Level 4

Dr. Anas Rabata
- DENTIST BACHELOR DEGREE, Damascus university in 2007. - MASTER DEGREE, Department of Histology and oral Pathology in Damascus university in 2011 - Dental Implantation Diploma, Dental Collage, Beirut, Lebanon, in 2010.


Mesenchymal connective tissue From dental papilla

Cavity in the central part of tooth

Molar pulp > incisor pulp

Surrounded by dentin
Except apical

Properties .

Inductive Oral epithelial dental lamina Enamel organ particular type of tooth formative dentin nutritive By Blood vessels + odontoblastic processes Maintain vitality of tooth sensory Respond with pain to all stimuli defensive By producing reparative dentin and mineralizing any affected dentinal tubule .

Pulp chamber Apical foramen Anatomy Root canal Accessory canals .


Pulp chamber ( coronal pulp) • The shape of pulp chamber is same as the outline of outer surface of dentin • Pulp horns : extension of the pulp into cusps • Become smaller with advancing age ( deposition of secondry dentin) .

Root canal (Radicular pulp) From cervical of the crown to the root apex Single (anterior) Multiple ( posterior) Continuous with periapical CT .

Apical foramen Maxillary teeth > mandibular teeth Bounded by dentin or by cementum .

Accessory canals Anywhere along the root Apical third .

Accessory canals .

Cell rich zone Cell free zone (weil`s zone) Odentoblast cell layer .




Structural features cell Odontblasts fibroblast Defense cells Intercellular substance fibers vessels Nerve fibers Ground substance .

Highly differentiated connective tissue cells Columnar in crown Cuboidal in middle of root Spindle in apex Odontblast Contains a large oval nucleus in adifferent levels Protoplasmic processes (Tomes` process) .


fibroblasts Most numerous in pulp -Stellate shape -Round or spindle (older) -synthesis of collagen fiber -ingesting and degrading .


Histocyte (macrophage) Mast cell lymphocytes Defense cells Lymphoid wandering cells Plasma cell .


fibroblast .Undifferentiated mesenchymal cells Young pulp > pulp after root completion Polyherdral in shape with oval nuclei On demand they become Odontoblast . macrophages .

glycoprotein .support 2.transport between blood vessels and cells -Dense -Gel like substance 2.Intercellular substance 1.hyaluronic acid 5.chondroitin A&B 4.protein polysaccharide 3.acid mucopolysaccharides Fumction 1.

Bundle collagen (Root canals) Diffuse collagen = scattered fibers Fibers increase with age fibers .

vasseles • Blood vasseles • Lymph vasseles nerves • Non-myelinated • myelinated .

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