TASK 1 Find the main idea of the following paragraph

As the canoe sliced through the black water, an alligator slipped from its perch1 atop a submerged log2 and disappeared beneath the surface. Off to the right, a green heron3 stalked its prey from the shore as slivers of sunshine shone through the canopy of Spanish moss4 and cypress. This was a glimpse of what Florida was-before the rise of Mickey, Miami, and millions of tourists.
1 2

A high place used by animals for rest. a thick piece of wood cut from a tree. 3 a large bird with a long neck, long legs, and a long pointed beak that lives near water. 4 a soft green or brown plant that grows in a layer on wet ground, rocks, or trees.

Marshal Ney in his top-boots. I did not see who it was and went on. gesturing with his sword among the green new horse-chestnut leaves: my flat was just across the street. I wanted to get home. Michel. passed the tables of the Rotonde. still crowded. He looked very fine. . There was a faded purple wreath leaning against the base. looked across the street at the Dome. a little way down the Boulevard St. Lavigne's was closed tight. I stopped and read the inscription: from the Bonapartist Groups. Michel. some date. The Boulevard Monparnasse was deserted. I passed Ney's statue standing among the new-leaved chestnut-trees in the arc-light.TASK 2 Number the places on the map according to the order in the paragraph I went out onto the sidewalk and walked down toward the Boulevard St. I forget. and they were stacking the tables outside the Closerie des Lilas. Someone waved at me from a table. its tables running out to the edge of the pavement.

In August 1862. now made up of seasoned veterans. Use a Venn Diagram to keep track of important details in a comparison-contrast paragraph. The naive enthusiasm that preceded the earlier encounter was gone. produced far greater carnage3. The Second Battle of Bull Run. Still the battle did not weaken Northern resolve. The contending forces. the writer compares the Second Battle of Bull Run to the first battle. knew well the reality of war.TASK 3 In this paragraph. Union and Confederate armies converged for a second time on the plains of Manassas. . War was not the holiday outing or grand adventure envisioned by the young recruits of 1861. covering three days.300 killed and brought the Confederacy to the height of its power.

tiny cuts that looked as if a mad cat had plunged its claws deep into my skin. A cruel school nurse told me I would always have them." I started out life as a pretty baby and learned to be a pretty girl from a pretty mother.Task 4: The writer uses cause-effect organization to explain her main ideahow she learned to be "invisible. . Then at ten years of age I suffered one of the worst cases of chicken pox I have ever heard of. My entire body. leaving-permanent scars. including the inside of my ears and in between my toes. was covered with pustules which in a fit of panic at my appearance I scratched off my face. I grew my hair long and hid behind it for the first year of my adolescence. This was when I learned to be Invisible.

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