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Are we digging our own grave ?

Why did it happen
Can it affects us
Signs of the problem
Who can make a difference
 Many people consider that Global Warming is the greatest environmental
threat of the 21st Century.
 However, during the 80s and early 90s scientists argued about the causes and
effects of global warming.
 In the late 1990s scientists reached a conclusion that global warming was a
cause for concern.
 So, why should you be concerned about global warming?

What is Global Warming ?
Earth is naturally insulated by a delicate
balance of heat-trapping gases in the
atmosphere. When the sun shines on the
Earth, some of that heat is absorbed, keeping
Earth warm enough to support life.
What Went Wrong ?
The problem is that over the last century, we
humans have been releasing more and more
carbon dioxide and other trapping gases into
the atmosphere when we burn fuels and cut
down forests. These additional gases upset
the natural balance of our atmosphere,
trapping more heat than is healthy for the
Can Global Warming Hurt
us ?
Air: Polluted by industrial gas, aircraft fuel etc.
Water: Polluted by industrial waste, plastics
Land: Polluted by non bio degradable products
and chemicals.
Signs Which Tells us that
everything is not ALRIGHT
Floods in the areas where the flood history is
not common
Droughts in places, which were having good
rainfall earlier.
Atmosphere suddenly getting harsh in the
terms of cyclones and hurricanes and
Life forms getting
The butterflies have migrated from warm
southern zone to cooler northern zone.
Due to melting of ice the life cycle of penguins
is getting disturbed leading to their death.
The coral growth along the Great Barrier Reef
is getting reduced day by day
Polar Bears are facing extinction due the
melting of polar ice.
Who can make a
difference ?
Thank you for listening