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Data Centre Upgrades and Improvements

Planning a data centre upgrade Standardised solutions Simplifying and speeding up project execution
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Examples of data centre upgrades

Add high density equipment
Add power capacity Add cooling capacity

Fix a problem area Clean up a swamp improve cabling, rack layout, appearance, safety, accessibility

2009 APC by Schneider Electric

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What is driving upgrades?

My virtualized servers consume more power

Ive been asked to lower my electric bill

My equipment is out of date Im experiencing downtime with my current physical infrastructure My IT footprint is increasing and I need to pack the racks Im purchasing new high density IT equipment We need to consolidate our server rooms

2009 APC by Schneider Electric

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Standardised upgrade process

Listen Evaluate Suggest relevant reference designs Conduct assessments (power & cooling, capacity, efficiency) Validate concept

Propose design layout of entire solution Offer standardised solutions with integrated management Provide quick cost and schedule estimates

Review site prior to delivery Coordinate shipment

Manage project execution Assemble and start up solution Commission solution

Provide training

Standardised upgrade process avoids time delays and cost overruns

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The standard upgrade process flow

Translate IT requirements into:
Capacity requirements for power, cooling, and racks System performance specs for efficiency, density, availability, and expandability. Clear definition of the area(s) affected

Develop the system concept by selecting an appropriate, standard reference design Identify special preferences and constraints
Room / area shape, access, ceiling, floor, heat rejection options, switchgear, etc. Security, aesthetics, wide racks, etc

Identify and resolve any conflicts between constraints and the project goals
For complex projects this may require a professional services assessment

Develop the full technical specification for the project (system and project services)

Develop detailed design

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Think pods

Building out in increments

Use of standard components Reduction of upfront costs Targeted densities Scalable
Based on our own data centre construction cost models, a standard 9,000 square foot, Tier 3 data centre that will support 150 watts/square foot will cost approximately $21.3 million, with an annual electrical expenditure of $1.02 million (assuming 50% use and 0.07 cents per kilowatt hour). A pod approach would reduce the build cost to $11.8 million upfront, with an annual electrical cost of $560,000.
- Gartner, 27th Annual Data centre Conference, Creating Energy-Efficient, Low-Cost, High-Performance Data centres: Emerging Reality or Just a Dream?

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The upgrade solution spectrum

Through standardization, acquisition costs, maintenance costs, training cost, implementation costs, learning curves, and turnover of employees are all dramatically reduced.
University of Texas HSC

Hot aisle containment

Drop-in pod

Modular UPS

Large Rear air containment

/ complex

InRow cooling Blanking panels

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Modular power distribution

Supplemental cooling Core | Upgrades | Rev 0

Small / simple

Demonstrated thought leadership

These concepts are now part of the dialogue in our industry





2005 2002

Watts Watts IN IN


Computing OUT

2008 2003
Business = value Availability x Agility TCO

(Its NOT just availability anymore!)

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Upgrade example: Drop-in pod

Allows for an organized growth strategy

InRow cooling units

A mini data centre with its own cooling & power Contributes no heat to rest of data centre Works with existing roombased cooling Hot/cool air circulation localized within the pod by short air paths and/or containment Achieves optimal efficiency
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Standardized modular multi-rack pod

Air conditioners return ambient room-temperature air

Hot air is exhausted to the hot aisle and returns to the back of the air conditioners

Integral row-based air conditioners

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Cooling IN the row, close to the load

InRow air conditioner Heat captured and rejected to chilled water

Hot-aisle air enters from rear, preventing mixing

Cold air is supplied to the cold aisle

Hot aisle

Variable-speed fans optimize efficiency by closely matching performance to dynamic cooling demand
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Cold aisle

Can operate on hard floor or raised floor

Pre-engineered power distribution

Modular power distribution
Hot swappable by IT personnel adapt to new IT loads Auto-sensing of breaker size and location

Simpler & faster install

Wires factory pre-cut with plug connections Factory breaker installation and wiring

Integrated cable troughs support power whips

No raised floor required Only one electrical input required

Whips adjust to moves, adds, & changes Hot-swap different rack PDUs (i.e. power strips)
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Solution attributes that benefit upgrade projects

Scalable pay-as-you-grow design allows phase-in of IT projects over time Adaptable to your existing data centre equipment (i.e. IT racks, UPS, cooling)
Universal rack design accepts all vendors equipment

Management control available to IT operations

Operator-friendly Designed with the IT operator in mind

Enables the transition to a reliable, efficient, and safe data centre

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Simplifying and speeding up project execution

Standardized process Standardized solutions

Simple & fast upgrade

Planning tools i.e. TradeOff Tools Standard reference designs Comprehensive services for all phases of the project

Factory pre-configured vs. field-configured Shorter product lead times (long lead times
tie up capital)

Reduced human error

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Before and after



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Data centre upgrade


How should I plan for a data centre upgrade?

A standardized upgrade process can give significant cost and time savings. Effective plans are developed pod-by-pod within the data centre. Unique solutions lead to unique problems and surprises. Standardization enables scalability and agility which reduces human error and increased reliability. Planning tools, reference designs, project services all enable a standardized approach. Factory pre-configured, modular, and scalable solutions result in simplified, rapid upgrades.

How do standardized solutions benefit a data centre upgrade?

How can I simplify and speed up project execution?

2009 APC by Schneider Electric

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