Business English Correspondence

Abdul Muhid

A. Description • This course will study based concept and practice of English letter , and prepares the students to mastery well the form of letter B. Standard Competency • After joining the lecturing the students are able to compose letter of business, letter of application, etc.

• Business English is not as same as a general English. To learn those both languages are also quite different. The case is, in business English needs to mastery on the terms or specific idioms, phrases or opening lines are very characteristic and wellestablish form. • A business English correspondent should own the knowledge of; – English Grammar – Commercial Knowledge – Idioms Business English

Formal Letter
• Formal letter isn’t used in trade or by merchant merely but it could be used by others. • Formal letters can be divided into:
– “Formal Official Letters”, which are addressed to government, parliament and/or people’s consultative congress, in the Army, in trading and the contents of the letters are very formal – “Informal Official Letters”, those people whose letters are not very formal or half formal

Letter forms

Commercial letters is generally typed, and can be divided into 8 parts;
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Letterhead Date & Letter-number ---------------. Inside address --------------Salutation Body -------------Complimentary Closing --------------------------------Signature --------------------------------Superscription /outside address ---------------------------------

YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN EKSEKUTIP KOMPUTER AKADEMI BAHASA ASING (ABA) BUMIGORA MATARAM SK. Mendiknas RI No. 170/D/0/1999 Jl. Ismail Marzuki Mataram, No. Telp. (0370) 629761


1. Letterhead

In this part you’ll find: name of company, name of city, name of street/building, name of area, name of country. It is usually stitched at the top of paper. Example:
YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN EKSEKUTIP KOMPUTER AKADEMI BAHASA ASING (ABA) BUMIGORA MATARAM SK. Mendiknas RI No. 170/D/0/1999 Jl. Ismail Marzuki Mataram, No. Telp. (0370) 629761

2. Date & Letter-number

The date of the letter is usually placed at the right top corner under letterhead….”name of the city” And on the left top corner it’s about 2 lines under the name of city….”No”, the no. of letter is an obligation to the company itself, for it sends and receives letter to /from outers. Each big companies has it own ways in filing system Example: LOMBOK, September 17, 2008. Denpasar, 2 March 1998. Singapore, 21st July 1999. Banyuwangi, April 30th 2007. (rarely found)

3. Inside Address

Inside address might be written on the left top corner it’s about 4 to 5 cm from margin. If the contents of letters are short, it suggested to start your letter in the mid of the paper to avoid too many blanks. Inside address is no more than 4 lines, notice the examples bellow:

-----------------------, -----------------------, -----------------------, -----------------------. Uses comma and dot At the end

-----------------------------------------------------------------. no comma only dot at the end

4. Salutation

The salutation is about 2 to 3 cm under inside address. Example: Plural Dear Sirs, or Gentlemen, Dear Sirs: Gentlemen: Singular Dear Sir, Dear Sir: or Gentleman, Gentleman:

5. Body
1. 2. 3.

Opening paragraph Contents of letter Closing paragraph

6. Complimentary Closing

Formal Official:

Respectfully yours, Yours respectfully, Yours very Yours sincerely,



Yours Yours Yours Yours etc.

faithfully, sincerely, cordially, gratefully,

7. Signature

If the signature is unreadable it’s usually rewritten the name or the degree of the sender. E.g. Manager / president For married or unmarried woman, before the name usually written Mrs. Or Miss, and it should be in brackets.

See you then….

Form of informal or formal letter
1287 West Broadway, New York City, Mach 23,2009. Sir. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Respectfully yours, (signature) Secretary

Mr.Tarzan Jl.Ricak Pinggir Kali Mataram-NTB 83511

• Inside address may be located above the salutation or at the left corner bottom of the page, it’s about several lines under complimentary close.

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