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writing.” • “Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages.Communication • “The process by which information is exchanged.” • “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking. or using some other medium.” • “Procedures by which one mind may affect another” .

P. London. The Institute of Engineering and Technology. . (2008): The Art of Successful Business Communication.Why Communication… • Ensure people hear/listen • Ensure accurate understanding occurs • Prompt action • Stimulate feedback yth.


C. . University of Illinois Press. E. W. (1949): The mathematical theory of communication.Liner Model ANNON. & WEAVER. Urbana.

Interactive Model .

Transactional Model .

Interpersonal. Nonverbal (Paralanguage) and Visual Scale Intrapersonal. Horizontal and Vertical Method Verbal (Written and Oral). Mass .Types of Communication Categories Types Relationship Formal and Informal Direction Upward and Downward. Group.

Oxford.Functions of Business Communication pass on information persuade people to buy a product or use a service discuss an issue recommend a course of action make or answer a request make or answer a complaint keep a record of something that has happened or been agreed • explain or clarify a situation • give an instruction • • • • • • • Bennei. M. . (2009): A Guide to Good Business Communication. How to Content.

M.Three Rules of Business Communication • clear and precise • brief and uncluttered • direct and to the point Bennei. . Oxford. How to Content. (2009): A Guide to Good Business Communication.

. M. E. Mason. South-Western.Ethics of Business Communication • • • • • • • Abiding by the law Telling the truth Labeling opinions Being objective Communicating clearly Using inclusive language Giving credits Guffey. (2008): Business Communication: Process and Products.

P. The Institute of Engineering and Technology.Aids to Effective Communication • What about me. . (2008): The Art of Successful Business Communication. what’s in it for me factor • Logical. London. it’s a process factor • Can I related to it factor • Again and again factor yth.

• knowledgeable (in whatever ways circumstances dictate). • expert (and able to offer sound advice). . (2008): The Art of Successful Business Communication. London. P. • approachable. • interested in your staff. The Institute of Engineering and Technology. • confident. • well organized. yth. • reliable.Projecting the right impression • efficient. • consistent.