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 Used in the examination of human work .Definition Systematic examination of the methods of carrying out activities such as to improve the effective use of resources.

 To investigate and analyze the existing situations. in the Production process.WORK STUDY OBJECTIVES  To enable the organization to establish a job in the most economical way of performing the objectives.  To determine a procedure .  To enable organization to discover weakness and drawbacks if any. with the help of which the management could easily make efficient use of the available resources. .  To Provide ways and means of enabling the organization to fix standardize methods.

Advantages  Better quality goods. overheads  Better control  incentive Payments  Labor requirement  Work improvement  Better utilization of resources  Better working condition .  Cordial relations  Reduce cost-labor. material.


METHOD STUDY  Systematic recording and critical examination of existing and proposed way of doing work. as a means of developing and applying easier and more effective methods and reducing cost .

 To find out new suggested method. To achieve optimum utilization of resources. . plant and equipment and manpower. how is better to increase productivity and reduce cost.  To improve the use of material.Objectives  To analyze existing and suggested method of doing a task or work.

Procedure of method study Selection of Work to be studied Recording the present method Critical examination of the facts Development of the most practical . economic and effective method Installation & Maintenance of new method .

Recording Techniques of method study (A)Process chart  Outline Process chart  process Chart  Flow chart  Multiple activity chart  Two limbs process chart  Man machine chart  Flow diagram  String chart  SIMO cycle chart .

A process map bridges the gap between a traditional process chart and a computer system flow chart .(B) Process mapping It is a modern version of process chart .

.Work measurement  Application of techniques designed to establish the time for a qualified workers carrying out a specified job at a defined level.

Recording Techniques of Work measurement  Rating Allowances  Standard Time .

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