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The following symptoms help us
psychological state:


Ailments from mortification.
Ailments from sexual excesses.
Comlaining of others.
Climacteric period agg.

feels of not being beloved by his parents. three doctors come. wife. after coition. Fear. Delusions. him of Fear of men. friends. Forsaken feeling. Restlessness.Discouraged after coition. . approaching others.

we will first examine the woman Sepia. A woman is brought to the Sepia state after renouncing her feminine nature.As Sepia is mostly prescribed for women. It is frequently observed women between 20-40 years old to require Sepia at .

. Her dreams start to fall apart. If she happens to get involved in a new relationship she finds that she cannot relax during sexual intercourse and she feels bad afterwards.A sensitive young girl starts her love life with enthousiasm. She starts a second relationship which again fails. She gets involved into a sexual relationship but something happens and it fails. Her emotional life feels empty. she is put off by the idea of another relationship.


There can be many reasons for this for example. her husband may concentrate on the “corporeal” aspect of sex. thus overlooking the romantic needs of his wife. She starts feeling rejected and abandoned by her husband. Before her marriage she might have been Phosphorus or .Here is another case: A young married woman starts feeling that her sexual life is not emotionally fulfilling. or he may be very involved in his business and not very emotionally supportive.


thinks that he does not love and respect her any and starts feeling hurt. mainly after an abortion.A surgical operation can also bring about the Sepia state. . If her partner insists on an abortion. Then she may become Sepia. An abortion is a very traumatic experience for a woman. This usually happens after obsteric surgery.

the emotional trauma resulting from some medical treatment can cause some inhibition towards sex.But even if this is not the case. There is something that does not let the woman relax during coition. She is tense. . She starts feeling that she will never be able to enjoy life as she used to.


in other words. The Sepia housewife is a very busy woman. what is the attitude of the Sepia woman towards other activities? She is characterized by hyperactivity. motion is good for her. All day she moves about in the house. She is fastidius .What happens to a woman that develops such a psychological picture? Or.

She is full of anxiety. . She is always busy with something.She demands that her husband and children take their shoes off as soon as they enter the house and put things to their allocated places. She does not feel well when she is sitting. Physical exersise helps her a lot. motion makes her feel better. During a ball or a fair she is the first to dance.


Taking over multiple roles may result in the appearance of the Sepia state. Another outlet can be making money. she has fear of . We believe both are true. a woman that feels emotionally unfulfilled directs all her energy into her work and studies. Sepia feels financially insecure. On one hand. on the other hand.Frequently we find Sepia among educated women. It is difficult to state whether high education promotes the creation of the Sepia state or Sepia women have an inclination for higher studies. a vigorous study programme prevents natural emotional expression.


she wants to be loved but she does not like consolation. beating her children and then regretting it. internally she is very much like Natrum muriaticum.Despite the fact that she outwardly seems a very dynamic person. She is very sensitive. Sometimes she may not express her anger on others. she is a woman that has not lived up to her feminine nature. . She keeps to herself and weeps alone. The feminist type is very much like Sepia. Out wardly dynamic. inwardly sensitive. easily hurt.

However. she is indifferent to them. .The Sepia mother offers everything to her children. though. who represent the meaning of her life. This happens mainly with educated Sepia women who spend a lot of their energy in their business. Sometimes. in both cases emotional investment is lacking.

thinks that she has some kind of illness. Then hypochondriac symptoms develop. She starts fearing death. fears that something bad will happen to her. for example. living this way? Most often some physical symptoms appear as a result of stress.Where is the Sepia woman led. She might .

is that described in the books as stagnation. It refers to women who have been in the Sepia state for a long time or whose organism is exhausted. They are indifferent towards their job. . They are characterized by great indifference. not the most common one.Another picture.

they wonder how they can be in this state. Such a psychological state is commonly observed during menopause.They are in a stagnant emotional state. When they come to the clinic they break into tears while relating their problems. . However. even in this case motion makes them better. Their movements are slow.

The Sepia man reminds us of Natrum personality. If a man is discontented with his job. Or. . sexual excess can result to emotional indifference. he might develop the Sepia state. Some times he shows feminine aspects.It is true that Sepia is not often given to men. in other cases.

.Children develop a Sepia state when they grow up without love and affection. A workaholic father. The Sepia child is an hyperactive sensitive person. induces a Sepia state in his daughter. dedicated to his job and overlooking his daughter’s emotional needs.