Who do you say that I am?

Choose the Jesus you like and explain the reason why you choose that depiction of Jesus.



The Boy Jesus w/ Joseph .


The Man Jesus with the Samaritan Woman .

The Man Jesus as a Carpenter .

” .Jesus in His Public Ministry “Let the children come to me.

the Good Shepherd .Jesus.

Jesus in the Synagogue at the beginning of his Public Ministry .

Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount .

in Union with the Father .Jesus.

the Teacher and Master .Jesus.


Jesus. on the Way to Calvary .


The Black Nazarene of Quiapo .

the Divine Mercy .Jesus.

Jesus. the Risen Lord .

Jesus. the Christ-King of Kings .

Jesus. the Sacred Heart .

The Modern-Day Jesus .

SHARING • Share to your seatmate why you have chosen that picture of Jesus. .

Assignment: • • • • • • • • Name: Mother: Father: Birthdate: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Cause of Death: Residence: • • • • • • • • Gender: Civil Status: Wife: Education: Skills: Accomplishments: Occupation: Languages: .

Is he a man or a God? • He is a Man: • He is God: .

or again Jehoshua. meaning "Jehovah is salvation. or Joshua." . which in turn is the transliteration of the Hebrew Jeshua.Who is He? • The word Jesus is the Latin form of the Greek Iesous.

priests (Exodus 29:29. Leviticus 4:3). and prophets (Isaiah 61:1) were supposed to be anointed for their respective offices. the Christ. or the Messias. now. kings (1 Samuel 10:1. 24:7). Christos.• The word Christ. combined this threefold dignity in His Person. the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew Messias. . means "anointed." According to the Old Law.

Province Mayors .Present or Contemporary Time Political Leaders Religious Leaders President-Sovereign Head Senators – Law makers Congress-Law makers Governors.Parishes Religious Leaders Religious Priests Religious Nuns Time of Yeshua (63 BCE – 135 CE) Political Leaders Religious Leaders Emperor – Roman Empire Roman Procurator – Country or Region Chief Priest of Jerusalem side by side with Local Kings as Vassals Herodians Sadducees.the Local Elite – they usually make up the priestly aristocracy Chief Priest – Administrator of Temple and all Religious Matters with his seat in Jerusalem Sanhedrin – the highest tribunal or the Supreme Court Levites as Temple Servers Local Priests or Clergy and the Elders Scribes and Pharisess Essenes Zealots Publicans The Baptist Movements “The people of the land” Samaritans.Towns Barangay Captain Barangay Nuncio ApostolicoPope’s Representative Bishops.Dioceses Priests . Gentiles .

What the Church Teaches The Jesus of Faith .

God has spoken again and again to mankind.God has opened himself to us out of love. From creation on. . through the patriarchs and the prophets down to the definitive →REVELATION in his Son Jesus Christ. In him he has poured out his heart to us and made his inmost being visible for us.

our fear of death. →314 . He is there in our abandonment. so as to open up for us the door leading into life. He is there when we can go no farther. He walks every path with us.What does God show us about himself when he sends his Son to us? God shows us in Jesus Christ the full depth of his merciful love. our sufferings. 73] Through Jesus Christ the invisible God becomes visible. This shows us how far God’s love goes: He bears our whole burden. He becomes a man like us. [65-66.

To make it comprehensible to us. [66-67] With the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God himself came to earth. God’s light breaks so forcefully into the lives of many individuals that they “see the heavens opened” (Acts 7:56). all men of all times can know who God is and what is necessary for their salvation. By listening to him. No one is obliged to believe . He is God’s last Word. The “private revelations” of visionaries cannot improve on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. the →REVELATION of God is perfect and complete.In Jesus Christ. the Holy Spirit leads us ever deeper into the truth. That is how the great places of pilgrimage such as Guadalupe in Mexico or Lourdes in France came about.

life. death. . In many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets.Heb 1:1-2 Apart from Jesus Christ we do not know what God. “becoming flesh”): God’s act of becoming man in Jesus Christ. This is the foundation of Christian faith and of hope for the redemption of mankind. but in these last days he has spoken to us by a Son. carnis = flesh. and we ourselves are.INCARNATION (from the Latin caro.

1 Tim 2:4). They testify that the Jew who was born in Bethlehem. and Resurrection of Jesus are the best news in the world. death. Jesus of Nazareth. is “Son of the living God” (Mt 16:16) made man.71 Why are the reports about Jesus called “the Gospel”. “the Good News”? Without the Gospels we would not know that God sends his Son to us men out of his infinite love. He was sent by the Father so that “all men might be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (cf. . [422-429] The reports about the life. so that despite our sins we might find our way back to eternal fellowship with God.

THeou (= of God). and Soter (= Savior). If you spell the word out. Christos.In the Roman catacombs we find an ancient Christian secret sign that was a profession of faith in Christ: the word ICHTHYS (= fish). . each letter serves as the beginning of the Greek words Iesous. ICHTHYS ZONTON means: Fish of Life. hYios (= Son).

” [430-435. . 452] In the Acts of the Apostles Peter says.72 What does the name “Jesus” mean? Jesus means in Hebrew “God saves. “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). This is essentially the message that all missionaries brought to people.

priests. is the longawaited Messiah and Savior. [436-440. and prophets were anointed. We are called Christians after Christ.73 Why is Jesus called “Christ”? The brief formula “Jesus is the Christ” expresses the core of the Christian faith: Jesus. the simple carpenter’s son from Nazareth. In Israel kings. . as an expression of our exalted vocation. The →APOSTLES learned that Jesus was anointed “with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 10:38). 453] Both the Greek word “Christos” and the Hebrew word “Messiah” mean “the Anointed One”.

shared our earthly lot. [456-460] In Jesus Christ. God is so powerful that he can make himself vulnerable and come to us as a defenseless child. God is so great that he can become small. God took on our mortal human flesh (→INCARNATION). our sufferings. and our death. “God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son” (Jn 3:16). . so that we can love him. God reconciled the world to himself and redeemed mankind from the imprisonment of sin. In Jesus. and became one like us in all things but sin.Why did God become man in Jesus? “For us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven” (Nicene →CREED).

The Council of Chalcedon in the year 451 taught that the divinity and the humanity in the one person Jesus Christ are united together “without division or confusion”. nevertheless. [464-467.What does it mean to say that Jesus Christ is at the same time true God and true man? In Jesus. he did not cease to be God at the same time and thus our Lord. God really became one of us and thus our brother. 469] .