Aboriginal Genocide Centre Introduction

Renewing our humanity Our vision is for a world in which every human being is treated with dignity and respect, and has the opportunity and resources for a fulfilling and humane life. Our aims are to: * * Help create networks of people and communities that promote social justice and * * Influence public policy to address the needs of all members of society, particularly those experiencing acute hardship. We believe: • We stand at a critical moment in human history. • We must make better use of our human and moral as well as financial resources to secure a more peaceful and equitable world. • Australia and our world desperately needs a richer public philosophy in which economic efficiency better serves human wellbeing. • We all have much to contribute to fresh visions of how we can work together in a globalising world. It is the responsibility of those with access to that knowledge to make it available more broadly. • Young people - crucial to the struggle for global justice and peace must be heard and significantly involved in developing better social policies. • We urgently need closer collaboration among the great religions to help secure basic human rights, social justice and equity for all. • We also need more thoughtful cooperation among the churches, non-church justice groups and concerned people to make their efforts more effective. • Both individually and together we can help shape a more just world. The Collective Human Experience, Condition, Consciousness Integrity in the Courts To distrust the judiciary marks the beginning of the end of society. - Honoré de Balzac Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere - Martin Luther King