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DISCLAIMER: WE HAVE NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER WITH ANY RELIGION, CULT, GURU, ETC. – NOT FROM ANY COUNTRY Creation, Cosmology, and the Big Picture Time, Ascension of the Light, and the Co-Created Maintenance of a Reality of Error - (excerpted from "Notes at the End") - April-May 2014 Queen of the Machine - Aug 2013 New Earth, A New Trajectory? - Dec 2009 Looking at the Future & Time and Dimensional Shifting - Aug 2009 The Fall from Grace & the Return of Light - v1.4 - Aug 2009 The Rolling White Light- Dec 2008 The Lucifer Rebellion and The Essence of the Dark Forces - Aug 2008 Musaios-Time-Origins -A Guest Review - June 2008 Discernment, The Dark, and Falsehoods - Dec 2007 New Creation - Aug-Sept 2007 New Earth - Aug-Sept 2007 The Flaw in the "Process" of Creation - Jul 2007