indian society. Tuffup Tube: The Tyres of the Honda Activa have double layered tubes with fluid in between.

Honda Activa Brakes: Honda Activa houses drum brakes at both end. it applies front braking force when rear one is activated. The petrol tank maximum capacity is 5. Fuel filling system is remained the same that is by lifting seat. black. One More effective safety system is also there in the Honda Activa that is called CBS. The body colour is painted on front fairing and body panels of the machine. Honda Activa Price varies from location to location in the country. Honda Activa Acceleration: The top speed of the Honda Activa is 80 kmph. Honda Activa owners reported it around 45 in city and around 50 kmpl on highway. New revamped engine is there to give the scooter more power and pick-up thereby increase the acceleration. These are candy lucid red.Honda Activa Colours: The flagship scooter of Honda comes in various attracting hues. force silver metallic. In other words.43. Rear grab rails and rear view mirrors are in different colours. Yes. these are conventional braking system but smart enough to give instant braking to this kind of compact machine. The diameter is 130mm for both the brakes. It comes in act when rear brake is activated. Pricing of Honda Activa: Honda Activa is available across India via the large dealership network of Honda. It gives around 52 kmpl. geny grey metallic.148. The Honda Activa is also liked due to its fine mileage figures. . Honda Activa Ex Showroom Price* in Delhi is Rs.3 liters. Nevertheless. wild purple metallic and pearl sunbeam white. The company's engineers also did a fine job to increase its mileage by 15 per cent. Honda Activa Fuel Efficiency: This family scooter is one of the best scooter exit in India. The new Honda Activa is incorporated with combi brakes (in deluxe version) which promises shorter braking distance. as per HMSI test conditions. Body panels are impact resistant ABS plastic panels.

The leading two wheeler manufacturing companies HERO HONDA. taxes. Lower cost competitors Economic slowdown Expanding market size of compact cars ( currently it is around 76% ) Regaining the lead of low emissions is a risky proposition as other companies are coming out with new and cost effective ideas of producing low emission vehicles. External changes (government.TVS are having good marketing policy and product Reputation for being underpowered. THREATS       Too many competitors in automotive industry.SWOT ANALYSIS OF HONDA:- STRENGTHS         Quality and customer satisfaction The Honda was merged with hero group so there is not high demand for branding. OPPORTUNITIES   Progressing low emission vehicles and alternative power sources. The pricing strategy of Honda was good according to the product quality High R&D like Hybrid Technology Innovation Market share leadership Strong brand equity Unique products WEAKNESSES     High Price (latest technology being used in Honda products it is difficult to keep the prices low. Steel Prices etc) . BAJAJ.) Honda was the new company for the Indian market. politics. Mid segment economical small Cars.

7 kmpl 42. Specification Size Power (Bhp) Torque (Nm) Pickup Mileage Honda Activa DLX Slimer than Suzuki Access 8 bhp* 8.79 sec 53.8Nm* 60 km in 7 sec 44. New Delhi) 41.5 kmpl Suzuki Access Little more bulky 8.58 bhp* 9. single cylinder 90/100 Drum 160 mm 780 mm 6.3 L 18 L 111 . single cylinder 90/100 Drum 145 mm 765 mm 5. so it was needed to cross cheak with comapny manuals and consumer reviews for accuracy.8 Nm* 60 km in 10.COMPARISON BETWEEN HONDA ACTIVA AND SUZUKI ACCESS: It was always confusing for every person to decide between two different product with similarities between them.0 L 20 L 115 Price (Ex-showroom price.097 ** Waiting Period Maintenance Availability of spares Engine Tyre Size Breaks Ground Clearance Seat height Fuel Tank Storage Kerb Weight (Kg) NA Normal Easy 4 Stroke.850** 45 days Normal Normal 4 Stroke.

convenient. durable. No gears. . family carrier etc… are some of the adjectives associated with the Activa. You can out maneuver anything else with this bike and I think we should call it “traffic buster”. The Activa is the best bike for those crowded rush hour traffic and nothing even comes close. Practical. self-start for easy starts. no clutch. The bike is in my opinion the easiest 2 wheeler to drive. reliable. maintenance and stress free. workhorse. comfortable.CONCLUSION Since its launch in 2001 the Honda Activa has become a hit with both men and women as it caters to the needs of both genders. One in any word we can say that Honda Activa is a pleasure to drive with joy ON & ON. With the best mileage available in existing non-gear 2wheelers yet.

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