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With an Edinburgh’s Telford College qualification, you may already be more than half way there. In many cases you can use an HNC or an HND qualification to progress to degree study. Quite often, you can progress straight to the 2nd year of a degree with an HNC, or the 3rd year of a degree with an HND. This booklet is written as a guide to help you explore the possibilities of articulating to university study and using a qualification gained at Edinburgh’s Telford College to do so.

HigHer NatioNal QualificatioNs If you are looking to continue your studies at degree level, studying for a Higher National Qualification is one of the best ways to achieve your ambition.

What is a Higher National certificate? A Higher National Certificate (HNC) is an advanced qualification that is broadly equivalent to the first year at university in Scotland. HNC programmes are divided into units that are certified individually and are at level 7 of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework The college offers a wide range of HNCs in many vocational area which are designed to deepen understanding of the skills and technical knowledge of the area of work. HNCs also develop advanced study skills necessary to progress to university or an HND.

What is a Higher National Diploma? The Higher National Diploma (HND) is an advanced level qualificaion consisting of 30 credits. HNDs are at level 8 of the Scottish Credit and Qualications Framework. Most students studying an HND will have previously completed an HNC, with the credits counting towards the HND Qualication. HNDs involve broad and detailed study of the subject matter of an academic or technical nature. In many cases, students completing an HND will be able to progress on to year 2 or 3 of a degree programme.


WHat is articulatioN? HNCs are broadly equivalent to the first year of a degree (SCQF level 7). or an HND into year 3 of a which allow students to apply for direct entry into the second or third year of a university degree. For details of current articulation routes and entry requirements for local degree programmes. Details of some of the articulation agteements that the college has in places with various local universities are highlighted in this booklet. 2 . as well as universities further aeld. You are often able to apply to go from an HNC directly into year of 2 a degree programme. and others are informal and depend on individual circumstances.some of these are formal and have guaranteed places attached.elrah. Year 4 Year 3 HND HNC College Route Year 2 Year 1 College Route Highers Intermediate 2 Edinburgh’s Telford College has many agreements with local Please be aware that you will still need to apply through ucas before their deadline and there may still be entry qualications to meet and a need to compete for a place. These are called articulation agreements . an extensive search can be carried out on on the ELRAH database which can be accessed via the ELRAH website: www.

uk click on ‘find a course’ 3. Fife & Borders region. The ELRAH Route Finder database can be accessed via the ELRAH website: 1. search for the course or route you are interested in contact your college lecturer or the university for more information on the route Please be aware that even if the college has an agreement with a university you will still need to apply through UCAS by the deadline. 3 . This newly created database is a single point of current information on HN to degree routes within partner colleges & universities in the Edinburgh. Lothians. 2.articulatioN Database Details of all of the articulation routes which Edinburgh’s Telford College currently has in place with various partner universities are the ELRAH Route Finder database. There is likely to be entry qualications to meet and a limited number of places available.elrah. log on to www.

the college might be able to help you turn that into an Honours Degree in only one year. places will be oered on a number of ‘Top-up’ degree programmes. If you already have an HND. meaning almost half of your degree could already be 4 . the open university A BA or BSc degree with The Open University could also be a route on from an HNC or an HND and provides a exible way to fit learning around working It is possible to be awarded 8 points for each full HN credit at SCQF levels 7 and 8 that have been successfully completed.oPPortuNities for Degree stuDy edinburgh’s telford college top-up degrees Top up your HND to a university Honours Degree in one year at Edinburgh’s Telford College. For more information contact the Open University on 0845 300 6090 or visit their website at www. Ask Learner Services to find out From January 2012. The number of credit transfer points that can go towards a degree will depend on the type of Open University degree chosen. family and other outside commitments. offering maximum flexibility to fit in and around work. These will be a mix of campus based and online learning. There are many opportunities to transfer credit from an HNC or HND and claim credit transfer towards the requirements of an Open University degree.

uk 5 .elrah.Yr 3 BA (Hons) Accountancy . www.Yr 4 BA (Hons) Accountancy .ac.Yr 2 HNC Accounting entry requirements • • • • excellent Personal statement ‘a’ grade in the graded unit excellent tutor reference ucas application submitted by the ucas deadline check the articulation database to find out more.accouNtiNg articulatioN route BA (Hons) Accountancy .

accouNtiNg stuDeNt Profile Name: college course: Progression to: saj sharif HNc accounting ba (Hons) accounting (entrance into 2nd year) Saj Sharif decided to start a course at Edinburgh’s Telford College in order to improve her job prospects and better her financial situation for herself and her family. As she was already completing many self-assessment tax returns at home for her friends and family. we support each other through all subjects . Saj started her HNC Accountancy at college and then moved on to the second year of a degree at Heriot Watt University.’ In the future. she says the positive aspects are that ‘I have made great friends who turned into a study group and we are all progressing through uni together. 6 .’ Although Saj acknowledges that it seems like a big jump moving to university. the end result keeps me motivated and I’m learning things already that I can apply to my day to day work. it’s tough going but I love a challenge.someone is always better at one subject than the rest and that person will coach the others in their weak points. I’ve made friends for life. Nb. Saj says ‘I loved my whole college experience and I absolutely love the university course. Saj hopes to use her course and qualification to help her run her own Chartered Accountant business. Students articulating to accountancy need to check carefully the ACCA exemptions they might be entitled to. she decided accountancy was the career for her. When asked if she enjoys her course.

Yr 3 HND Acting and Performance HNC Acting and Performance entry requirement • • • • excellent Personal statement audition required excellent tutor reference ucas application submitted by the ucas deadline this is a 2+2 top-up degree which means year 1 and 2 are only available at college.actiNg aND PerformaNce articulatioN route BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen .Yr 4 BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen . 7 .

directing. which was quite exciting at the time.’ When asked for what advice he would give students considering making the same progression to degree study that he did. I had already spent 2 years at college and to do an acting degree. you go into third year. the more you put into it. Plus the fact. I’ll be quite happy. Just really knuckle down from the word go and prepare everything you need because the more you do. The BA (Hons) Acting is a “top-up” degree. completing the HND in the summer of 2010. Ross advises ‘Do the work.’ 8 . the more you get out of it. for students who are completing their HND.‘ ‘I’m just really hoping to stay within the theatre industry. production – I don’t really know at the moment.actiNg aND PerformaNce stuDeNt Profile Name: college course: Progression to: ross mcNab HND acting and Performance bsc (Hons) acting for stage and screen (entrance into 3rd year) This degree is being oered jointly by the School of Arts & Creative Industries of Edinburgh Napier and the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Another big thing for me is that it was only going to be 2 more years. ‘I chose the course as it was a brand new course. Ross started an HNC in Acting and Performance at Edinburgh’s Telford College in 2008. It is the only acting course in Scotland that provides stage and screen study at the exact same time. I’m going to see how these two years goes. whether it’s acting. allowing progression directly into the third year of the degree programme. As long as I’m still working within the industry in 5 years time. Queen Margaret University. that’s another 5 years in total of education – I don’ t want to spend that much time. you do your third and fourth and then gain an honours degree.

please check the articulation database nd out more www.elrah.comPutiNg articulatioN route MEng Software Engineering .Yr 3 HND Computing: Software Development HNC Computing: Software Development entry requirements • • • • minimum of a ‘a’ grade in the graded unit excellent Personal statement excellent tutor reference ucas application submitted by the ucas deadline Nb .uk 9 .Yr 4 MEng Software Engineering .ac.there are many other routes in computing degrees from the HNc and HND.

’ After finishing his degree. David hopes to work as a contractor in software development for a few years before starting his own business. he said ‘It is very challenging and involves a lot of problem solving which I do enjoy.comPutiNg stuDeNt Profile Name: college course: Progression to: David christie HND computing: software Development meng software engineering With his HND. 10 . just not in the right sector. David chose this articulation route from college to university as he saw it as a bit of a ‘safety net’ for him. David was unable to complete a work placement.covering a lot of topics they had already learned. this was a sacrifice that he was willing to make due to ‘being a mature student with a lot of work experience already. however there is a lot of monotonous paperwork involved. ‘I found the taught material carried on well from the second year of college while students who went into the second year found it frustrating .’ As David went straight into third year from his HND. Now in his fourth year. When asked if he enjoyed his course. he felt he had an advantage over his peers. where as if I started at university I would have nothing.’ David decided to study Software Engineering so that he could turn a hobby and an interest into a well-paid job.’ Although by choosing to study as a direct entrant. ‘If something happened that forced me to drop out in the third year of my education then I thought that if I started at college at least I would still have a HND. David Christie went into third year of MEng Software Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University studying.

Yr 3 HND Interior Design HNC Interior Design entry requirements • • • • • minimum of a ‘a’ grade in the graded unit excellent Personal statement excellent Portfolio excellent tutor reference ucas application submitted by the ucas deadline this is a 2+2 top-up degree which means years 1 and 2 are only offered at college. 11 .Yr 4 BDes (Hons) Design and Digital Arts .DesigN aND Digital arts articulatioN route BDes (Hons) Design and Digital Arts .

We’ve been put into groups with other third years. The degree connects directly with the HND and involves studio practice. So that’s great because we get to learn from them a little bit.’ ‘Because the class were all from college.’ 12 . We’ve got a good class and we all help each other’s a dierent situation…all of us are all dierent ages. it is so dierent from rst years coming into uni and being involved with living in halls and meeting everyone for the rst time .’ Another benet of going straight into third year of a degree is the financial advantages. because I wouldn’t have got any more funding if I’d gone back to first year. lectures. CAD sessions and independent study. Fiona says ‘Starting my degree course in third year with my fellow class mates was really good because we were all in the same position. so they’ve already been here for 2 years and they know how everything works and… the way to get things done. tutorials. We’ve all gone into studying at all dierent times in our lives. see what they’re doing and how they do things.DesigN aND Digital arts stuDeNt Profile Name: college course: Progression to: fiona Hudson HND interior Design bDes (Hons) Design and Digital arts (entrance into 3rd year ) This BDes (Hons) programme is structured to recruit directly from HND design programmes and foundation degrees and therefore only has a third and fourth year. Fiona says ‘Going into third year helped with funding as well. so it’s just a completely dierent group. we’d all come from college.

uk 13 . www.Yr 4 BA (Hons) Events Management .eveNts maNagemeNt articulatioN route BA (Hons) Events Management 3 HND Events Management HNC Events Management entry requirements • • • excellent Personal statement excellent tutor reference ucas application submitted by the ucas deadline check the articulation database and find out more.

It is a good experience but a different experience. And I was good at it too. From arranging a night out to creating the schedules at my work or from organising 5-a-side football to holidays with friends.’ His plan was quite simply to complete a 2-year HND at college and enter into the third year of a degree at University. were the right options for me. It was actually a girlfriend I was seeing at the time that suggested the course to me at another college. And that’s what he did. learn my trade and work my way up to owning my own Events company.’ 14 .’ At the moment Greg is entering his fourth year and aiming to obtain the highest honours degree he can. After that. I didn’t even know the Events course existed. Be prepared to work hard but the rewards of that hard work are worth it. at 24. it was always left to me to take care of. it’s damn hard work. and Telford. Not going to lie though.’ Greg advises ‘It’s an experience that is also doing wonders for my CV. He chose to study Events Management at Edinburgh’s Telford College as ‘I was always the one organising things. He says ‘I would recommend it to others as it’s always beneficial to further your education and increase your job prospects. So I investigated it and thought that the course.eveNts maNagemeNt stuDeNt Profile Name: college course: Progression to: greg clark HND events management ba (Hons) events management (entrance into 3rd year ) After finishing sixth year at High School Greg decided to take a year out that ended up lasting seven years! However. he decided it was either time to knuckle down and get some safe full-time work or go back to education. he says that he hopes to ‘work for an events company or within an events department upon my graduation.

uk 15 .social scieNces articulatioN route BA (Hons) Psychology and Socialology . 4 BA (Hons) Psychology and Socialology .Yr 3 BA (Hons) Psychology and Socialology .elrah.Yr 2 HNC Social Sciences entry requirements • • • • excellent Personal statement excellent Portfolio excellent tutor reference ucas application submitted by the ucas deadline check the articulation database and find out more.

‘ 16 . it really didn’t help. She’d even facilitated some group work for us to help us with a class that we were all struggling to get our heads round. I was lucky that another persons mentor was nice enough to take me on a little and give me some guidance too. I probably should have. what class will take up a lot of our time etc. but in a new environment when you’re already terried. We see the 3rd years of our course quite often now and they’re always giving us hints and tips. A lot of things that I found very dicult to grasp were tiny things such as gadgets and machines around the uni. yet at the time were huge! Some other Direct Entrants had signed up for a mentor and their mentor was fantastic! She took us all under her wing and has been really helpful. looking back. but looking back.‘ ’Having just nished semester 2 scieNces stuDeNt Prole Name: college course: Progression to: mel clements HNc social sciences ba (Hons) Psyhology and sociology (entrance into 2nd year) Mel was a Direct Entrant to year two of Psychology and Sociology in 2010 after studying HNC Social Sciences at Edinburgh’s Telford College. Mel says: ‘Initially the whole prospect of going to university was very daunting. the problems I faced seem so petty and silly. that sound really daft. never mind the fact you were going straight in at the deep end as a Direct Entrant with a whole bunch of strangers who had already spent the past year getting to know each other. I didn’t sign up for a mentor myself.

Support and advice when lling out your UCAS application will be available for Edinburgh’s Telford College students. the level of the course you wish to take and the support you currently receive or have had in the past. Edinburgh’s Telford College seeks to oer choices and other opportunities for self funding students .fuNDiNg aND aPPlicatioN for Degree stuDies funding Your entitlement to nancial support will depend on your individual Funding for HE study is currently under review. Please enquire in Learner Services for more information. using only one application form.saas. It is well worth looking at their website: www. and as there are not always funded places available. Please pop into Learner Services and ask about UCAS support. Advisers in Learner Services are able to help with HE funding enquiries. The UCAS application allows you to apply for up to ve university courses. More in-depth information is available from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). 17 .gov. application Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the organisation through which you apply for almost all undergraduate courses at UK universities. The closing date for most applications is 15 January of the year you plan to start your course. or to search for other routes from other subjects.napier. please use the Routender Queen margaret university: Tel: Website: 0131 474 0000 18 . ask your lecturer or contact the University you wish to apply to directly: edinburgh Napier university: Tel: Website: 08452 606040 www. ask for more information at Learner the university of edinburgh: Tel: Website: 0131 650 4360 learner services Please also feel free to contact your ELRAH College to University Adviser.Watt university: Tel: Website: 0131 451 3784 www. which can be found at : www.furtHer HelP aND suPPort To nd out more about any of the articulation routes featured in this Kate Heighington Peter Scott or Peter.ed.

.Disclaimer: The information in this booklet was correct at time of going to print (October 2011). Articulation arrangements are subject to change from time to time and therefore students are advised to check the latest agreements with university admissions teams.

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