The concept of al-Walaa’ wal-Baraa’ or love and hate for the sake of Allaah.
Bismillah Allah almighty said “So know that Lâ ilâha illallaah, and ask forgiveness for your sin, and also for believing men and believing women....”. (Qur’an 47:19). One of the nine conditions of Shahadah is knowledge. The principle of al Walaa’u al-baraa’ is underpinned in our Shahadah (rejection / disassociation of taghut ( ), polytheism - Shirk1 etc and affirming oneness of 2 Allah – Tawheed ). Al-Walaa means loyalty, friendship, alliance3 and al-baraa’ means rejection, severance4. In Islam al-Walaa is loyalty to Allah and whatever He is pleased with as well as friendship and closeness to the believers, whereas al-baraa is rejecting from anything displeasing to Allah and disowning the disbelievers. Allah obligates us to love those who love Allah and His Messenger (s5) – people of Tawheed6 and hate people of shirk7 - those who oppose Allah and His Messenger (s). The Islamic Belief System (‘Aqeedah) obligates every Muslim to love the people of ‘Tawheed and hate the people of Shirk and fusook. Allah states: “O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and Christians for friends. They are Awliyaa (friends) to each other. And the one among you that turns to them is one of them. Indeed, Allah guides not an unjust people.” (5:51)


Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan “Al-Walaa wal baraa, PDF- page 6 of 35 ibid 3 Page 11 of 129 “Al-Wala’ Wa’l-Bara – part 2” by Shaykh Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani 4 Ibid (page 12 of 129)

Allah’s Peace and Blessing be upon His Messenger Muhammad (s) and upon his family, his Companions & believers.

Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan “Al-Walaa wal baraa, page 6 of 35) Tawheed: (a) Single out Allah as the only Lord, (b) Single out Allah as the only being worthy of worship and (c) single out Allah as the only One with Unique Names and attributes, not shared by the created beings. 7 (ibid) (a) Attribute qualities of Lordship to Allah’s creatures, (b) to direct worship other than Allah alone, (c) to attribute Allah’s perfect Names and Attributes to His creatures.

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islambasics. Allah states: “…. book 1. second of two.. Devali13 etc. (48:29). they are wrongdoers. 3512.. “O you who believe! Do not take your fathers and your brothers as Awliyaa. Allaah has given us these two festivals and we have no need of the kaafir festivals17. (Qur’an 9:40). before sending him to Yemen. .The above verse forbids Muslims from taking any of the People of the Book.” (9:23).they claim that the Prophet (s) gave the khilaafah to ‘Ali (ra) and to the twelve imams after him. such as taking part in Christmas11. 14 Referred to Qur’an.php?act=download&BID=25 9 Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan “Al-Walaa wal baraa. surely Allâh is with us. Muslims have no festivals apart from Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adhaa. and merciful among themselves. classed as Saheeh by al-Albany.9 The Prophet (s) said: “Whoever imitates a people is one of them. follow the non-believers customs." (49:10).. festivals (worldly).”10 Believers are not allowed to live in non Muslim land (except Dawah). Allah also forbade the believer from supporting the Kuffaar. Raafidis takfir against Abu Bakr (ra) and against other noble Companions (ra) of our beloved Prophet (s).. The Baatinis16 festival “Eid al-Ghadeer” . 12 In – Persian New Year.. even blood relatives. dress etc which indicate disbelief.. The Magians14 (Zoroastrians) their own festivals. The Prophet instructed Mu'aadh Ibn Jabal. With regard to Abu Bakr (ra). and fear Allah. and strengthened him with forces (angels) …. "…If they agree then instruct them in their obligations…”8. 11 Annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ for Christians.a day celebrating a symbol of spring and new life as Jesus' death brought new life to Christians. Their actions must be hated by the believers.. 16 Baatinis who changed the religion of Islam. if they love disbelief instead of faith. This principle is contained in the verse: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allâ that you may receive mercy. and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers. and any of the disbelievers as a Mawlaat (friend). All-Wise. "The believers are nothing else than brothers." Then Allâh sent down His Sakînah (tranquility) upon him. Nowruz15. 1134 8 2 © SF Reza . saying. Therefore. 15 New Day (http://en. but the condition is to follow the way of Prophet (s). PDF. when they were in the cave. Easter12. they were outwardly Raafidis but inwardly they were heretics 17 Sunan Abi Daawood. specifically. and Allâh is All-Mighty.wikipedia. such as Mahrajaan. Umar (ra) asked Abu Moosa (ra) why he was employing a Christian and invoked verse 5:51 and why not employ a believer. So make reconciliation between your brothers. the principle of al Walaa wal baraa applies to all.. cultures. the ancient festival of Sham El Nessim for Coptic Christians and other Christians around the world .page 12 of 35 10 Narrated by Abu Daawood. Kitab al Eemaan – Saheeh Muslim. to call the people to the worship of Allah alone. numbers 27 and 28 http://www. If any of you do so.. and he (s) said to his companion (Abu Bakr (ra): "Be not sad (or afraid). verse 22:17. 13 Festival of lights – celebrated in Hindu culture. as indicated in verse 2:62.

.. and then deliberately follows their path and imitates them? And Allah knows best.. Allah states: “And with Him (with Allah) are the keys of the Ghayb (hidden). as Prophet (s) would not have said “with us” if his companion was not a believer.s. …. ask Allaah for guidance to the Straight Path of the believers and to keep him away from the path of those earned His anger and of those went astray. ‘O abu Muhammad. h 5...) said... none knows them but Allah. 3 © SF Reza . Ch.The statement “Allah is with us” destroys the Shiiah takfir of Abu Bakr (ra).Abu ‘Abdallah (a. Shiiah Hadith states: “….18 The above contradicts Qur’an. Total word counts: 999 (excluding spaces and footnotes) 18 Shiiah Hadith book Al-Kaafi H . page 571 of 763 PDF version.. with us there is a secret of the secrets of Allah and knowledge of the knowledge of Allah. 102.” (6:59) We recite Surah Faatihah.