Extracts from book length projects & digital chapbooks by (or co-edited by) Ian Irvine (Hobson): Poetry, N/F and Fiction

As well as 'Scintillae 2012' Literary anthology Ian Irvine Co-edited this collection also features extracts from the following books and digital chapbooks written by ian Irvine (Hobson) since 1998: *Facing the Demon of Noontide (poetry collection) *Dream-Dust Parasites (novel) *The Angel of Luxury and Sadness (non-fiction book on ennui and modernity) *Muse of the Long Haul: Thirty One Isles of the Creative Imagination ('literary memoir') * Hermes: (Unheralded) God of the Postmodern Transition (academic non-fiction). *Digital Chapbooks (poetry): *Hermes and the Philatelic Creation of the Multiverse; *Darwinian Poetics; *The Vietnamese Sequence; *The Alchemical Sequence & *Poems for the Interstitium.