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The SMNC correspondances (2008)

In Nov 2007 (A before or after Thanksgiving) my Nephew died. 28 days later, on Christmas Eve, his mother (My Sister) also died-from an unknown/undisclosed "respiratory infection" (Presumably NOT pneumonia). I delved into research, suspecting a link between HAARP, chentrails, Morgellons, and my Sister's death. I discovered more than I thought I ever would. During 2007 that year and through 2008 wildfires were raging, literally all over the planet. It was also around this time that "Morgellons" was a very big deal all over the Internet. I began to upload videos concerning my research on the world-wide wildfire phenomenon onto a YouTube channel. By the fourth or fifth installment in a series title “WWW: Worldwide Wildfires”, a street crew with an asphalt cutter "accidentally" sliced through enough fiber-optic cable to disconnect cable television and Internet service for a quarter mile in every direction (This was mid-January 2009, a few days after the implementation of HDTV). I stopped uploading videos and eventually deleted the entire channel. My research, focused on the chemtrails, wild-fires, "Morgellons" and clinical mycology continued; which seemed to suggest that all these things were -and are- related in some obscure way. Following an article posted on, for the next three months was I engaged in correspondence with the author of that article, “smillernc.” The documents presented here, saved as e-mail attachments are now being made public, following discovery of new breakthrough information confirming much of what is suggested and proposed in these research articles/essays. I am indebted to this wonderfully woman for her patience, attention and tolerance of me and my cryptic collations, notations and my “unconventionally paranoid, anti-conspiracy theory” approach to research and investigation- especially the fact of her sticking with me through such an emotionally difficult time following the loss of my Nephew and Sister. Wherever you are- and if you’re reading this, thank you.