What is Debt Settlement

A debt settlement is an agreement between a debtor and a creditor to fully satisfy a debt for a reduced payoff amount. Debt settlement programs are available to assist consumers in wiping out existing expenses without repaying complete totals. Offering an alternative to bankruptcy, court cases and neverending collection calls.

Why Debt Settlement is a good business
 You earn while you’re helping others get out of their debts.  One of the fastest way to earn good revenue Rapidly.

Why Choose Crusader
 8 years old debt settlement company with A rating with Better Business Bureau. Proud recipient of Gold Star from BBB for ZERO complaints in 3 consecutive years in the recent past.  100% clean internet track record. You won’t find bad comments about our company anywhere on the internet.  Attorney based Debt Settlement program, practicing in 44 states. 100% compliant model as per FTC TSR, state and federal laws. Field Agent from Attorney’s office meets customers face to face before charging first monthly payment.  We provide dedicated toll free line & Service delivery manager assigned to you for shift long support. • You really don’t need to generate agreements or spend half an hour entering customer information into word files. Just enter client's information into the CRM and click send. An agreement would be sent to the client and when client signs the agreement you need to upload it to the CRM and schedule Compliance call and we take it from there).

Benefits of Crusader
 Attorney based and Performance based models.  We Pay Highest Commission in the Industry.  Full Legal Representation for clients enrolled in the program. The attorneys file answers for customers and even go to court if need be at no extra cost. All included in the regular service fee.  We provide Back End software tools, where you can track your sales status, payment status, cumulative commission and request wire of your commissions as well.  Maintain highest Retention rate in the Industry due to the following reasons:  We explain the pros and cons of our program prior to client signing the agreement.  We cover all disclosures during compliance call to ensure client understands the program and to re-confirm their information.  Each clients is assigned a Customer Service Executive who is in regular touch with the client on monthly basis..

 Minimum Debt amount accepted is $10,000, Individual accounts must be over $500  Credit cards, Credit Union Credit Cards.  Bank Issued Loans (Lines of Credit and Personal Loans) with at least 6 months payments prior to entering program. NOT from current bank.  Hospital and Medical bills (has to be under 3rd Party Collections, also need a total balance of $2500 regardless of balance on each accounts).  Debts placed with collection attorneys and collection agencies.  Loans on repossessed personal property:(Cars, ATV’s, Boats, Motorcycles, Jewelry, Furniture, etc).  Cash advances and Balance transfers (require 6 payments by client prior to entering program).  Past due rent and utility bills from prior addresses.  Business Debts - business must be closed, debt cannot be secured.

File Submissions
        Once client signs an Agreement via docusign, you’ll be notified. You set up compliance call through CRM. Underwritings done within 15 minutes. Client gets compliance call and FTF meeting set up during compliance call. Client meets one of the field agents from the attorney’s office as scheduled. FTF Meeting done. File get’s Activated in Global and CCS system. It normally takes 5 -7 working days for a file to complete the whole process.

What states are accepted
 All states except Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia & Wisconsin.

Who are eligible for this opportunity
1. 2. 3.

Call Centers, Loan Mod Companies, Existing Debt Companies, Attorney office , Collection Agency etc. Have an existing team or ability to recruit team. Must have a branch or be a branch manager or experience managing others.

Commission Structure 3 Employees
The following is for the Illustration purposes only and is based on approximately 30 clients per month averaging $30,000 per file (10 files per Agent). • Month 1 total sale = $900,000 and Total revenue for month 1 sale @ 80% payout = $108,000 • Total 12 months Sales Rev. = $1,296,000 and Average Total revenue for 1 year = $546,000

Months Month 1 Month 2 Month 3

Monthly Commission $7,000 $14,000 $21,000

Month 4
Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12

$35,000 $42,000 $49,000 $56,000 $63,000 $70,000 $77,000 $84,000