Colored Pencil Application







Step 1
Lightly map in dark values with the navy blue pencil

Step 2
‡ Set aside highlights- DO NOT COVER THEM WITH ANY COLOR ‡ Lightly start coloring local color (the colors of each object)

Step 3
Slowly layer colors you see, working from darks first/bottom layer to light colors last/top layer

Step 4
Color lightest colors and highlights. Use whites and yellows last!

Miss Leatherman¶s secrets to color pencil
‡ Magic Darkener= Brown + Navy ‡ Gray= Brown + Navy + White ‡ Use complementary colors to dull a color (make it less bright) ‡ Always layer darkest colors on the bottom, light colors on top

Shadow Colors
‡ Red, Orange, Magenta, Green, Yellow, Light Blue Objects, use Navy Blue for shadow ‡ For Dark Violet, Navy Objects, use Black and Navy Blue ‡ You can sometimes use Violet in addition to Navy for shadows ‡ Cast shadows: Use Navy, Brown, White

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