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By Mousam R m Ranjan Dash BSc.L Sc.LLB Roll .88 .884006

Terminator technology is an emerging field of Termin or echnolo i n echnology ield o genetic engineering used basically by the MNC s fo u ed b ically o commercial purpose. This is a very controversial technology. It is being t used by MNC s producing genetically modified modi ied seeds, like MON ANTO. It produces sterile seeds and makes the poor farmers dependent as these seeds are to be boug armers annually after harvesting.

This is in contrast to traditional way of farming where the farmers used to store some seeds from their harvest so that they could use it in the following year. But by the introduction of terminator technology is now possible for the MNC s to produce such seeds which are sterile and as they are biologically and genetically modified.

So we can now say that this technology is designe so as to make biotechnology-derived plants biotechnologyproducing non-viable seeds . This prevents the nonfarmers from saving seeds and replanting them. The positive aspect about this technology is that i prevents escape of Transgenes into the environment.

Now lets know how the technology works actually producing non-viable seeds. nonFor this, I have chose to give a schematic and diagrammatic way of presentation. First, we will go through the normal way, how a terminator works? taking the case of cotton plant and then followed by introducing a inducer and what are the changes due to this inducer?

ith indin e I is a repressor gene that produces a repressor protein that interacts with a bindin ene II.

e II is a recombinase gene that is controlled by a promoter. etween the gene and t moter is a binding site for the repressor from ene I. The recombinase gene produc mbinase protein that is an enzyme and snips out pieces of .

e III produces a toxin that is lethal to embryos. The gene is controlled by a late prom h is active only during the late stage of seed development when the embryo is dev ween the late promoter and the toxin gene is a piece of called a blocker, which feres with the ability of the promoter to turn on the toxin gene. R nducer is a chemical applied to the seed by the seed company that will initiate the inator gene interactions.

Patent for Terminator Gene Control of plant gene expression Patent #5,723,765 Oliver , et al./Delta Pine Land Co. US Patent Office 3rdmarch1998.

A patent under ontrol of gene expression has been granted. They successfully get patented by their strong claims which were about 55 in numbers and the 55th states, 55. A method of producing non-viabl nonseed

Genetically modified food are made so as to look after the scarcity of food and resources, it s objective was never meant to create anything tha would be fatal to any race or any biotic or abiotic components. It aims to facilitate farmers and consumers and hence it was never thought to be poison rather than panacea.
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