webMethods Broker An Introduction

What is Broker Server? 

webMethods Broker is a message router. The Broker Server mediates requests to and from network information resources. It facilitates asynchronous, messagebased solutions using the publish-andsubscribe model (In the form of documents).

Broker Architecture

Components - Brokers  

Each Broker Server has one or more entities, called Brokers, that reside on it. A Broker is where the client programs connect, where document types are stored, and where client queues and subscriptions are monitored and stored.

Components - Territories  

Brokers can share information about their document type definitions and client groups by joining a territory. Each Broker of a territory can reside on a different Broker Servers.


Territories Gateways 

A territory gateway is a connection between two Brokers in different territories. It allows the transfer of documents between the territories


Document Types 

Documents are messages that travel over a network from a publisher to a subscriber, through the Broker. Example TestBroker:TestBrokerDocument


Create a publishable document in developer. Create a flow service to publish it to the broker. Create a trigger to subscribe this document from the broker.

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