Virgin Mobile


 1. Product description: Virgin mobile gives services and handsets.

They provide prepaid service and postpaid service. They are basically providing services based on CDMA technology. Their USP is low call rates and also getting paid for incoming calls also (i.e. 10 paisa/min).  2. Prospects: The telecom industry is growing at a mind boggling pace in India. It is expected that 400 million subscribers would add up in the next 3 years. Here lies the opportunity to tap the market. 72% of Indian are below the age group of 35. The target market is people between the age of 15 – 35 who value life style and attention.  3. Product Personality: Virgin mobile features to be a charismatic, stylish and a brand which is not only in sync, but much ahead of times to cater to all the market segment but specially aims at the people who prioritize life style.

 4. Reward: virgin mobile tariff plan are very attractive. The existing

“tag line” of “think hatke” has positioned the brand as something which is preferred by people who think beyond and willing to experiment. It endorses prestige to its users as it is something very special.  5. Competition: Direct competition: Reliance, Tata in the CDMA segment. Indirect competition: Airtel, Vodafone, idea, bsnl, aircel  6. Obstacle to sale: Though the rural market could still be explored, the urban market is almost saturated. The people who posses handset prefer GSM technology compared to CDMA.  7. Message: Be clever and witty in doing things. “think hatke”.

Campaign against Ragging

Print add - 1

Print ad - 2

Media Planning
Infotainment – campaign would be run for 3-4 months

educating about the nuances in the product, offerings and tariff plans. Estimated budget - 50 lakhs News papers – Advertising would be done on a regular basis in the leading newspapers regional wise. Estimated budget – 1.0 crores Radio – 1 .0 crores Television – 1.5 crores OOH , transit media – 75 lakhs Internet promotions – 25 lakhs

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