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Question No.

1 The struggle of the generations is one of the obvious constants of human affairs; therefore, it may be presumptuous to suggest that the rivalry between young and old in Western society during the current decade is ------- critical.
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A. perennially B. disturbingly C. uniquely D. archetypally E. captiously Question No. 2 In the nineteenth century, novelists and unsympathetic travelers portrayed the American West as a land of ------adversity, whereas promoters and idealists created ------image of a land of infinite promise.

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A. luriD : a mundane B. incrediblE : an underplayed C. dispiriting : an identical D. intriguing : a luxuriant E. unremitting : a compelling Question No. 3 To have true disciples, a thinker must not be too ------- any effective intellectual leader depends on the ability of other people to ------- thought processes that did not originate with them.

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A. popular : dismiss B. methodical : interpret C. idiosyncratic,.-reenact D. self-confident : revitalize E. pragmatiC : discourage

elegant : rarelyE. experimentation on . interest in B.      A. and this very ------. among scientists. considerable-------the possibility that increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 can cause long-term warming effects.suggests to me that some of the opinions voiced may be the author's. 4 The pungent verbal give-and-take among the characters makes the novel ------. enthusiasm for D. uncertainty about C. 6 Until the current warming trend exceeds the range of normal climatic fluctuations. abstrusE : ostensibly D. there will be. to state but -------difficult to solvE.      A. cryptiC : deceptively B. vexing : notoriously Question No. disturbing : flatness B.      A. lively : spiritedness D. 5 Number theory is rich in problems of an espe-cially -------sort: they are tantalizingly simple.reading. necessary : steadiness E. spurious : equally C. worry about E.Question No. rewarding : frivolousness Question No. tedious : inactiveness C.

affirm : controversial Question No. realistic E.bureaucratic impediments in order to develop and promote new therapies. contrast : metamorphosed D.the results of pioneering research could be due in part to the specialized nature of such findings:even ------. temporary C.      A. genuine D. reproducE : duplicated E. 7 The failure of many psychotherapists to ------.findings may not be useful.Question No. 9 Only by Ignoring decades of mismanagement and inefficiency could investors conclude thata fresh infusion of cash would provide anything more than a ------.      A. 10 Some activists believe that because the health-care system has become increasingly ------. 8 The theory of cosmic evolution states that the universe.has -------into great variety.      A. equilibrium : modulated B. envision : accessible C. understanD : baffling B.solution to the company's financial woes. utilizE : momentous D. inimical : utilize . attuneD : avoid B. intelligibility : developed Question No.   A. fair those it serves. complete Question No. proportion : accelerated E. having begun in a state of simplicity and------. individuals must------. homogeneity : differentiated C.

has always been the sys-tematic organization of common hatreds.enough.than earth bees: the former. unlike the latter. search for food together and signal their individual findings to one another. differentiated D.   A. 14 It has been argued that politics as---------. familiar B. mobile E. suppress D. sensitizeD : forsake Question No. whatever its transcendental claims. a theory B.her sense of whimsy when painting it.      A. thorough C.      A. her major themes are ------. attack E. 13 Honeybees tend to be more ------. aggressive C. interesting Question No. 12 As serious as she is about the bullfight. unresponsivE : circumvent D. satisfy Question No. indifferent : supplement E. social Question No. 11 Though some of the information the author reveals about Russian life might surprise Americans.      A. provoke C. inspire B.   C. insular B. she does not allow respect to ------. original E. vital D. an ideal .

17 Within the next decade. an enigma Question No. a practice D.its presence in their photographs. obviating : consensus B. Alison felt so strongly about the issue that she put aside her reserve and spoke up at the committee meeting. fortunatE : minimize E. contentious C.   the extent that they can ----. original : demonstrate D. consider themselves ------. engendering : speculation E. intrepid Question No. a contest E. escalating : debates D. resolving : rumors . diffident B. 15 Although normally -------.among geologists about the validity of the theory of continental drift. forestalling : rift C.      A. sophisticated telescopes now orbiting the Earth will determine whether the continents really are moving-------the incipient------. presumptuous E. skillful : enhance B. 16 Professional photographers generally regard inadvertent surrealism in a photograph as a curse rather than a blessing: magazine photographers in particular. conventional : highlight Question No.      A. inadequatE : eliminate C. facetious D.      A.

leaders of : latitude . changE : sincerity Question No.      A. minutE : discussed E. entertaining : stylized Question No. intricatE : executed C. arbitrary : maintain E. adversaries of : inclination D. 21 Even though in today's Soviet Union the ---------. dissidents within : obligation C. 19 Although the minuet appeared simple. its ------. allay : pessimism B. individual : diversify C. the Muslim laity and the rank-and-file clergy still have little ----------to practice their religion. evadE : verisimilitude D. intelligent : initiate B.ways to ------. 20 As businesses become aware that their advertising must ------.the Muslim clergy have been accorded power and privileges.     A. progressivE : revealed B.the everyday concerns of consumers. address : realism C. alternatE : continue Question No. 18 Candidates who oppose the present state income tax must be able to propose ------. rudimentary : allowed D. engagE : fancy E.      A. their commercials will be characterized by a greater degree of -------.      A.steps had to be studied very carefully before they could be gracefully ------------in publiC.the financing of state operations.Question No. innovativE : alleviate D. practitioners among : opportunity B.

23 The success of science is due in great part to its emphasis on -------: the reliance on evidence rather than ------. restricted : impractical D. E. sanctioned : inappropriate Question No.      A. conservatism : assumptions Question No. advocated : necessary B. empiricism : facts C. creativity : observation E. intended : necessary C. enhanced : indispensable C. appropriate : applicable E. in part.and the willingness to draw conclusions even when they conflict with traditional beliefs. initial : discernible Question No. objectivity : preconceptions D. undermined : popular E. traditionalists among : incentive Question No.      A. 24 Many of the earliest colonial houses that are still standing have been so modified and enlarged that the --------------design is no longer-----------. the amount of heat is negligible. 22 The demise of the rigorous academic curriculum in high school resulted. only recently have humans developed chemical light-producing systems whose efficiency---------- . from the progressive rhetoric that---------------the study of subjects previously thought---------as part of school learning. pertinent : relevant B. causality : experimentation B. embellished : attractive D.      A. 25 Nature's energy efficiency often---------------human technology: despite the intensity of the light fire?flies produce.

inhibits : matches E. hidden : renounced B. she stopped short of suggesting that the conference was near collapse and might produce nothing of significancE. 28 While the delegate clearly sought to ---------the optimism that has emerged recently.      A. inflicteD : dismissed D. clannish B. substantiate B.but had not attempteD. reflects : simulates C. sprawling Question No.the firefly's system.were insignificant compared with those they had ------.island of elegant assurance. 27 Contrary to the antiquated idea that the eighteenth century was a ------. outstrips : rivals D. engenders : manipulates B. evidence reveals that life for most people was filled with uncertainty and insecurity. 26 The acts of vandalism that these pranks had actually ------. tranquil D. determines : reproduces Question No.      A. encourage D. declining C. dampen C. committeD : effected E. elucidate .     A. advocateD : meditated C. perpetrateD : contemplated Question No.      A. recognized E.

. there is nothing that. that is. requires daily poli?tics to be clear. dismissed Question No. bloom density. rekindle Question No. regulations : conformity C. new varieties of apple trees are evaluated under different agricultural------------for tree size. E. adduced D.      A.      A.-------------to various soils. conditions : adaptability D. 30 A unique clay disk found at the Minoan site of Phaistos is often ------. conceded E. auspices : susceptibility E. as though for him serious issues mattered neither more nor less than did -------. casual D. circumstances : proximity B. overlooked C. configurations : propensity Question No. fruit size. questioned B. that requires reality to conform to theory. 32 Joe spoke of superfluous and the earliest example of printing by scholars who have defended its claim to this status despite equivalent claims put forward for other printing artifacts.      A. and consistent?nothing. assertive C. 29 In the current research program. tidy Question No. vicious E. thorough. and resistance to pests and diseasE. 31 Regardless of what--------------theories of politics may propound.matters with exactly the same degree of intensity. vague B.

33 Because folk art is neither completely rejected nor accepted as an art form by-art historians. the ------.of errors is more likely to be ------. unspoken E.than is the establishment of probable truth. impractical : outcomes E. 34 In scientific studies. orthodox D. disorderly : symmetry C. dubious : confusion B. harmonious : dissonance D. refinement : conditional Question No. humdrum : essentials Question No. important : necessities D. accumulation : agreeable E. supporting evidence is much more satisfying to report than are discredited hypotheses. redundant : superficialities C.      A. vital : trivialities B. detection : useful D. in fact. arbitrary B.      A. unruly : chaos . 35 While some see in practical jokes a wish for mastery in miniature over a world that seems very----------others believe that the jokes' purpose is to disrupt. but. formulation : permitted B. estimable C.     A. their final evaluations of it necessarily remain---------. by reducing all transactions to------------. correction : ignored C. equivocal Question No.     A.

 E. qualified B. unwarranted E.      A. encourage E. 39 Objectively set standards can serve as a ------for physicians. turbulent : uniformity Question No. direct flouting of a generally accepted system of values was regarded as----------------. haphazard C. fleeting D. even as a sign of madness.      A. 37 The proponents of recombinant DN A research have decided to ---------------federal regulation of their work. willful D. providing them -------unjustified malpractice claims.when she declined to make a speech in its favor. disregard Question No. protest B. 38 In the seventeenth century. irrational Question No. wholehearted Question No. deny D. they hope that by making this compro?mise they can forestall proposed state and local controls that might be even stiffer. adventurous B. frivolous C. impermissible E.      A. institute C. . 36 We first became aware that her support for the new program was less than ------.

any historical writing that takes no cognizance of ---------------facts is flaweD. consequently. cultural : substantively D. ecological : marginally C. safeguarD : protection from Question No. demographiC : intrinsically B. trial : evidence of B. test : questions about E. model : experience with C. political : demonstratively .      A. criterion : reasons for D. 40 The pressure of population on available resources is the key to understanding history. psychological : philosophically E.     A.

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