Session 64

Set Your Knowledge in Motion: Maximize Reports & Graphs in the ISIR Analysis Tool
Holly Langer-Evans Anne Tuccillo

Session Objectives
Learn how to: Analyze the effectiveness of institutional verification criteria Determine Impact of individual ISIR fields on EFC Use graphing capabilities to present and share findings


Hands-On Activities
• Are you ready to set your knowledge in motion? • Use the workbook provided to begin


Session Materials
• We will post the workbook after the conferences on the QA Program website: • A taped version of this session will be available after the conference on the QA Program website


Important Program Information
ISIR Analysis Tool Calendar of Events

FSA Assessment Requirements

Verification Codes


Timeline of Activities for the ISIR Analysis Tool February Latest Version of IA Tool on the Web

March – September

Begin implementing your verification selection criteria & complete verifying your applicants Prepare flat file, upload data Analyze Data; FSA collects school data; Notify QA Rep. of institutional verification criteria (for QA schools only)

October November through January


QA Program Requirements for the FSA Assessments
Complete two Assessments or activities Notify Regional Representative of the two assessments If applicable, complete the Management Enhancement or Effective Practice Forms


QA Schools Must use these Verification Status Codes

• V VERIFIED by the school. • S Selected by CPS but NOT verified because the ISIR record did not meet the school verification criteria • W Selected by the school and the Pell was disbursed without documentation. • BLANK Not selected

Tracking your W Codes

• Access the Verification Tracking Report in COD

Verification Status Report
To retrieve the report via a Data Request: Log into the COD web site, select the Batch option from the top tool bar Select Grant Data Requests, select New Request; from the Report Type dropdown box, select Verification Status Report


Verification Status Report-Cont’d
 Make the appropriate selections for Award Year, Request Type and Data Type, and click the submit button

This process will produce a report with current data from COD. Remember, if there is no student for whom a code is missing, the file will be sent but the results will be blank.


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