Point of View
   The

The point of view is through Holden’s eyes and how he see his world story he tells you is very one sided because he doesn’t give other people insight on things

The Benefits of Holden’s Point of View
 Some

of the benefits would be Holden letting us in on how he thinks about things

  If

we didn’t know what he was thinking we would probably think he was crazy

Examples of Benefits
 And   Another

example of this would be when he meets people. example is when he was with Sunny but didn’t do anything

Held Back Information
 Holden   An

holds back information from us to give us the same perception he has example of this is when he talks about Stradlater and Jane

Holden’s Breakdowns
 The

digression shows the progression of his depression like when he talks about innocent and phony people. length of the paragraphs going into more depth on his feelings shows his depression getting worse.

  The

The Story in Third Person
 If

the Catcher In The Rye were written in third person people would think that Holden is crazy  He could also be portrayed as depressed, angry, or prude.  People have to know what he's thinking otherwise they would draw these conclusions about him.

Third Person cont.
the story had been in written in 3rd person some parts of the story would seem ridiculous like:  When he acts like he was shot by Maurice  As he talked to the man who played the piano at the bar.
 If

 Holden

tells the story through first person which gives you only one view of the story but also lets you in his head to know what he’s thinking  Holden’s breakdowns become more obvious and worse as his depression deepens and he talks more about his emotions

Summary cont.
 If

the story was written in third person that would drastically change how we look at Holden in the story.  it would make him seem like a socially awkward person with not many friends.

The End

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