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Taxi Management System at

Howrah Station

Taxi Movement & Passenger Allocation Taxi entering HWH campus Swipes Smart card at the entry Details of Taxi updated in the Pre-paid Taxi booth Server Server allocates Taxi to the approaching passenger in FIFO method. once allocated the inventory of Taxi is refreshed Passenger approaches the Prepaid Taxi booth gets the Taxi details on payment of requisite fare E-Taxi / M-Taxi Passengers keys in the unique code received on booking confirmation in the Kiosk placed near Taxi booth System Generated Receipt containing Taxi details handed over to the passenger from the Kiosk Passenger boards the allocated Taxi without again being standing in Q .

.Taxi owner will have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.Smart Card the card. Fare Allocation & Disbursement No Taxi Driver with Smart Card Taxi driver directed towards Smart card issuing counter Yes New Taxi Smart Card issued Free of cost No Yes Card issued after deduction of cost from the balance in the smart card Taxi Driver approaches the ATM counter installed near the Taxi booth after 2 hours & withdraws the fare balance available in the smart card account Taxi Driver Swipes the Smart Card at the entry of the Campus Server updates its inventory along with bay positioning of the Taxi Server allocates Taxi to the requester on collection of fare & the corresponding fare is updated in the Smart Card of the Taxi Note :. 50/.

Fare allocation & Disbursement Cash Collected at Taxi Booth counter Cash Deposit ed in bank Taxi Management System allocates taxi to the requester & the corresponding fare is transferred to the Smart Card of the Taxi Updates of the fare allocation sent to bank every 2 hours E-Taxi / M-taxi Bookings Amount transferred by Net/mobile banking Single Bank Account in the Name of Society Bank Server Taxi Driver Approaches ATM placed near Taxi Booth BANK ATM On Successful Validation and availability of balance Cash Dispensed to Taxi .Banking Process Flow – Cash Deposit.

E-Taxi / M-Taxi Passenger Boarding Train to Howrah May book Taxi using Net or Mobile Net Mobile using SMS /USSD Confirmation Code sent on successful booking Confirmation Code sent on successful booking Taxi Booth Server Taxi Booth Server .

By lane No.E-Taxi / M-Taxi Passenger Reaching Howrah Station Yes Passenger with Unique code on Payment Passenger Keys in the unique code in the Kiosk to generate Taxi Boarding pass No Approaches Booth Counter for payment On Payment Confirmat ion Taxi Boarding Pass Received with Details of Taxi such as Taxi No. in which the Taxi is parked Passenger Boards the allocated Taxi .

.Banking Requirements • Issuance of Smart Card (Special Purpose ATM ) Card to all the Taxi owners (via drivers) entering Howrah Station Campus • Around 50K Taxis in the City • Cards will only be issued to the Taxis entering Howrah Station campus for Pre-paid Service • Replacement of lost or damaged cards will be done at a pre-negotiated price. System generated updation to be done . • Minimum balance of Rs. like the value defined Add-On Credit Card. 50/should be maintained against each Card. • All Special Purpose ATM card will be linked to only One account of the Bank • Withdrawal of Cash using the said ATM allowed only from Two ATM booths to be installed at Howrah Station set up at Vantage Points. • Each Card will be allocated specified balance depending upon the fare earned. • Cards will be used to withdraw cash depending upon the allocated balance .

Issuance of Special Purpose Cards ( ATM) that too to the tune of 40-50K . Balance may stay in the account for more than a week • Replacement of the cards on chargeable basis • Social Cause leading to goodwill enhancement of the bank • Same cards may be used at different other Taxi Booths around Kolkata leading to more cash transaction without any extra cost.Bank Benefits • Daily Transaction of around Rs. Bank’s Only Cost Involvement . 10 Lakh. • Place for two ATM booths to be made available near the booth. which may serve other bank customers. • ~ Rs. Cash to be deposited twice or thrice in the account daily. 70 K Per day will remain in the account as long term deposit • Only 25-50% money expected to be withdrawn within 2-3 days.