PRESENTED BY : REEM AL HAJ MOUSSA WA’AED AL zyoud Dunia khaled MUNA alhejawi Ahmad 3azam 3abd el ra7man INSTRUCTOR: DR. BASSAM AL NUA’AME

Engineering Ethics

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Background ideas
 

Ethics is the study of the characteristics of morals. Ethics also deals with the moral choices that are made by each person in his or her relationship with other persons . Engineering ethics is the rules and standards governing the conduct of engineers in their role as professionals and it encompasses the more general definition of ethics , but applies it more specifically to situaitions involving engineers in their professional lives Engineering ethics is abody of philosophy indicating the ways that engineers should conduct themselves in their professional capacity

The purpose of this book is to provided a text and a resource for the study The

purpose of this book is to The purpose of this book is for the provided a text and a resourceto provided a text engineering for the study of study ofand a resourceethics and to help engineering ethics and to help future future engineers be prepared for engineers be prepared ethical dilmmas confronting and resolving for confronting and resolving ethical dilmmas .

Example of the un honesty of the ethics of engineering what happened Example of the un honesty of the ethics of in the ship happened engineering whatTitanic: in the ship Titanic:

Why study engineering ethics????

Several notorious cases that have received a great deal of media attention in the past few years have led engineers to gain an incraese sense of their professional responsibilities These cases have led to an awareness of the importance of ethics within the engineering profession as engineers realize how their technical work has far-reaching impact on society.

One result of this increase in a warness is that nearly every major corporation now has an ethics office that has the responsibility to ensure that employees have the ability to express their concerns about issues such as safety and corporate business practices in a way that will yeild results and will not result in retaliation against the employee . Ethics offices also try to foster an ethical culture that will help to head off ethical problems in a corporation before they start

Moral autonomy

Is the ability to think critically and independently about moral issues and to apply this moral thinking to situations that arise in the course of professional engineering practice .

Why should a future engineer bother studing ethics at all ??

The answer to this question lies in the nature of the ethical problem that are often encountered by an engineer . In most situations, the correct response is very obvious .for example, it is clear that to knowingly equip the pinto with wheel lugs made from substandard,weak steel that is susceptible to breaking is unethical and wrong .


Chapter one

Engineering is Managing the Unknown

-One source of the ethical issues encountered in the course of engineering practice is a lack of knowledge, but that doesn’t mean an unusual situation in the field of engineering. -Engineers often encounter situations in which they don't have all of information that is needed. This explains importance of engineering design to create new devices and products.

When something is new , many questions need to be answered

 

*How well does it work? *How will it affect people? *What changes will this lead to in society? *How well will this work under all of conditions that it will be exposed to? *Is it safe ?,if there are some safety concerns, how bad are they? *What are the effects of doing nothing?

GPS Shoes

Company in Los Angeles has developed shoes with a GPS tracking system for dementia sufferers and AL- Zheimer’s patients. The shoes contain a GPS system in the heel that lets family members track the location of the wearer. Family members can also establish a safe zone which will set off an alarm if a family member steps out of it.

GPS Shoes

Who can the shoes help? This shoes could be especially beneficial for people in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s, They go for a walk and they can get lost for days. some studies show up to 60 percent of Alzheimer's sufferers will wander and become lost - and half of those who are not found within 24 hours might die.

An engineer's job is about managing the unknown. How does an engineer accomplish this? -you must use your As an engineer you can creativity to attempt never be absolutely to foresee the certain that your design will never harm anyone possible or cause detrimental consequences of changes to society. your work.
you must test your design as thoroughly as time and resources permit to ensure that it operates safely and as planned .


Personal vs. business ethics

In discussing engineering ethics, it is important to make a distinction between personal ethics and professional ,or business ethics. Personal ethics: how we treat others in our day-to-day lives. Professional ethics: often involves choices on an organizational level rather than a personal level.

Personal vs. business ethics

Many of the problems will seem different because they involve relationships between two corporations ,or a corporation and the government , or corporations and groups of individuals. Frequently , these types of relationships pose problems that are not encountered in personal ethics


The origins of ethical thought
Befor proceeding ,its important to knowledge in general way the origins of the ethical philosophies ....  The western ethical thought that is discussed here originated in the philosophy of the ancient Greeks and their predecessors .

It has been developed through subsequent centuries by many thinkers in the Judeo-Christian tradition .

The origins of ethical thought

Interestingly, non –western cultures have independently developed similar ehtical principles . Although for many individuals , personal ethics are rooted in religious beliefs. This is not true for everyone .certainly , there are many ethical people who are not religious, and there are numerous examples of nominally religious people who are not ethical .

The origins of ethical thought

So while the ethical principles that we will discuss come to us filtered through a religious tradition , these principles are now cultural norms in the west , and as such: The are widely accepted regardless of their origin. We won’t need to refer explicitly to religion in order to discuss ethics in the engineering profession.


The role of law in engineering ethics

The role of law in engineering ethics

The practice of engineering is governed by many laws on the international federal ,stat, and local levels . Many of these laws are based on ethical principles , although many are purely of practical ,rather than philosophical ,nature. There is also a distinction between what is legal and what is ethical.

The role of law in engineering ethics

Many things that are legal could be considered unethical .
Example : designing a process that releases a known toxic , but unregulated , substance into the environment is probably unethical , although it’s legal .

The role of law in engineering ethics

The role of law in engineering ethics

If the law has not caught up with the latest scientific finding , it might to be illegal to release these substance into the environment, even though there is no ethical problem in doing so .

The role of law in engineering ethics

As an engineer , you are always minimally safe if you follow the requirements of the applicable laws . But in engineering ethics . We seek to go beyond the dictates of the law . Our interest is in areas where ethical principles conflict and there is no legal guidance for how to resolve the conflict .

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